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Top 10 World’s Best Countries To Live In 2014

So where on earth the happiest people are living? What could be the best place to live, work, raise your children and retire? Go through the updated list of best countries to live in 2014 and get answer for all these questions. This list is prepared based on the recent “world happiness report” released by United Nations General Assembly. Having a strong economy doesn’t necessarily mean that all people are living a happy and a satisfied life. To determine life’s happiness, 6 variables are taken into account. These include

  1. GDP per capita
  2. Social support
  3. Generosity
  4. Freedom from corruption
  5. Life expectancy
  6. Freedom of making choices

Happiness is the key in deciding the best countries. Why? Read  the quotes given by the author of the world happiness report

 People who are emotionally happier, who have more satisfying lives, and who live in happier communities, are more likely both now and later to be healthy, productive, and socially connected. These benefits in turn flow more broadly to their families, workplaces, and communities, to the advantage of all.

It clearly states when people of the nation are happy, other factors will automatically fall in its support. On a scale that runs from 0 to 10, even the happiest nations that topped the list of best countries could not attain 10/10. However, they have managed to hit the list with 7s. While measuring a country’s happiness, list of best ones have been changed abruptly with some ups and downs every month. You can see the obvious change by comparing our best countries list in 2013 and 2014. When i tried analyzing the reason behind this dramatic change — it was something beyond this article’s scope. Rather than diverting the topic, i would better move on with our best countries listing.

When the world happiness report was released for the first time in 2012, it drew an international attention and now it’s time to go through the new one. If you are interested in reading the entire report submitted to United Nations General Assembly, you can download it by  Clicking here.

Now let’s start our journey in the reverse chronological order… We do value your suggestions. If you are a resident of a country which exists in our list, we invite you to share your comments with us and our other readers as well. And I am sure none other than you will know your country better. Following countries are identified as the top 10 best countries to live in with high level of happiness.

No 10. Australia

Topped the list in the past year at no 3

best countries to live

Happiness Score – 7.350

      • Regardless of where they live, Australians are so good in lending their hands whenever needed. This special characteristic of Australians made this country to hit the list of best countries to live in the world.

best country to live in_australia

      • Per capita GDP, longer life expectancy and improved level of education are factors that lifts up Australia to this position.
      • Even though Australia is a home town to many deadly animals like snakes and sharks, it is even a home to not-seen-anywhere and the most interesting animals like Australian dingo and Wombat. If not in Australia, where else can you see these rare animals? Experience the beauty of kangaroos hopping on the go.

best country too live

      • Australia is blessed with uncountable nature gifts like Great Barrier Reef, the pinnacles, Fraser Island and so on. There wouldn’t be a bigger thing in this world than experiencing those jaw dropping views once in your lifetime.

best country to live in _ great reef barrier

>> No 9 >>

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  1. Nobodys talked about newzealand! Its a good country but you do get bored easily.


    • Yea well take a look at the population differences. There’s no way to please 300+ million people without pissing a few off!

  3. hahaha the UK isnt on it no wonder every other culture is living here!

    • Let’s live in a Peace!!! All of the 10 best countries to live you forget about Greece!!!always nice weather conditions,pleasant environment to live,high quality of food and people with warm hospitality!Greeks knows very well what does it mean to live in harmony, they always give you a ,,hand,, if you are in trouble,nowhere in the world u can’t find it!,,ok,let’s not talk about some political games inside of E.U or about Worldwide corruption ! Let’s enjoy our life in fullness and save our place where we live!
      Mykonos isl.Greece

  4. The USA is the worst place you can live, corporation and republicans runs this country. They want the people to suffer and die. They do not want to pay a livable wage, they do not want us to have universal healthcare, this country is very racist and this country loves guns and killing people with guns. Stay out of the insane horrible country. We have no up to date public transportation, no bullet train and the list goes on.

    • Leave then you idiot. We do not want you or the other 20M+ illegal
      immigrants in our country. We are tired of paying for your healthcare
      and your laziness. Leave, go, BYE BYE BYE!

      • Hah David, i came from Switzerland to US, came with $3,000,000, after Living for 4 Years in this Country, guess what, im leaving this country, do you know why?! this country is Corrupted Head to Toe, People here became slaves of Healthcare and Gov .
        I rather go back to Europe, where people behave like people, not stone selfish cold a$$.
        Greed and Greed and Power towards the normal families.
        Nothing personal to You Americans, but Your Gov SUX , cant fix Your Financial/Gov Problems, all you do postpone things..

        Bye, arrivederci, aufiderzein, orevuar , tung, pozdrav USA (never again)

      • You idiot. If not immigrants, illegal ones as well, USA would fall apart in no time. The entire infrastructure, construction and related businesses would fall apart. Who else will slave to build this country for pennies? Get some union workers to do it. Then watch your taxes hike up beyond belief. America employs illegal immigrants the same way that Egyptians used slavery. Get your facts straight.

      • David, except for a great first name, you’re nothing but a little piece of shit. Exactly the fat ass type comment you’d expect from the stupidest least tolerant people on earth just like your fat ass! if I could deport you to Thailand I would gladly!

    • My family is Asian-American. We started out relatively poor in the United States, working for other businesses, but started a computer parts distributorship back in the 1980′s, and – over time – became millionaires. We currently live very comfortably, and are very pleased with how our children are growing up. We did not experience the problems with racism that you mention, and would ignore it if we did. Your happiness is your own responsibility, not the government’s or other people’s. If you don’t like it in the U.S. then move to another country, like we did.

      • You know what there is so much wrong with your comment here. People in the US are not asking to government for happiness they are asking that their basic needs to met. Not everyone is as privileged as you to be a millionaire. There are many women and some men sold into sexual slavery in the US who’s prostitution record cannot be expunged despite being enslaved against their will. In some states they are ineligible for food stamps. So prostituted women are left to rot and suffer slowly of AIDS and starvation or abscessed teeth that need treating. Prisoners on death row are treated better than most prostituted women globally including in the US. Everyone deserves a fair chance. Everyone is entitled to health care.

      • I loved your comment. You could have been poor but chose to make something of your life. God bless you

    • The US is an example how terrible corporatized healthcare is. Healthcare is a human right not a luxury! It is sad to see US styles of privatization, ring wing extremism and corporatization spread through globalization and scary.It’s what is happening in Canada with our current prime minister.

  5. The USA is the worst place you can live, corporation and republicans runs this country. They want the people to suffer and die. They do not want to pay a livable wage, they do not want us to have universal healthcare, this country is very racist and this country loves guns and killing people with guns. Stay out of the insane horrible country. We have no up to date public transportation, no bullet train and the list goes on.

    • Leave then you idiot. We do not want you or the other 20M+ illegal immigrants in our country. We are tired of paying for your healthcare and your laziness. Leave, go, BYE!

      • immigrants built this country, you knuckledragging shit.
        if you want to live in a third-world country where nobody pays for anyone else’s anything, by all means feel free to fuck off to somalia. i’m sure you’ll get along splendidly as an entitled whitey cunt.

  6. What irritates me is that (some/many) people who say, “America is the greatest country in the world” or, “America is an exceptional country” have never live in one or more countries besides the USA. They also hate to acknowledge the horrible things that the government has and continue to do. Every time someone points out the wrongs that America did/does, the “patriots” go nuts!…..LOL.
    I have lived in more than 20 countries over the years, and I can definitely tell you that America is not the ONLY exceptional country.

    • If you said that people say that America is an exceptional country, then what are you arguing about? Nowhere do you say that Americans say it’s the ONLY exceptional country so I’m confused. Another thing, why is patriots in quotes? What is so wrong about having love, respect and pride in your country? If you truly lived in over 20 countries, you’d know that most people act that way when their countries are insulted. Even being on the internet I’ve learned that. I once went through many comments of Dutch people telling everyone off for saying they’re unfriendly people. Mind you, most things that are said about Americans aren’t important things. The complaints I hear about this country is how stupid we are, or how fat we are, or how we say soccer and not football, or how the government is stupid for having the drinking age at 21. In situations like those, then yeah I’d say it’s fit to set that person straight because those are dumb things to hate/bash a country for. As far as acknowledging government corruption, then you must be in the wrong America. One of American’s favorite things to do is talk about how corrupt the government is. Everyone knows it and everyone has something to say about it. So that’s just totally false.

    • it actually ranks 20th and deserves it in my opinion. used to rank 5th but that was a long time ago… on the way down… US not a place to live if you compare with Canada Sweden Finland Denmark… but a place to live comparing with Argentina Chile Ukraine etc.

  7. I think you’re drinking too much beer if you put Belgium on 9, it’s by far one of the worst countries to live in. Crime is high, taxes are the highest of the world, roads are in bad condition, 3 languages makes it we have a complex, big and expensive government,etc. And no Norway on the list? People earn more there, almost no crimes and it is incredibly beautiful. One of my favorite countries to go.

    Source: I’m born in Belgium and live my whole live in this ugly shithole.

  8. Wtf are people talkin bout, US is awesome..alot of people keep saying its goin down and shit but its still way better than most countries

  9. “France is set to have the highest number of Muslim population in the whole Europe.(Nearly 6 million).”
    How the heck can this be in a list of good qualities? It is the one reason France (and the rest of Europe) is going down the drain.

    • What do you mean Ma”am?

      Muslims in general are very friendly, courteous and solemn. They are just so focus with the word RESPECT. So what is your problem with that Ma’am?

      Maybe the author just want to convey in that particular statement that the level of discrimination among Muslims are quite lower than the other country. You should be careful next time in stating your opinion objectively.

      Have a good day.

  10. How is no scandinavian country on this list? Norway has been ranked the best country in the world to live, and Sweden is very high up as well.

  11. I live in the US and the reason I am reading this article is to decide what other countries would be better to live in. People think that the US is the best place in the world but they have no clue. If and when I ever have the chance and means to get the hell out of here I will do it.

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    This is how you can do it…

  13. It really looked like the author was grasping at straws when they tried to come up with reasons for putting the U.S. on the list. Entertainment industry, racial diversity, freedom of speech? You can still watch American movies in other countries, racial diversity doesn’t matter, and all the other countries on this list have freedom of speech too. We in the U.S. also get to have our speech monitored unconstitutionally by the NSA.

  14. canada rocks!!

  15. I’m sorry, but i’m American. I don’t believe their description on America at all. racism still run rampant. a sense of fear covers everything, unless you live in a hole. there are few places you can feel total comfort if you live even slightly outside of normal. for instance i’m secretly lesbian (no choice), so far the five cities towns i lived in had, if they were not outright prejudice, a strong sense of acceptance. and i’m no flamer, but learned to shut-up. i’d stay away from America until you done very thorough research on it’s local cultures and overall cultures. I will agree however that it is diversity here, but that doesn’t guarantee tolerance. I would love to see this country improve. thankfully there is still a good chance of it. in the legal system and government we ARE very open, but the “vox populi” is very different.

  16. the United States of America may be at an econimic downturn with people in poverty and falling education mostly impart to lack of want by the students to be educated but the USA is still the only superpower with the strongest economy, military, tecnology, industry, science, space and many other areas but the people of the united states are willing to fight and die for the nation and if you look at are history youll know that we always prevailed through everything and we even beat the romans at killing people and tell me the time when the us was conquered by a foreign power cause it never happened and to every person in the us be proud of your country and work hard and dont rely on your country just like kennedy said “dont ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for you country” and to citizens of other nations two things one the us has alsways been the nation of immigrints and the land of opputunity you just got to reach for it and to this day many refugees flee to the united states for a new life and the second thing is if our time is over and were really weak then i dare you to attack us i dare you because even with out nukes our armed forces would crush every other armed forces all working together (also without nukes) non of ya could beat the 300,000,000 people cabable of providing for the war machine of the united states which with out are weapons tech you guys would be using russian designs which if you want to talk war tech the us includes the largest most powerful fleet of ships on the planet which could jump dramaticly in the case of a large scale war our f-22s and other stealth craft can destroy bases other craft and everything else before you know it than our highly trained soldiers can take it from there with both sea and air domince assured the can finish the job the navy and air force start so just bring it if you can cause the usa will stand the test of time can your country say its done what we done

    • Yep Britain, gave you law, the English language, the list goes on. I bet you’ve never even left America have you nob head.

    • jesus christ, you and your exceptionalist fairytales and your whole tired, clueless, mean-spirited fucking generation JUST GO CROAK ALREADY. WE ARE NOT FUCKING EXCEPTIONAL, you retard.

    • your country was conquered by Jewish bankers bro. United States are done. you will never pay back your debts. look at such cities like Detroit, Flint or Lansing. You call that power? your crime rate sux, helathcare sux, educational system sux. You are getting brainwashed by your mass media.” 300,000,000 people cabable of providing for the war machine” 30% of yanks is overweight! keep it real! you don’t even know how to eat healthy :>

    • so your logic is that the best country is defined by how powerful a military it has? Not the well being of it’s citizens, not the quality of it’s education system, not it’s low level of crime, not it’s free and equal access to healthcare for it’s citizens, just how large and expensive it’s military is….ummmmmmm, wow

  17. i love the USA or what it used to be but im not going to sit around and let it bog me down as it goes down its a scary thought to move somewhere but i think it’ll be the right choice down the road still im going to think about this seriously

  18. are you retard, whats in no.2 ?

  19. What does the EU flag have to do with Norway?
    Norway isn’t even in the European Union.

  20. Canada has always done well. Apart from the cold winters, it is a great place on pretty much all of life’s aspects I can tell…

  21. I laugh at how Americans think their country is the best.

  22. America is the pits. stupid gun laws, arrogant and ignorant people

  23. LOL anyone who is trying to argue by saying the U.S.A should be on this list is ridiculous. The U.s.a is one of the worst countries in the developed world, they lead with the most people in jail, there government is extremely corrupt, They are Fascist regardless of what any ignorant to reality Americans might say, they are constantly at war and break international law all the time. the people are so brainwashed by constantly being told there the best country they rarely do research of their own and blindly follow what there government tells them.
    the United States is one of the most evil nations out there,

  24. Not to mention many American’s live in poverty, police brutality is not uncommon. If you do a little research of your own you will find out how often the government lies to its citizens, you will find out the war crimes that happen, Like the use of chemical weapons in Iraq, the amount of civilians killed and the fact that they have a Hundred and Seventy some army bases in other countries., Yet not one country has a base there? many might say oh its so they can prevent uprisings. Don’t be ignorant, Or perhaps its to do the opposite, global control, colonization?? Notice how the united states encourages revolutions in other countries, and government change, but when protest takes place in U.s (wall street) what happens? they get pepper sprayed and chased out with dogs. Wake up people, Anyone in united states reading this, Don’t be ignorant and think its all bull and ooohh a crazy conspiracy theorist. if that’s the case your the problem. Look in the mirror

  25. The first nation in the world to give women the vote was actually New Zealand so I’m not sure if I believe this article now as it wasn’t researched properly.

  26. Gosh, they all sound cold to me. I have lived in the desert SW of America for over 30 years. I don’t think I could live in any of the places during the winter. The older I get the more sensitive I am to the cold.

  27. So much wrong in this list I don’t even know where to begin. Mothers in Finland get 90 YEARS of maternity leave? Austria DOES NOT have ANYWHERE NEAR the highest income in the world. They’re not even in the top 10, or top 20 for that matter. Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Swizterland, Dubai, Monaco, Singapore, Norway and so many other places earn way more. €19,000 isn’t even a lot of money, as some places (Abu Dhabi, Monaco) earn nearly 10 times that amount.

  28. Firstly, I want to say that this is a well researched article, but it’s obvious that English is not the first language of the writer and some of the mistakes make this article very hard to read, maybe find a friend to whom English *is* their first language and have them proof read for you. Secondly. I’m reading the article because I’m researching places I may want to emigrate to after I finish my degree. So in that respect this article if full of good information.

  29. I really hope this doesnt offend anyone but a lot of these countries may be most comfortable for white people because of the racism that exists there

  30. Canada tops? HAHAHAHAHA This article is a lie, under Stephen Harper the Canadian quality of life has gone down absolutely to the ground. The environmental destruction due to the oilsands in Alberta is devastating. Harper is pushing all citizens of the country to move to Alberta to work at the oilsands as rig pawns, luring them with money. There are almost no true Canadian institutions left. The health system – once the pride of Canada – is absolutely DESTROYED, extremely poor health care with unskilled doctors, long waits for analysis – people is dying waiting, poor/reckless care at hospitals. Harper wants to ged rid of Medicare and push everybody to pay for the services american style. In addition, he let go all scientists so weather reports are now the most inaccurate ever at a moment where temperature is swinging wildly creating catastrophic weather events, ice storms, heatwaves. Crime is also on the rise, no more sense of security walking outside at night. Most people who currently come to Canada are motivated by greed; prices of houses are skyrocketing to an average of half million dollars – one of the most expensive places to buy a house. Education is failing with no proper financial support from the government. It’s like Canada is just a warehouse where you come to become a pawn, and good luck to you if you fall sick.

  31. I would interested on how such list came out, why during such short span, countries move up and down the list so much, like german and new zealand (which both country i have lived) are no.5 and no.6 last year, they are out of the list now… canada used to be no. 10 moved to no.6,,,,i would interested more on why… i also think such a list is not accurate and broadviewed…

  32. Peter Carl Gustav Stenberg

    Sweden is number 1. It’s already been proved with statistics and bnp.

  33. Norway can be removed from the list. Mass immigration and borders without control has made Oslo the capitol for robbery, theft and rape in Europe.

  34. I agree Denmark is #1





  37. The Netherlands really sounds amazing! You can even walk in the Norwegian nature there!? Now that really is something xD

  38. Denmark has a barbaric tradition of torturing and murdering whales with hooks for young teens who are coming of age. Crowds of people gather and support this event and it’s sickening cause the entire area is red in blood and guts for half a mile of water, Hundreds to thousands come to slaughter them and its not like the whales die quickly, its quite the opposite because the hooks only cut at their bodies not their brains.

  39. America is a banana republic. We exist for the super-rich and to control its citizens and also third world countries through “free” trade and “free” markets.

    You truly have to visit America to appreciate it. On one side of the street a 50,000 square foot mansion (and it probably sits vacant because it’s just a summer home), and on the other…shacks.

    This nation is all about winner takes ALL power grabs. Harvard for some…illiteracy for most! Personal bankruptcy for the poor…corporate bankruptycy for the rich.

    And our elections are primarily for show. Really doesn’t matter who wins…K Street and Wall Street always have the ear and the wallet of the politicians.

    We also have “grass-root” organizations funded by billionaires…and no one even blinks an eye at the obvious oxymoron.

    I vote and am somewhat angry, but it sometimes strikes me as hilarious just how dumb, immoral, and corrupt this country is.

    We joined WWII late because it probably took us a while to figure out just how the proper people could profit off of it.

    Praise Jesus, NASCAR, Sarah Palin, and ONLY the 2nd Amendment. Yee-Haw!!!

  40. canada no.1 .. totally agreed…

  41. If you ask me, I would say, which one is the most comfortable is up to the one who lives there

  42. Wow this writer needs an editor bad. The grammar in this article is horrible. So bad in fact, it makes me question whether to believe any of the article at all. How can someone who writes with such obvious grammatical errors have a job as a writer? Is english a second language for you or something?

  43. Of course, the US is not in the list. I bet the writer lives here

  44. If the result is reliable, I would like to live in any Scandinavian country, but having greek weather and warm greek hospitality in my daily life, Scandinavians are nice people, but a extreme closed society…

  45. No 'Murica? This article has no value.

  46. wow Denmark not on the list but the U.S is ?!?! wow denial at its best

  47. Egypt is the best country in the world!

  48. Christine Elizabeth

    America is a shithole unless you are a hillbilly.

  49. Christine Elizabeth Where are you from Kentucky? Last I saw we are the ones with the majority of nukes and internet.

  50. Denmark!,not surprised.It is a great and nice country . Where's Germany…?

  51. That is really too bad………Das ist wirklich Schade Eddie.

  52. Hi all, I live in the driest stat in the driest continent on earth, that being South Australia in Australia, on top of that we are also the highest taxed stat in the highest taxed place on earth

  53. I have heard Denmark on the list for the past 5 years. My family immigrated from France and Germany to come to America for a better life. I wish they would have known that America would soon fall apart, I really want to leave!!

  54. nazi germany is not on the list of happiness, the sun dont shine in GERRRRmany

  55. too cold, get frost byte, too many hookers

  56. america has fallen apart more then 200 years ago, you barely see any native indians

  57. if you have some money egypt is great, girls do anything you want there, they give falacio in the streets while shipping with their mamas too

  58. the most comfortable country is Spain, lazy ppl

  59. get a life grammar nazi..

  60. Christine Elizabeth i will let you suck my c0ck, a few times if you pay me? :p

  61. You're not not so lucky to live at one of the best countries in the world. Called as you want,They're moving Europe without being Nazi,They have what you don't: MENTALITY.

  62. Blake Herrington Thomas

    I love how everyone is bashing the US when several commenting are most likely related to an American in some way. Don't forget the US is a nation built of immigrants. I however do not like how the US government has changed or people in general, actually. We are a culture of cyber bashing cowards. We love to splash our uneducated opinions all over the net and yet do not state any actual statistics. Just remember don't generalize a nation based on your hatred towards it. Individuals all have their own hearts and opinions.

  63. America was a great country, the US never was. There's a difference… I'm looking for a nice country just in case we lose the good fight and life becomes even more unbearable here. The main concern now days getting jailed by some corporate filth for upholding natural god given rights.

  64. I am American. I'd like to stay American, but then learned the US is a corporation that was bought with debt and is ruining the country. Some scandal huh?

  65. what a load of croquembouche! Who wants to live in overpopulated Euro? Or over-industrialised, grey skies Euro? Who wants to live in a landlocked country? who wants to live in too many months of snow? Who wants to live in Northern Hemisphere, period… are you concerned about the Fuku fallout floating all over the north? Australia has blue skies all day, most every day, snow in one place, beaches all over with steaming nigh-nuddy babes everywhere. Oz is the island nation that you dreamed of as a child. but hey, I'm happy that Oz is #10 as it means you might go north and leave more for me down here. xxx

  66. Its not a natural god given right if everyone doesn't have it and someone can take it away. Its called a privilege.

  67. Grayson Michael Wimmer

    I think this may have been translated to English from some other language most of the grammatical errors in it are common when using translators

  68. Grayson Michael Wimmer

    Fatt Lipp Obvious troll is obvious

  69. I had the chance to live at victoria,B,c. For two years. The wearher is mild,the people is very,very educated. The city is very safe,clean and very nice for retiring. Unfortunately,it is very expensive to live there but it worth. As a major city it has its own problems but nothing to worry about. Don't pay attention to fatt lipp comments. Obviously this troll hasn't the chance to live there.

  70. I hope when I'm old enough I can move out of the United States to somewhere nice in Europe.

  71. English*

    If you're going to be a cuntbucket and call people out on poor grammar, it'd probably be a good idea to make sure there are no grammatical errors in your own post.

  72. Probably because USA is a backward craphole by first-world standards.

  73. America's still a fine place to live "relative" to the rest of the world.

    But hey, if you don't like it then come on a bit north to Canada. We'll welcome you with open arms.

  74. Anders Klingsheim

    Well. Everyone can just agree to disagree. Every year its a different scandinavian country on top.

    So to live in the cold north part of europe is the most lucky, ritch and happy people in the entire universe.

    Exept for Sweden witch is STILL a third world country.
    Thank you and good night!

  75. Not true. Life is a God god given right. It can be taken away. Is life a privilege? If you believe so then nothing is a natural right. It is the most basic of all.

  76. Antonio De Las Morenas

    Learn to use the correct adverbs, too, dorado_sol, as well as maybe some more commas. Seriously, I wouldn't care, but since you've decided to give others shit about their grammar, might be nice if you'd l2grammar first. It 's obnoxious. Plus the content's more important , anyway…

  77. What bullshit! Australia is a relatively low taxed country, and South Australia is not highly taxed. Stop comparing us with the US. As the article says Australians like lending a helping hand to others… well, we used to until the Tea Part ethos started taking over.

  78. For Australia's tax levels internationally, see http://www.treasury.gov.au/Policy-Topics/Taxation/Pocket-Guide-to-the-Australian-Tax-System/Pocket-Guide-to-the-Australian-Tax-System/Part-1 … it's at the lower end.

    For South Australia's tax levels relative to other states, see http://sacoss.org.au/sites/default/files/public/documents/Reports/Taxes%20and%20the%20South%20Australian%20Election_0.pdf#page7 We're in the middle. But even if we were at the top, that wouldn't be surprising, as we are one of the less populous states, and hence we have fewer economies of scale.

    As I said in my other post, unfortunately Australia's egalitarian ethos, for which we were rightly admired, is fast being undone by neoliberal policies and a rising Tea Party creed in our politics. Those on the right don't care about truth, they only care about power.

    Australia is also gravely at risk from the impact of climate change on our agriculture, water supplies and the risk of extreme weather events such as flooding, bushfires and high summer temperatures. (We had 5 consecutive days over 40C here in Adelaide last summer). Australians, unfortunately, are vastly complacent about this because of the domination of their thinking by big corporate media (largely Murdich owned).

  79. Mr. Thomas this country is screwed and you know it, I just can't wait for the day that NWO to shuts us all up.

  80. Christine Elizabeth Agreed Ameri-Cunt is done and finished.

  81. Fatt Lipp Europe fell apart thousands of years ago. You hardly see any celts or pre-indoeuropeans. Just a bunch of barbarians from central asia.

  82. Pakistan is the bast and beautiful country in the world

  83. Foozy Khosrovani

    shows how little you know. over here in europe, it is well known that the danish are generally happy people because they also happen to be extremely stupid. most danish try to get away from denmark due to the fact that it's flat land and highly boring so a good number of them t end up living in countries like france. as far as sweden's concerned, most people are depressed and suicidal and that's also a well known fact.

  84. Nina Vaughn-Mueller

    The US is great for entrepreneurs . Living in Switzerland I see why they are happy. They are trained to work in the same job for 30 or 40 years and to receive a very good retirement. They live in the same rented apartments for 30 years. ( most of my neighbors) whe for us Americans this would be depressing. not owning your own house, being able to move up fast, move from state to state and higher education.

  85. Nina Vaughn-Mueller

    Yet I do not understand we all these countries except Austria, Australia and Switzerland have such a high suicide rate. That is ironic.

  86. But what this article doesn't mention (besides its crap using the "happiness index"… Costa Rica is the highest on the index, this is clearly EU/OECD slanted swill) is that all those countries do not replace themselves and have a birthrate below 2.2. The obvious answer is to send Americans to Europe with a high level of fecundity but a low living standard so they benefit from the welfare state an replace the population.

    Get stuck with our inner city ghettos and see how well socialism works when no one works and pops out kids. America will be back No. 1 and these places will look like South Sudan in 5 years.

  87. yeah gud question even i wuz wondering why germany isnt in this list . In fact it should have been in the 6th position atleast . other websites have consistently given germany a place in top 10 countries

  88. Elinor Hurst – Don't listen to a word this twat says. She is obviously a leftist, Marxist, Stalinist pig and she looks like a pig. Everything from her posts attacks others with a different political point of view. Notice this snach substituted Global Warming for the more convenient Climate Change. The climate has been changing for thousands of years you dope, there was two Ice Ages. She can't spell Tea Party – (Tea Part) and if she wants a tea-bagger – Many will put their sweaty sac on her nose and take it away because the sac cried and begged to get away from that skunk. Also, notice she was hit by every branch of the ugly tree while falling on the way down to the ground. It appears that you are not in the U.S. and don't come back. Leftists like you have destroyed the what was the best countries that was ever created. The US has been abused by socialism, illegal immigration, and The Fed. Such a great country, but likely won't be able to sustain in the future. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin are rolling in their graves because of scum like you.

    As for the rest of the article lots of interesting concepts. The article does have a European slope to it. Let's say that you wanted to live in these countries, you would likely need to have lots of cash to go there. Maybe some folks want to have gun rights (because according to Elihoar, everyone is a right-wing wacko. Perhaps, they don't like the cold and that really only leaves one country. Those aspects needed to be explored more. They all seem to be valid places. For now, many US Citizens are stuck and want to get behind the Ghost of George Washington to fight off the Elinor destroyers.

  89. but i’ve got to know that employment rate is not high in Canada. I just want to know is it worth studying there and getting settled ?

  90. should my family move there?

  91. Harper is working hard to overturn our healthcare, he will shortchange the provinces on their health budget. The man is like Satan, he is bible-obsessed and the last election was rigged. They are in court for election fraud. At least Obama has the grace to look visibly older after one term of presidency.

    The Canada/US price gap perpetuates inequality and poverty and the extreme mark up is completely unjustified. Many people talk about the gap’s effect on small business and the economy in general but RARELY mention it’s effect on the working and poverty class. The effect on my working poor family is very detrimental. Harper is taking away everything about Canada that made it good which was it’s socialist leanings. He is the Northern Bush Jr.

    Canada does not deserve to be in the top 10.


  92. I agree with it all except the conservatives environment record… for the rest… Canada #1 for sure and I’ve seen lots of countries.

  93. US is the best :(
    Don’t say that.it’s my dream country …

  94. You’re one of those doom and gloom people, you’re type of people are the people that are ruining the country. And even in the US’s worst times, it is still one of the best places to live.

  95. I agree Katie! I’m still proud to be American and the roots we came from (wherever all our people came from), but it’s just getting sad here, and these “leaders” just aren’t cutting it!. I’m researching getting out of CG using my GI Bill in Italy. Been to Rome and Napoli area (loved Napoli!, then again, loved Paris too… lol) My co-workers and I said where we’d like to escape to. One said Canada- New Brunswick, another said Iceland.

  96. I’m 27 with two kids and just bought a ocean front house and just retired. I got my GED that’s all. I’m a lazy american to a point, but the people to complain are the real lazy ones. I love how people talk crap about the U.S. but yet there trying to get here.

  97. Had I known back when I was young and productive how far to the right the US would swing, I would have left LONG AGO. Look at Scandinavia – much higher standard of living, almost no crime, very strong safety net, strong work force, excellent criminal justice system, great education and health care. Amazing that Michelle Bachmann spent so many years demonizing socialism but where does she want to retire? SOCIALIST Sweden! She spent years making this country hell for the poor and elderly and now she will retire sucking off a system that will leave her wanting for nothing,

  98. so…do you just make things up and believe you’re stating facts or..??



  100. No health care! too much gov corruption my man! Congress and people in gov get an average of $174,000 per year! which is $14,500 a month! Do you have any idea how many government employees get paid that much? Lets say 10 people work in gov: that is 1.7 million dollars you and I pay so that they CAN lives life like a rock stars.

    Do you think they felt “the recessions” And to make matters worst in some occasions they use tax money for personal need (hotels,cars,gamble etc) so they do not make a dent on their 14k a month check. GOD FORBID!!

  101. Don’t be a fool the American dream is no more. It died out years ago.

  102. how to say that Dhruv. It’s good to have dreams…

  103. It doesn’t really matter how huge it is. We’re not looking at this state by state. It’s about the current situation of the country as a whole. It’s a known fact that the country is struggling. That’s just the truth. We are in a bad state right now so I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Obviously there are people that aren’t, but the US as a whole is struggling. Because of that struggle (and other factors), it’s clear the US is not what is used to be. Nothing was said about what it’s supposed to be, only what used to be. And in her opinion (and mine) it was better. This country has seen better days and if you want to ignore that fact I guess you can.

  104. problem is country’s debt + rich got richer poor got poorer and the proportion of poor is out of hand in the US… sad and hard to reverse…



  106. Russia and Canada are bigger and Canada is undoubtedly better.

  107. lol what a retard. clearly we have another one idiot bleeding heart patriots who’s too blinded by his damn patriotism to face cold hard facts that his countries run is over. lmao

  108. There are many people in the US living in 3rd world poverty. It is a very unequal country. No social safety net or a small one means lots of people fall through the cracks and that is immoral.

  109. Unfortunately. I love what this country used to be. It’s sad.

  110. wtf NZ MAN THAT the BOMB BRO MAN MAYBE U GET BORED BECUASE nz doesnt like ya man and u have to live young wild and free yolo

  111. supsupsup

  112. approved

  113. +1

    Those 3 definitely should be in the top 10

  114. approved

  115. Well now there’s a sign of intelligence. Let’s start calling people names such as “retard”.

  116. the united states maybe going through rough times but we have always prevailed this is no where near how bad it was during the great depression which also sent several other nations into reccession but besides that the US may have a corrupt government but find a government better than the one created by the US where every one has rights but no this republic shall not fall so long as there is one American willing to fight for a better life and remember this if it wasnt for us the world may very well be living under the nazi flag and most countries base there government off what we perfected

  117. The right keeps demanding more and more austerity – not stimulus. When they finally destroy the US completely they will go to their own little private tax havens. It is sickening that the last great generation (who fought in WWII) – the generation that sacrificed so much – gave rise to this generation who is willing to sacrifice NOTHING.

  118. The US has seen better days. and will better days. No democratic country will keep on declining.

  119. You guys are all ridiculous. Do you have nothing but bad things to say about the US? How about you all quit being so pessimistic about everything that happens here. Quit being crazy left and right wings. Don’t even be a sane one! All this bullshit political talk is stupid. Quit dividing yourselves. Realize we are basically in control of the WORLD economy. Not Denmark. “Oh but the debt blah blah blah the US kills people blah blah”. You all need to step back a second and realize where you are. Have a little bit more pride in your country. Some of you really male me sick. You guys are spewing insane amounts of bullshit right now.



  121. You seem nice and intelligent, come live in Australia with us.

  122. I checked and she claimed Swiss citizenship, not Swedish. ;)

  123. I believe it takes 4 yrs to become a citizen which is extremely long in my opinion and I find it unethical you must recite an Oath to the Queen of the UK. In my opinion immigration restrictions must be loosened we are in desperate need of skilled foreign workers! Edmonton is a good city for finding work. I vote for a social democratic party that wants to help immigrants to Canada. Harper is a racist, misogynist bigot and I hope for a better future for the citizens and would be citizens of Canada. In my opinion immigration is the highest form of flattery.

  124. It isnt the low cals turks and serbs its a fact that austrian are just like that. Cold, boring …

  125. And the left keeps demanding more debt and a bigger government, with no transparency, rampid coverups and knowingly setting us down the path of China. Btw I have a riddle for ya, how do I sink 600 Million into a site that doesn’t work? EASY. Get a left wing president to do it.

  126. That is bullshit, America didnt join WWII till 1942, what about france-joined 1939 UK- 1939, the americans sat back and when it seemed that the nazis were losing power they joined in. The just want to take credit from the hard working countries. The UK sacrificed their entire empire! now that is sacrifice

  127. Iam the generation after that generation and inflation makes my generation work 12 hours a day why they suck the life out of our country to get more than rich the kids 0f the 50s and 60s spoiled intitled brats on the majority

  128. What kind of fool are you? “The right keeps demanding more austerity–not stimulus?” That’s because govt. spending & waste has been out of control & off the charts! The govt. refuses to budget or cut out waste & fraud despite being in debt to China & others. The solution has been to print more money at the cost of driving inflation to insane levels. Also keeping interests rates extremely low so that the federal govt, can service the big mismanaged banks that are “too big to fail.” If the govt. would just budget itself responsibly & be accountable much of these problems would lessen or end. Yet higher interest rates shifts the costs & benefits hurting the big mismanaged banks but helps the federal govt. divert taxpayers money to service the national debt & encourage savers individually & in pensions.” Maybe the right keeps demanding these measures because the left just refuses to do the right thing. The left isn’t fiscally responsible & hasn’t been so for decades because they can depend on a massive army of brain dead fools who make up the voting masses who’ll keep voting them into power. Robbing future generations isn’t going to cut. The left only wants to blame & spend rather than being responsible, accountable and doing the hard work required of government service & government management.



  130. Thank you for the insight. It was educational and informative and helped me. Thank you so much. :)

  131. Me too. It is helpful for me since I’m planning to leave my country.

  132. we joined because the japs attacked us and we turned the war around completly the worlds largest war machine ever and today no nation matches us militarily and the only people cabable of destroying the us is the us not any other nation

  133. oh an empire they took with out the consent of the people they took it from oh and did you know the us is the only country to win its indepence through war from UK

  134. Americans have always thought that they’re best at everything. Btw, I am an American, but America no longer holds the superior position. Yes the US joined WWII because of Japan, and yes they did sit watching and waiting what Hitler did to Europe. US sent supplies to Europe, but that’s not the same as joining WWII. They weren’t brave enough to dedicate themselves to world peace. The joined at a strategic moment because a) Japan forced them to and b) it was a safe time to join, when Nazis were falling apart anyways. Education, healthcare, business culture in the US suck. And most of all, because this country is built on immigration and divided into states, it has ABSOLUTELY NO IDENTITY AND NO CULTURE! This is the worst part about USA. If you disagree with this, it means you haven’t been elsewhere and probably should not voice your “opinion” but get some experience and facts straight and then state you opinion.

  135. Would that be the country you took from the natives? Idiot…..

  136. Does your government believe in punctuation?

  137. it is true Quebec is sometimes not tolerant with English especially outside Montreal. but Quebec living standard is high. so is its debt, though. but the country overall is doing well in all aspects I am from Quebec speak French as a first language hate people from Quebec who see English as a threat instead of seeing it as an ally.

  138. You go to USA, you are expected to speak a bit of engish. You go to Japan, you are expected to speak a bit of Japanese. You go to Québec, you are expected to speak a bit of french. The 2 official languages of Canada are English and French but the official language of Québec is french. If i go to the USA, I will speak english with pleasure but i expect the same from tourists or at least that they try so.

  139. if you can immigrate successfully, yes. unemployment at 7%; better than lots of countries. education ranking among top 5 countries. might be your best bet in the world…

  140. i will have to disagree. go to the US. situation a lot worse. we were barely hit by the financial crisis. a lot less than lots of countries out there. those who say that normally haven’t traveled much outside this great country which is Canada.

  141. you guys should do something about those fuckers. i’m worried about y’all.

  142. true. like Chile but just a bit richer in average.

  143. Absolutely Canada should be # 1 in the ranks. Being an immigrant myself here for the last 25 years, its been great. Education, Health Care, work opportunities and much more. I consider myself and my family blessed to have come to live in the beautiful country that I have considered it my Home for the last 25 years.

  144. You should look up some facts on these points you are attempting to make. Look at reputable sources that provide data and figures that are generated by statistical analysis, not garbage opinions from Fox news or from Rush Limbaugh that you are just restating without verification.

  145. You are very lucky, I wish I had your trust fund…

  146. I have no trust fund…. I’m lazy but I still have to provide for my family. So I created something online and I’m being rewarded by money.

  147. //No democratic country will keep on declining.//

    Unless they stop being democratic, like the US has done. It is now a plutocracy

  148. That’s the stupidest thing I have read on this page. The right has brainwashed you all in thinking that they are so fiscally responsible and every time there is a “right president” the country is left with a huge deficit. You are part of the problem with America. There are too many functioning ignorant people in this Country who keep voting against their own interest and the know nothings are the loudest and most arrogant in their ignorance.

  149. Your forgetting that even though we are a centre left country, we somehow elected tony abbot.

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