Your motive behind the search, how to find out where someone works could be anything. You may want to send out a pleasant surprise to your dear one or may want to track down a person for legal purposes. Whatever the reason may be, accessing such confidential information is not that hard as long as you hit the right place.

You can carry out this search either through the internet or through traditional ways. However, as the boom of technology let you track down any individual by yourself, based on the available data, sometimes you can pull up his/her entire profile with a single click. From social networks to the private databases, you can find out someone’s current or previous employment work through various methods.

Data You Will Be Required To Conduct The Work Place Search

  • Person’s full name
  • SSN
  • Living area
  • Emails
  • Phone number
  • DOB

Having all these data may not be possible when the subject is a complete stranger. Remember having all these data is not a compulsory requirement but holding the more you know, the more better. But don’t worry, there are alternatives for everything. Here I have listed 10 different ways using different kinds of data. So if you don’t have the data to use method A, Go with method B.

How To Find Out Where Someone Works?

Trick 1: Search In The Career-Focused Websites

linked in search

Since your query is career based, it always make sense to start with the career based websites like Linked-in before you search anywhere else. It could be a professional network, social network or a Job portal. Kick start your search with the popular website like “Linked-in”. It has the record of more than 300 million professionals all over the world. If the person you are looking for maintains an active profile here, it’s needless to say you can arrive at a solution in not more than few minutes.

Even if you can’t get his current employment details, the chances are you could end up find other info like his/her contact Info, email, etc.

Trick 2: Ask Around

ask around

If you want to track down a person for personal reasons, then chances are you may have known his/her friends or neighborhoods in some way or the other. If it’s the case, try to interact with those people and ask about the person’s employment data. You don’t want to look so obvious. So take things slow and gather the information whichever you require.

If you want to find the person’s current employment work for legal purposes, get in touch with the people who know the specific person. Ask them the questions like when they saw the person last, when they talked with that person last or some other personal information such as phone number or email address. They may hesitate to tell you data to protect that person’s privacy. So be sure to tell the reason why you are looking for him/her.

Trick 3: Google

do google search

Although there are many search engines specially designed to accomplish the people search, Google works just fine in the way it does for other queries. In case if the person of your search has ever posted his/her info on the internet or social media, it will be retrieved and appear on the result pages.

Trick 4: Search In Social Networks

do social media search

In this modern age, almost everyone leaves a digital trail. If the person you are looking for does not leave one, we have to look harder. But don’t worry. Today more than 90% of people maintain their profile in the social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Most of these people do not lock their profiles.So If you know their name, city, schooling, college, their friends or some other such basic info, finding where he/she work will become easier. The more info, the better. You can expand your search even to their school, college, previous company’s alumni websites too.

Trick 5: Use People Search Engines

When you are not able to find the person or his employment info in social networks, turn your attention towards the people search engines like Here they provide you the accurate info by narrowing down the searches to city or work location.

“Wink people search” is yet another website that is available over the internet for the people search. Here you can find people using their name or location or interest or combination of any of these.

The following are few of the other effective people search engines. Working of these sites is self-explanatory. Visit the sites and learn how to find out where someone works.

how to find where someone works

Trick 6: Check With The Organizations He Might Be Associated With

check in the organization

It could be anything a church, non-profit, hobby or professional organization.If you can remember the person talking about any of his interests or organizations, in particular, visit those organizations and request a copy of their membership directory. Check out the details of the person you are looking for.

Remember, even if you can’t trace the required info, this way increases the possibility of reaching the people who might know something about him/her. If they know, it makes one step closer to the person you are looking for.

Trick 7: Reverse Phone Number Lookup

reverse phone number lookup

Since the mobile phone numbers can be transferred to another person or another provider, the last known contact number of the person in search may not belong to him anymore. You could use reverse tracking to get his present contact number using which you can easily reach his current employment data.

However, reverse tracking cost some money. If you want to carry out this process at free of cost, type the whole number in quotes with various formats like periods, hyphens or parentheses. If that person has given his/her number somewhere in the internet, it will likely to show up in the search results.

In US, the first 3 digits of the phone number (area code) indicate the location where the cell phone is obtained. The next 3 digits indicate the exchange area. Since most of these exchanges span only the small areas like the inside of town,( i.e., 10 x 10 block area) you can easily spot the  exact area where he/she lived in the past. You can call the exchange in that area and inquire about the person you are searching for.

Trick 8: Visit Your Local Courthouse

how to find out where someone works

If the person you wish to track down has any criminal records, you can find his/her workplace information listed in the arrest records. Arrest and court records can be accessed by anyone by just filling the forms and doing the necessary procedures.

Trick 9 : Find Out Where Someone Works Using SSN

check with social security number

If the motive behind your search is for legal purpose chances are, you may have known his/her social security number. If this is the case, you are very near to the destination. SSN can be used in more than one way to obtain both personal and official information. Here I have listed multiple ways that can tell you how to find out where someone works using SSN.

– Run A Background Check

Sign up with the background check processing website and input the Social security number. It will retrieve all the requested info of your target. Background check confirms the information like Social Security Number, credit worthiness, driving infractions, criminal records, previous employment dates, current employer and many more.

 – Search Through SSA Website

Visit Social Security Administration website and request for “Social Security Earnings“. Download and fill out the    form-7050. Input SSN and enable the detailed earnings check box. Fill out the From & To text boxes with the total number of employment history of your choice. Mail this form and fee to the Social Security Administration.

Trick 10: Contact The Dept Of Labor

Approach your local workforce agency and provide the social security number of the person you want to track down. They can list all the previous employers who have submitted the quarterly wages on that particular SSN. Unless otherwise the person you are searching has not changed his/her employment in the past 3 months, this method will surely help you to obtain the info you came for. However, the DOL list will only reveal the employer name with the reporting tax periods. 

Trick 11: Hire Attorney

How To Find Out Where Someone Works-4

Be honest with the people whom you are trying to get help with. Attorneys have access to some of the effective people search methods which are not available to the general public that includes the court orders, Government agencies like IRS, etc

Trick 12: Hire A Licensed Team Of Investigators

Try all the DIY methods given for your query how to find out where someone works. When everything fails, and you decide to get a paid service, consider hiring the private investigator as your first choice. A good investigation company charges a fair fee for what they work They will be will be able to track where someone is employed easily with other credentials like his/her contact number, address, etc. They can even tell you whether the person in question has received some wages, the employer who credited the wages, etc. As a general public, it’s not easy to put your hands on the salary info of any individual but the investigators can do it without any complications.

Recruit an investigator, pay the fee, sit back and relax. If for some reasons they couldn’t come up with the info required, they will return the maximum amount.

Trick 13: Call Up The Work Number

Work Number is the national level database owned by the credit beaureu Equifax. The way it work is, more than 20,000 companies work in collaboration with this database and they all use it for employment verification.

This huge database is reported to have the data of at least one third of U.S population. Although for most of us, this database sounds like pretty new, it already holds all of our information maintained in their records. Data of all employees are refreshed on a weekly basis. This entire database remains as a mystery to all even today.

The online database is designed with the purpose of serving the employers in particular. Just a SSN check on this database will help them determine whether someone is a fresher or has a job or where they worked in the past etc.

You may hide yourself from all the outside world and all the social media. But you can’t escape from the eyes of debtors especially if you are in United States. Have you ever wondered how your debtors get your number?

Debt collectors or any general public can have access to this information at the cost of few dollars. This is how, most of the debtors find out where someone works at any moment.

Tips” box_color=”#80f0df” title_color=”#000000″ class=””]

Your work number record carries the same weightage as your credit report. It can be viewed by anyone so by yourself too. You can get free annual disclosure from Equifax once a year for free. Visit the website and fill out the form. Although it’s not so easy as getting your credit report, more or less it works in a similar way. Since the companies use these information for employment verification, having the biased or outdated data on the report could hurt your future employment process. Check the report and go through every line. When you see the errors, note it down and have it corrected. You may have started your career with one level, got a raise and got a level up. Chances are, it may not get updated in the recent years. Take a closer look. You can read the entire story on work number by clicking here.

Trick 14: Online Search Companies

hire group of detectives

When all other possibilities fail to uncover the person’s current employment and you don’t want to hire an attorney, you can consider spending few dollars in online people search companies. However, most of those firms produce the information that can be easily accessed through online and public records search. Avoid such firms and go with the reputable firms that can produce the beyond info offered in public records.

Hope I have provided the contented information for your query, how to find out where someone works. If you know some other method that is not listed here, but you feel it’s worth mentioning do tell us in the comment section. It would help us improve the post and so the better user experience too.

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