How To Get Rid Of Bruises Overnight?

So you want to learn how to get rid of bruises overnight? Well,before arriving at a solution let me educate you briefly on what are bruises, its types and some general do’s and don’ts. This basic education will help you choose the right remedy and so the faster relief.

If you are an active kid or a sports person, chances are you must have already experienced those funny color marks called bruises. These are developed by an injury without causing any break on your skin. It’s the reason why the broken veins & capillaries are not leaking the blood out of your skin. Other name of bruise is called contusion.

Types of Bruises

Based on the injury’s severity, bruises can be classified into 3 main types

  • Light
  • Moderate
  • Critical

Bruises that fall under the light category are easy to heal whereas the later 2 types will take some time and can cause some serious complications too.

Why Do Bruises Change Color?

how-to-get-rid-of-bruises overnight

Normally bruises occurs on the skin with purple or red color discoloration. It may be accompanied by the tenderness or swelling. In few days, affected part of your skin will turn either blackish or bluish. Before these color changes fade away, the skin color will change into green or light brown.

Red blood cells which get collected under your skin are the ultimate reason for this discoloration.  This is how black & blue marks got their name.

The video below would help you understand how bruises change color through a short presentation. Take a look.

Possible Causes Of Bruises

  • People with the soft skin tissues are the one who are more prone to get affected by bruises.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin D is yet another reason
  • It can also be a symptom of platelet disorder or coagulation

How Long It Will Take To Heal?

Normally bruises go off on its own in 2 to 3 weeks of time. On severe conditions, it may take up to month to get heal.

When You Supposed To See A Doctor ?

If the bruise is small, it can be easily treated at home using the methods here you learned on how to get rid of bruises overnight. But if your bruise falls in any of the below category, it is advisable to talk to a doctor without any further delay.

  • A bruise that doesn’t show any improvement even after 2 weeks.
  • You seem to develop bruises more often without any known reasons.
  • You got bruise near to your eye and face difficulties with your eye ball movements and eye sight.
  • Your bruised area got swelling and it causes unbearable pain.

Pain Killers To Be Relied On

Mayoclinic suggests the following over the counter medications for pain relief and swelling reduction.

  • When bruise causes a pain without swelling consider taking acetaminophen (Tylenol, others)
  • When your bruise is accompanied by swelling consider taking ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) which reduces the swelling and relieve the pain.

How To Get Rid Of Bruises ? – Most Recommended Treatments 

Apply Ice Packs – Works Best On A Fresh Bruise

If you have just gotten the bruise and its still red, your best option is put ice on to minimize the bruise. By constricting the blood vessels it prevents the blood from leaking out into the skin further. It’s one of the most effective and well known natural remedy for your question how to get rid of bruises overnight.

How to apply?

  • Take a piece of ice and wrap it in a towel. Bag of peas (frozen) , ice-cold water or a refrigerated tea bags can also be used on the affected area like 10 minutes for few times a day.

It many cause a kind of discomfort at the beginning but continue to apply this on a regular basis.

Apart from reducing the size and redness of the bruise, applying the ice also numbs the area of bruises, reduces swelling and eases the pain you feel.

First 24 Hours 

If you think that your injury may turn into a severe bruise, you have to repeat this ice pack treatment for every couple of hours throughout the day.  Avoid applying the heat in between the ice packs, just let your skin to get warm on its own.

After 24 Hours 

After 24 hours of ice treatment, you should use the warm compresses as directed below.

Application With Warm Compress – For 5 to 6 Hours Old Bruise 

If its 5 to 6 hours after evolve the bruise, your best bet is put on some warm compress.

Basically when you apply warm compress either by taking water bag or by taking wash cloth what this will do is, it dilates the blood vessels. Thus improves the blood circulation. It also helps the body to remove blood from the bruises in a much faster way. We suggest you to do this warm compressor at least 20 minutes 3 times a day for 2 to 3 days.


  • Never take aspirin or vitamin A or Non steroidal anti-inflammatory pills to get rid of bruises or to get rid of the pain. All of these are associated with the increased bruising. So if you are using anyone of these kinds of pills, you should stop it right away.
  • Quit smoking. As it decreases the blood supply, it slow down the healing process. It also causes delay in tissue repair.
  • Do not apply bandages if the skin is not open.

How To Get Rid Of Bruises Through Home Remedies?

1.Arnica Gel

Arinca for bruises is a familiar remedy which has been proven to be work by number of medical researchers. So no wonder why arnica gel is being one of the survival must-haves for athletes and fashion crowd for its anti-inflammatory and selling reduction properties .

When the arnica gel used on bruises as soon as you get the one, it can reduce swelling, pain and discoloration within few hours. If already few hours passed it can still promote the speed of recovery. For better results apply arnica gel 3 to 4 times a day.


You can use arnica either as a natural product or in the form of topical gels, creams, pellets & even massage oil.

2.Essential oils

Next remedy in the list of how to get rid of bruises overnight is “Essential oils”. When the essential oils are applied on bruises it speed up the healing process and greatly reduces the collection of blood in tissues.

Some oils assist in strengthening capillary walls while others support in healing and soothing properties, Reduces pain, swelling etc..


Geranium : 30 drop

Lavender : 15 drops

Cypress : 10 drops

Lemon grass : 10 drops

Helichrysum : 5 drops

Frankincense : 5 drops

Fennel, Myrrh, Rosemary : 5 drops each

Mix all these oils into one comfortable jar or bottle and apply it often to enjoy the best results.

Note :

The last 2 oils are very expensive. If you do not have these on hand right now, you can leave those and proceed to prepare the essential oils with the rest. Still it will serve as an effective essential oil in healing bruises.

3.Parsley leaves

Crush the parsley leaves and spread it around the affected area. Wrap it with an elastic bandage. As an alternative to parsley leaves, you can use Hyssop leaves too.


Watercress is one of the best remedies that you can consider when you want to know how to get rid of bruises. This ancient plant is widely used to prevent as well as treat a wide range of ailments. Doctors popularly called watercress as “cure of cures”. Watercress is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, the two key nutrients to treat anti-brushing. You can get this watercress in your local supermarket. It is the best to grow this best remedy in your garden. Watercress adds taste to the sandwiches and salads.


Onion works great for bruises, since it includes both pain reliving and anti-inflammatory properties. Take a raw onion and slice it into pieces. Place a slice on your bruise and leave for 30 minutes.


Blueberry is a gift to anyone who is prone to bruising. This healthy food is packed with vitamin C and flavonoids. The flavonoids can support to strengthen your capillary walls weakened by the bruises. When compared to other berries, blue berries are notable for its high content of vitamin E.


Another home remedy to treat bruises is eating pineapples. Pineapple is rich in bromelain. This compound can reduce the inflammation on the surface of the skin to reduce irritation, swelling and injuries. Bromelain helps to break out  blood clot and cure the bruises as well as prevents the further blood clot formation.


Cabbage, highly packed with potassium (supports to regulate blood pressure), vitamin C and vitamin K (vital in the blood clotting protein production) has been considered as an excellent healing food.  Grated cabbage is great for anti-bruising salads. You can also use this remedy to heal bruises. Fermented cabbage includes friendly bacteria that can synthesize vitamin K. People who have intestinal flora imbalance are recommended to follow the diet that is rich in sauerkraut to get intestine relief.  Cabbage also includes quercetin. This antioxidant is an antihistamine that can help to treat allergies.

  • Take the edges of cabbage leaves, then immerse them into hot water and place it on the bruises.
  • Flatten some cabbage and place them on the bruises.

9.Use Vinegar With Warm Water

Vinegar can help to break out the blood cells which are clogged in bruise area. It increases the blood flow and promotes the  speedy tissue repair. Mix some vinegar with warm water and apply it over the affected area.

10.Vitamin C & K to Your Daily Diet.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in building the protective collagen to the blood vessels found in the skin. So if your skin is more prone to bruise, directly it means that you are vitamin c deficient.

To get rid of bruises you can take 500 mgs of vitamin C either in the form of pills or through taking foods 3 times a day. Green leafy vegetables ,citrus fruits and bell peppers are rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin K 

It helps in decreasing bruises from both inside and out. Apply vitamin K cream on bruises 5 to 6 times a day which will help in healing bruises much faster. You can also boost the healing by taking Vitamin K rich foods like green leafy vegetables, seaweed, broccoli and alfalfa.


If your skin breaks out and starts to bleed, do not apply any of these home remedies you have learned on how to get rid of bruises until the bleeding stops. Take adequate rest to reduce the inflammation.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the ways to get rid of bruises. To help the home remedies work better , try adhering to the following guidelines

Elevate The bruised area

You may wonder what the gravity has to do with the bruise. But the thing here is, elevating the bruised area above the level of your heart will prevent your blood from pooling around the bruise. As a result the minimized blood flow automatically reduces the discoloration and swelling.

If you have bruises on your leg or arm, try to rest it on the top of few pillows such that it is elevated above the level of your heart

When you have bruises elsewhere obviously this elevation method can’t be applied. In such cases, You rely on ice pack treatment and other methods that are discussed above.


Starting from the day 1, massage the outer area of bruises as many times as possible. As it will cause an extreme pain, do not attempt to massage the center of bruises. This activity enhances the lymphatic process of your body so it will heal itself quickly.

Sun Exposure

Allow your bruise to get the direct sun light for 10 to 15 minutes per day. When you do so,UV rays breaks down bilirubin(main culprit behind the yellowish color of bruise) and makes it to fade away much faster.


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