Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Settle In 2014


As natural disasters, terrorism, robberies and massacres made our planet a hell, everyone are in the urge to settle down in one of the safest places. But unfortunately when it comes to preparing a list of top 10 safest countries in the world, it becomes extremely hard to find such countries that satisfy all the criteria an individual has in mind.

So now, how would you picture a safest country? Is that the one which must have

  • Low crime rate?
  • No natural disaster?
  • Low corruption?
  • Immunity to economical crisis?
  • Or is it fast solving cases?

All the above factors are something you would certainly expect from a safe place you wish to settle. But the reality is, not all these factors make it. Out of the entire mentioned factors, crime seems to be making any place unsafe to live. Crime is one of the major reasons for a person to develop anxiety, post-traumatic stress, physical pain, loss of property and so on. After researching a while and keeping all the factors in mind, we the team of lifestyle9 have framed the list of “top 10 safest countries in the world”. We have considered “crime rate” as our prime factor.

Although governments around the world continue to strict their laws towards crime, it is still increasing massively on a daily basis. Often we see it with our own eyes or at least hear it on television news and websites. While high prevalent crimes make some places completely unsafe to live, strict laws, culture and few good qualities continue to make few countries as a perfect place to live, raise kids and happily retire.   These countries have zero or at least low crime rate. Yeah, we have exceptions in everything. That’s the universal law.

Top 10 Safest Countries In The World


We have listed the safest countries based on statistical analysis report from Federal Bureau of Investigations “. Now with no further introduction let’s move on to see the safest places around the world. Pack your bags and start the journey.

10. Singapore

safest country in the world

Crime rate variable: 19.98

Safety rate variable: 80.02

Based on the statistics, Singapore is the tenth safest country in the world with a very low crime rate. It is the world’s 7th cleanest city in the world too. The main reason behind Singapore being such a safe place is the kind of  penalties and punishments imposed whenever someone is involved in a crime. Whether it is a small traffic issue or a serious offense, when the citizen commits it, there are harsh punishments. The strong laws of Singaporean government and better Singapore police force run a firm ship to keep the country as well as its residents safe. This doesn’t mean that the crime issues in Singapore are nonexistent. The fact is that they are far less when compared to other countries.

Burglary, housebreaking and other property crimes are getting rarer here. Confrontational crimes and violent acts are lesser in Singapore. Guns & other firearms are firmly controlled by the police and Singaporean government. Singapore also has less drug-related crimes. As with recreational drugs, firearms and other illicit activities, they are completely banned here. Even if someone happens to involve in drug distribution or its use, severe punishments and other consequences needs to be faced.

Apart from receiving the title “one of the cleanest countries in the world”, Singapore is equally reputed among other important commercial hubs in the world.  Singapore includes one of the world’s best healthcare infrastructures. WJP, the United States based World Justice Project – Rule of Latex Index 2014 honored this country for its nonexistence of political violence, low crime levels and assurance in law enforcement authorities.

9. Bahrain

safest country in the world

Crime rate variable: 19.79

Safety rate variable: 80.21

Bahrain is a cluster of small desert islands, which holds the ninth place in the list of safest countries in the world. The country encompasses around 665 square kilometers as its total land area with an overall population of about 1250000, which includes 235000 non-nationals too. The widely spoken language at Bahrain is “English”. The region has well-developed finance & regional tourism industries. In the recent years, this country has offered a very safe shelter for people wanting to escape from persecution – which is supposed to be very common in environments like Sharia, Saudi Arabia.

Besides its strict laws and orders, Bahrain offers ultimate freedom to its residents, which is something you will not find in its neighboring countries. They pose relaxed attitudes towards the availability of pork and dress codes. The overall street crime rate is reported to be very low here. Burglary and Robbery is controlled with common intelligence precautions. Violent crime is very rare and firearms are strictly prohibited.

8. Georgia

safest countries in the world

Crime rate variable: 19.57

Safety rate variable: 80.43

Georgia is situated at the junction of Asia and Europe. This country shows a combination of diversity and uniqueness. It welcomes its visitors with Black Sea coastline, curative climate, national parks, Caucasus mountain range, mineral waters, delicious cuisine, rich culture, UNESCO Heritage Sites and popular Georgian hospitality.

The crime rate in Georgia is reported to be very low and is exactly why it has made it to eighth place in the safest countries in the world list. Apart from its safety measures, the attractions in the county are incredible. Right from Tbilisi’s old town architecture to its sparkling beaches and nightlife drives people to visit this country every year. The establishment of professional laws reduces the overall crime rates in different cities of Georgia. The best thing is that it increases one’s standard of living.

Based on the recent investigations, 98% Georgians, who took part in the survey, said that they feel 100% safe being at Georgia territory. Thus, the country goes one among the world leaders in the safety level. The World Economic Forum has honored this country by providing 34th rank in the national physical security. To ensure that there is proper safety, Georgian police patrols each street in the towns and cities every day. There was a time when corruption in Georgia was at its peak and used to be a big annoys for tourists. However, the good news is that now it has turned down so much that it could make it to this list, which is something to be appreciated.