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How To Impress A Girl On Chat

If you are wondering how to impress a girl on chat, this post is just for you. As we are living in the technically developed world, we have opportunities to meet more numbers of single women in the cyberspace. One easy way to find and chat with anyone you adore is through social media platforms.

Chatting with the girl for a first time, can be considered as a first online date. Next time when you try, you may get a chance to date her again or get drop off. Anything is possible and it is purely depend on the way you talk on your first date. But Don’t worry. You can excel this art easily. All you need do is ” just read on the rest of the post which will educate you on how to impress a girl on chat.

7 Proven Techniques That Helps You Master The Art Of How To Impress A Girl On Chat

Tip no: # 1

 You may feel shy when you talk to your opposite sex.It is natural. But, have this point in your mind. You are not trying to impress a monster. So you don’t need to work hard to gain her impression. Relax and think the ways on how to impress a girl on chat.  The girl you are trying to impress may be gorgeous but when your effort goes in vein, just tell yourself there are loads and loads of single women are out there that too within your reach. Impressing a beautiful girl via chat is damn easy and convenient than trying to impress her in person. You can hide the nervousness which you suppose to deal with in your face to face dating . 

Tip no : #2 

Before getting to know, how to impress a girl on chat, you need to learn some basic manners that show you gentleman. Always begin your conversation with Hi or Hello. Never send too many messages. Wait until you receive some sort of reply from her.

Tip no : #3 

When she replies, the turn is yours. You can’t expect her to start the conversation. Start the conversation by firing some impressive questions. Turn into a good listener when she speaks. Girl loves the boy who listens more during the initial stages. In order to acknowledge for what she says, send your responses quite often with some fun emoticons. You can find hundreds of emoticons in online dating websites. Make use of these to flirt with the girl of your interests.

Tip no : #4 

If you want to impress a girl , you need to be a good speaker too. Discuss the things to her interest. Never try to impose your thoughts on her. If you find that she gets boring on any topic don’t take it any further. Change to some other topic.

Let her know the things she never heard of. But never ever treat her like she don’t know anything even if it’s true. 

Tip no : #5

For a girl you hardly knows her, you can’t send chocolates or flowers. But you can send her e-cards carrying the message how much she mean to you and how much you miss her. Show a little care. Girls love the person who cares her the most. 

Tip no : #6


Now you know how to impress a girl on chat (Text), It’s time to take your online dating to the next level. Ask her whether she can chat with you through web cam. But you should be very careful at this stage. Find a right time before you ask her. She shouldn’t think you like, you are the one who shows the interest on her physical beauty alone.

Tip no : #7 

When you see her, never hesitate to admire her beauty. When you do, make sure you don’t sound vague in giving your appraisals. Try to be specific. Tel her like ” You have a gorgeous eyes, lovely hair etc”. Once you saw her face through a webcam, you can say her like ” My webcam had a very tough time in handling our conversation , I think it must have stunned with your beauty”.

Once you get the attention of a girl, it will become easier to impress her in a day to day live. Because you have already got some cool place on her heart. Keep strengthening your relationship and become a master on how to impress a girl on chat.


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