Official List 2014 – World’s Top 20 Best Countries To Live In

No 5. Sweden

best countries to live

Happiness Score – 7.480

  • Sweden offers 16 months of parental leave and pays 80% of their salary too. Without any doubt, parent get loads of time to spend with their children. It’s the reason why Sweden is considered as one of the best countries to live and to see your kids grow up.
  • Sweden offers a complete free day care. In other words, we can state that it is heavily subsidized. Although the day care costs around $120/ month, you can reimburse it with the government’s child benefit plans. So you pay actually nothing.
  • University is free.
  • Surprisingly, people over here are not affected even with its extreme weather condition.They are still seen ice skating, running down, skiing, sledding, taking long walks and sipping a yummy hot coffee to warm up themselves in colder times.
  • Sweden serves as the best country for women. Now, if it is safer for women to reside then it is obviously best for others too.
  • Throughout the Sweden you can breathe fresh and clean air. Sweden is packed with nature. Water over here is perfect for both swimming and drinking.
  • Sweden has a sound public transportation system. Trains and buses cover every place right from big cities to remote Swedish villages.
  • Sweden has a strong independent media and this results in the most transparent politics.

No 4. Netherlands

best countries to live

Happiness Score – 7.512

  • Netherlands is claimed to be the 6th lowest crime-committing country in the world.
  • When considering political structure here, this country ranks 3rd in the world.
  • In Netherlands, dogs are allowed in many cafes, bars, shops, bars and almost all the public venues. It’s an extreme dog friendly nation.
  • In Netherlands, 38% of total population is connected to internet with the highest number of broadband subscriptions in the world.
  • Here, 91% of residents claim that they lead a very happy and a satisfied life. This factor has actually made Netherlands to hit the list of  top 20 best countries to live in the world.

No 3. Switzerland

Topped the list in the past year at no 4

best countries to live

Happiness score – 7.650

      • The reason why Switzerland is been listed to one of the best countries to live in the world is that — “it provides better life quality, trust, safety, wealth & health to all its citizens even including the ones living in remote places”.

best country to live in

      • It is renowned for its tranquility, safety, punctuality and reliability. This is how people of Switzerland have turned their cities into unimaginable high-tech societies in a short time span.
      • Switzerland is one of the most modern and stylish tourism-offering nations in the world. Here with 7.2 million population and many different languages, people of Switzerland enjoy the perks of diversity in a much sportive way.

best country to live in _swizz

      • People of Switzerland receive many noble prices every year than any other country in the world.

No 2. Norway

best countries to live

Happiness Score – 7.655

  • Norwegians are the best party goers in the whole world, especially Norwegian youngsters. They are usually very pretty & dress well too.
  • Norway’s oil manufacturing (in tons) and its strong socialist system contributes to the wealth of every citizen here. Almost everyone here seems to have their own transportation.
  • Almost everyone out here will be seen holding either an iPhone 5 or any other high-end mobile costing more than 500-bucks. Surprisingly even men who collect garbage own some luxury phones and even live in decent homes.
  • Norwegians are healthy because they eat the healthiest foods, drink clean water and breath fresh air.
  • Norwegian is well admired for its nature. Whether it is a park, mountain or forest just take a walk and you will know how it feels like when you relax beside Mother Nature.

No 1. Denmark – The Happiest Country In The World

Have you ever heard of countries where murder and other crime rates are at zero? Can there be any other country offering a pollution-free and corruption-free life quality with stable economic growth even at recession times? If you want to live in such a country, head on to Denmark because it is the only country that comes closely to offer all the above.

best countries to live

Happiness Score – 7.693

  • According to the world happiness report “Denmark is crowned as the happiest country in the world”. Thus, it can be regarded as the best country to live in the world in the current date.
  • Every Danish family enjoys a total of “52 weeks of parental leave” wherein mothers are given with 18 weeks of paid leave and fathers are allowed to take 2 weeks of fully paid leave.
  • After giving birth, nearly 79% of women rejoin in their previous level of employment. This figure is quite higher when comparing it with American women — theirs is only 59%.
  •  Denmark is one of the best countries to see your kids grow up. Little ones are given access to either free or low cost child care.
  • Every Danish citizen receives an outstanding health care system since it is their basic right.
  • Denmark regularly ranks in the list of top 10 countries when it comes to gender equality.
  • They are much concerned about their city’s surroundings too. 50% of Danish people contribute to their city by doing some good deeds. For example, they use bicycles to reach their school and work. Now, this shows how protective are they towards their environment. Government offers 7.8 cents per kilometer to the people traveling by bicycle instead of a car.  This way they are not only taking care of their surroundings but also lessen horrible accidents, noise, wear and tear of infrastructure and air pollution from taking place.

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