Top 50 Best Love Poems For Him

If it is not a Love Poem, What on earth can bring that sparkling smile to your loved ones? Regardless of whether you want to write love poems for him or love poems for her, a poem is a poem. Nothing else can express how much they mean to you as the love poems does.

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Love poems are more than just a collection of words written on a piece of paper. It’s a door to the soul. Beautiful poem is a kind of feeling that inspires you and moves you from inside of the heart.

Love poems are all about capturing those freezing moments that made you laugh, cry or longing for each other. When you write love poems for him / love poems for her, apart from telling them how you feel, these poems can make anyone to feel it themselves. It can be felt by their souls, heart, bones and very ounces floe through their body.

No matter whether you fight or longing for them, express your feel through cute love poems. And see how effectively it conveys what you exactly than your plain words.

love poems for her

Trust me, beautiful and cute love poems can sometimes bring tears from our eyes. That’s the power of love poems. So If you want to give such a toughing feel, you have to learn and excel at your word play.

There is an old saying. “Start to love, you will feel a poet inside”. It may be true to some extent. Love, not only means the feel you have towards your partner. It’s a broad term. Through love poems you can express your love on your mother, father, sister, brother, friends or your grannies. To whomever it may be, when it comes to write love poems, you have to follow a simple rule. Just imagine how your loved one will feel when open your card, email or whatever it may be that holds your love poems. From the poetry, apart from finding as a beautiful one they should feel the intimacy like the poem is written especially for them. At the moment it gives a feel, man! your purpose of writing  love poems for him or love poems achieve a massive success!

If you have a feel like you can’t write love poems by yourself, I give you a piece of advice. “LISTEN TO YOUR HEART”. Its where most of the famous love poems has originated. Although poetry is all about putting your expression through words on a paper. To be frank wring good love poems is not as easy as it sounds. You have to learn a lot to become a soul stealer.presented

Read, read and read the beautiful love poems. It will wake up the poet who resides in you. Although, there are loads and loads of love poems are out there, to serve your purpose here we present only the carefully chosen premium set of cute and short love poems to serve.

Enjoy reading. We value the reader’s suggestions. If you have any of your own unique love poems and think that is worth to be added to this list, hit your comments. We are more than happy to add your poems and give you the credit.

Love Poems for him and her are categorized under 5 broad categories. To browse through the category of your choice, just hit on the link, jump to the place where you want to and enjoy reading!.

Love Poems For Him

Pronounce Those Magic Spells – Cute Proposal

It is a cute proposal poem that can melt any one’s heart and leave them to the state where she can say nothing else but I love you in return.

Till the very first day I met you

I never think I would fall in love with someone.

When my sight clashes with yours for the first time

That magic happened and I realized you are the one

Whenever I look at you,

whole myself starts to get melt like a candle light!

Whenever I hold your hands,

I just hate to let you go

I have  just started to long for the day when we join our hands

My love for you will never get fade,

You know I love you,

Pronounce the magic spells for which I am longing for!

 I Would Freeze This Moment, If I Could

There are some moments which we want to freeze it forever. Express those moments through the short love poems as the one below

If time could stand still, I’d freeze it here,
So you’d always hold me, close and near.
In your arms, where I’m meant to be,
Filled with the perfect love you’ve given me.

A bond so strong, a hold so tight,
To know you’re the one; my ‘Mr. Right’.
A blessing sent from up above,
In you I’ve found my one true love.

Our lives entwined to be as one,
Upon this journey we’ve just begun.
Where you and I will find no less,
Than eternal love and happiness.

You are my answer to a prayer

Do you believe that your partner came along your way as an answer to your prayer? If yes, why don’t you consider sending one of the best love poems that gives a shape to your true feel?

I was sort of hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song.

Like the kind of thing that happens,
At a special place and time,
That will change our lives forever,
Like a fantasy of mine.

The fantasy was there before,
I ever knew your name,
And now that I have found you,
We will never be the same.

So, pardon, if I look at you,
Forgive me if I stare,
At the fantasy I knew before,
I saw you standing there.

For I was always hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song

Didn’t You Read My Mind?

The Girl has just returned to the world of reality from her dreams. When she opens her eyes she notices her boyfriend sitting by her side reading all the unsent drafted messages from her phone. Now Read this cute love poems for him and imagine how the cute proposal might have happened.

Beyond watching eyes

With sweet and tender kisses

Our souls reached out

In breathless wonder!

And When I awoke

From a vast and smiling peace

I found you bathed in morning sun light

Quietly studying

All the messages in my phone …

I Am Confused

This love poem is yet another cutest love poems for him written by a girl who have missed her father or boy friend accidentally. Read the poem and test how well it touches your heart

My heart feels like it’s torn in two,
Why can’t I just be with you?
Everyday another tear,
Everyday a lot more fear.
I want to hold you in my arms,
I want to keep you safe from harm.
I act like things are all okay,
But I really want to run away.
I act like things are all alright,
But always end up in a fight.
I cry more tears than I can count;
Why won’t they just let me out?
I tell myself these things won’t stay,
But I don’t think they’ll go away.

My Dreams

If you are a girl who have the dream of marrying your soul mate and live with him forever, convey this poem to him and express your dreams through lovely words.

I dream of your touch while you are away,
I dream of your smile all through the day,
I remember the day,
You came into my life,
I dream of the day I will be your wife.

I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you,
I dream of the day I can say I do.
To be your wife,
To be together for life,
Is a dream I have,
Every night

I Exist Because Of You

When two hearts are connected through love, love on each other becomes the ultimate reason for why they exist in this world. Do you feel in this way? Check whether the poem “I exist because of you” sounds like how you feel.

So often when I am embracing you,
It seems that you exist in this world
only because of me and I exist because of you.

It’s not easy to wander in this world
and not lose one’s way,
but the greatest happiness of all
is in giving joy to one’s beloved.

And if the king can have his throne,
and if the bird can have his Spring nest,
and God can have his heaven,
then I, my sweetheart, I can have you

Like Its The Last Time

When every time you hold me

Hold me like it’s the last time

When every time you kiss me

Kiss me like you will

Never see me again

When every time u touch me

Touch me like its the last time

Promise that you will love me

Love me like you will

Never see me again

If I Had One Wish

Of all the love poems for him, it’s the most romantic one.

If I could have just one wish,

I would wish to wake up every day

To the sound of your breath on my neck

The warmth of your lips on my cheek,

The feel of your heart beating with mine..

Knowing that I could never find that feeling

With anyone other than you.

“I Love You!”

If it’s Not You

Do you feel the words of world goes worthless when trying to describe your love on him? This poem may help him get a perfect picture on how you love and adore his love. Read it. You will not regret to add this into your favorite collection of love poems for him.

The feel of being wrapped up in your arms

Makes me feel much safer  than ever before!

When you stare at me,

You are doing nothing but locking my eyes with you!

What I feel for you is so special

I don’t think it is possible with anyone else!

Whenever you are close with me,

I just go overwhelmed with an eternal joy!

You are the one for what I have been longing for !

You are the one with whom I can share my love , share my life

All the Words of world go inexpressive, when I try to express my love

I am not here to play a game with you!

I hope you feel the same feel I have the one on you,

With you, is the place where I want to be

Because you are the one who loves me just as me

You gave all reasons to trust you that

My heart will be safe and will not go broken in any way!

If you ask me what if I ever lost you, I go blank

You can think me crazy, but truly I’m not!

My list of brand new experiences grows long

Whenever we spend our time together

My love, what I see in my whole world

Is nothing but only you and me!

All Because Of You

If you think your boy friend is the reason for your smile, joy, breath convey this love poem to him. Because this beautiful poem should belong to the place where all the lovely things stay with .

I start my day with the smile on face

And greet it with the laugh from my heart

I See this world as my lucky box

Because of you!

Whenever some blues disturbs my thoughts,

I replace it with you.

What a miracle,

My heart is getting filled with the joy and gladness

Each and every breath I inhale are just meant for you

Whenever I encounters a beautiful thing

My heart strives to bring it to you

Because it’s the place to where it belongs!

You brought a meaning to my life

You gave me a reason to smile !

You gave a reason to live!

All because of You!

Lucky Me!

The Woman claims how lucky she is for holding a man who love her more than anyone else in the world. She prize their love precious than gold and all other expensive material possession that a man can have.

If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were loved by wife, then thee.
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me, ye women, if you can.
I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold,
Or all the riches that the East doth hold.
My love is such that rivers cannot quench,
Nor ought but love from thee give recompense.
Thy love is such I can no way repay;
The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.
Then while we live, in love let’s so preserve,
That when we live no more, we may live ever.


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