Official List 2015 – Best Perfumes / cologne for Men For all occasions.


Choosing the best perfumes for men is not an easy task. Whether you are planning to get one or wondering to gift someone, who is extremely picky, this list is sure to help you. Regardless of which perfume you decide, if it’s for men, there are some basic guidelines, which always needs to be adhered. If you find any of the perfumes attractive, tell us in comments section as to what made you to pick one.

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11 Amazing Tips For Choosing The Right Cologne


Since men sweat more than women do, they require a perfume that smells great throughout the day. So it is highly advised to choose one that is strong and long lasting. Moreover, the fragrance you pick has to also go with his personality. Also, pick a perfume that suits an occasion. Obviously, you can’t wear an evening party perfume to workplaces. To put it in simple terms, fresh and light fragrances should be picked for warmer months whereas thicker and stronger scents should be picked for cooler months. Wearing a perfume suiting an occasion seems more appealing. That’s what a “perfect man” should be doing. Keeping all the factors in mind, I have decided to list them down.

No matter how much you invest in and which perfume you purchase, if you don’t know to apply it right, you are not doing good. Here are 2 simple “How to” tricks that can keep you irresistible even at the end of the day.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer?

Tip no 1: Apply Your Perfume Immediately After Your shower

Let your pores observe the scent directly”. This is one of the best secrets behind every long lasting perfume wearers.  You might have often heard of how hot steam opens your pores during showers. Similarly, when you spray a perfume right after the shower, it directly activates your body’s natural heat. Apart from giving you a long-lasting fragrance, it also saves your clothes from staining.

Tip no 2: Dab Petroleum Jelly on the Pulse Points

Perfumes last longer on healthy and well-moisturized skin. If you have dry skin, dab some petroleum jelly or any other moisturizer on heat-activating pulse points. Spray the perfume/cologne generously on these points. Rubbing the perfume will crush down the fragrance molecules and make it react differently than it was intended to be. Always keep the bottle 15 to 20 cm away from your skin and spray on the pulse points.

Heat Activating Pulse Points include

  • Behind the ear
  • Base of throat
  • Inside the wrist
  • Inside elbow
  • Behind knee

I hope these 2 tips were useful to you. Now, talking about perfume genres, do you think names like eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and parfum (perfume) make a big difference? Or you feel they are just fancy ways of depicting a perfume? To clear you, here is a useful info graphic to make a note of.

best perfumes for men


No 10: Dior Homme By Christian Dior

It is a Woody Floral fragrance designed exclusively for men. Top notes of this eau de parfum include lavender, bergamot and sage. The heart is composed with iris, amber and cacao. Its base notes include leather, vetiver and patchouli. According to user reviews, this perfume is claimed mysterious and sexy. It is great for both day and night.

Style: Mysterious, Seductive


No 9: Hermes Terre D’hermes Eau De Parfum Spray

Terre D’hermes EDP by hermes was launched in the year 2006. This fragrance is simple yet sophisticated & bold yet unpretentious. It is recommended for all occasions. Notes include orange, oak moss, grapefruit, woodsy notes and benzoin.

Style: Woody


best perfume for men

No 8: Geir Ness Eua De Parfum Spray for Men

A Norwegian designer designed this aromatic spicy fragrance in the year 2006. This is for men who are bold and adventurous. Geir ness for men opens up with floral notes, explodes with woody scents and continues with its spicy effects. If you are looking for something that is unique and crispy, Geir ness makes a perfect pick. Notes include woody, floral, citruses, masculine and spices.

Style: Adventurous, Unique


best perfumes for men

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