The state of California is not all about Movie Stars and Disneyland. It also possesses a large number of remarkable and natural attractions like beautiful beaches, calm deserts, and splendid mountains. It even has some exciting cities, delightful towns, and the world’s best wineries. But with so many cities out there, what could be the best places to visit in California? Well, here are a few to make a note of.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In California

California is a home to some of the best places on the West Coast. It is a place where you can experience a little of everything; even including the lush forests, towering mountains, magical amusement parks, agricultural heritage, ocean drives, elegant vineyards, expansive deserts, and cosmopolitan cuisines. Whether you are taking road trips, using flights, or trains, there are many ways using which you can explore the city of California. California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA and is known as the Golden State.

Here are the ten best places to go in California when you are in the state:

1.San Francisco

best places to visit in california

San Francisco is an enjoyable and exciting city in North California that is on the tip of the peninsula of San Francisco Bay. The Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s number one tourist spot. This attraction allows tourist to bike ride, drive, or walk across this prominent suspension bridge to appreciate and to shot remarkable sight. Visitors can also visit the famous Lombard Street, which is very popular for its curves. Tourists can also take a trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown section, the largest outside Asia. Fisherman’s Wharf and the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island are the other big tourist attractions.

2.Yosemite National Park

Best Places To Visit In California-2

Yosemite National Park is located in Sierra Nevada Mountains of the Central Eastern California. This Yosemite National Park is well loved by visitors and residents alike because of its extraordinary granite cliffs, alluring waterfalls, various plant and animal life, and Giant Sequoia groves. Tourists and nature lovers can also hike along the 800 miles of trails, or drive along the picturesque roads to experience the lovely landscapes and spot wildlife. There are also entertainment activities such as Glacier Point, with impressive sight of Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Museum, and the LeConte Memorial Lodge and the Ahwahnee Hotel.

3.Los Angeles

Best Places To Visit In California-3

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the USA. This city is located in South California surrounded by the Pacific Coast, valleys, and mountains. Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels that offers a wide collection of interests and beaches, such as the sandy playground preferred by movie stars like Malibu and Venice Beach. Los Angeles also has also some of the best-known amusement parks on the planet such as the Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. You can also visit Los Angeles if you would like to search for celebrities, celebrity homes, or shop at Beverly Hills. Tourists can also visit and eat at the famous restaurants where celebrities and the rich and famous people dine.

4.Death Valley

Best Places To Visit In California-4

Death Valley is located in the Mojave Desert and is surrounded by the Death Valley National Park. Death Valley is considered as the driest and the lowest place in North America but also has a variety of outdoor activities, historical viewing, and natural sites. The remarkable landscapes of Death Valley are a place like no other in California for it has snow-capped mountains and colorful sand dunes. The scenic vista of Zabriskie Point and the historical places such as Wildrose Charcoal Kilns, ruins of ghost towns, and Scotty’s Castle are some places of interests that tourists should try to visit.

5.San Diego

Best Places To Visit In California-5

San Diego is one of the most popular places to go in California because of its exceptional beaches, amazing family attractions, and perfect climate. San Diego is located in the north of the Mexican border and is a large coastal city with a small town atmosphere. America’s premier zoo is located in Balboa Park with flowering gardens, and Spanish architecture is one of the most famous attraction in San Diego. San Diego is also a home to Birch Aquarium and Sea World San Diego. The splendid coastline of San Diego is a mile of fantastic beaches that attracts residents and tourists alike.

6.Napa Valley

Best Places To Visit In California-6

Napa Valley is the leading place to visit in the United States if you are a  wine lover. The wines in the place are considered as one of the best and the finest in the world. The place also has a large number of accommodations such as pleasant bed and breakfasts, well-known hotels, and lovely boutique hotels to accommodate the travelers and wine lovers. If you are are looking for a place where you can stay and save a little money for lodging, you can try their camping grounds. Napa Valley also has world-class spas where tourists can air balloon rides.

7.Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Best Places To Visit In California-7

These two national parks are located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains which are bothe famous for their immensely gigantic sequoia trees. Sequoia trees can grow more than 300 meters tall and 100 feet wide. This national park which was established 1890 is also a home to Mount Whitney hat is considered to be the highest point in the neighboring United States. King Canyons possess the deepest canyon in America. These national parks are also the home of wildlife species such as gray foxes, mule deer, bobcats, and bears. Visitors can also spot mountain lion or bighorn sheep if they are lucky enough. These parks are well known for hikers and backpackers that have 14 campgrounds available for visitors.

8.Santa Barbara


This beautiful coastal city is located in Southern California. Santa Barbara is commonly referred as “ The American Riviera” and is very popular for its mild temperature and the California Mission-style architecture. There is a local ordinance that all commercial construction should follow the Mission theme resulting in a plethora of red-tiled roof and adobe supermarkets. San Barbara also has beaches that are a very popular getaway for Los Angeles residents. Stearns Wharf and the Mission Santa Barbara is a Spanish outpost founded in 1786 by the Franciscan were one of the most popular attractions of Santa Barbara.

9.Catalina Island


Catalina Island is a captivating island that is located approximately 22 miles from Los Angeles across the Pacific Ocean. Santa Catalina is a favorite day-trip and honeymoon spot. Thousands of American bisons can be found on the island. Travelers can reach the island through private boats, helicopters, small planes, or ferries. The island’s transportation is limited to bicycles, golf carts, and taxis.

10.Palm Springs


Palm Springs is located in the California Desert and is a popular winter playground for the rich and famous. On Palm Springs, the sun shines approximately 350 days of the year and during the winter months, Palm Springs enjoys the pleasant daytime highs. Visitors can take advantage of the sunshine for some ways. The city has many golf courses and driving ranges. It also has few exciting annual events such as Coachella, and Stagecoach music festival. Palm Springs also has fine dining restaurants and a large number of bars, casinos, and clubs.

Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or even a collection of small things, these ten places to visit in California is dedicated specifically to the unique California stuff. It is indeed a super fun place to visit. The best Californian vacation depends on you and your personal interests. This list will help you plan a perfect vacation with all the interesting things to do, beautiful sights, attractions, and places.

How To Save Money During A Visit To California’s Best Places?

Regardless of where you live, there is always a diverse choice of breathtaking vacations spots just a drive away. There are places to go in California when it comes to tourism. From desert landscapes to wintry ski resorts, you can have it all, but it also means that California can get expensive quick. A California traveler can spoil a budget in a short period. This money saving tips can keep your California vacation budget in check.

  1. Buy a National Parks Pass – California boasts some of the most beautiful national parks in the country, and each park has an admission fee. If you have a National Park Pass, you can travel to any of these parks as much as you like per year while saving money in the process. Once you have the pass, you have endless possibilities. Hiking, exploring, picnics, and boating are within reach.
  2. Check out areas around the state’s big cities – staying in some of the major cities in California is expensive. Check out the nearby cities where you can easily find accommodations while using the city’s public transit.
  3. Discover beaches that have fewer tourists – don’t forget to look for a beach that doesn’t see as much tourist activity. There are beaches that offer beautiful sand and perfect scenery at an affordable price.
  4. During the shoulder season, head to the desert – during March and April, the desert starts to heat up but is still beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. After the month of February, the sunbirds will start to skip the town resulting in a price marked down.
  5. During the offseason, go to the ski town – If you are a big fan of snow and skiing, finding a ski town in the off season is the best way to spend the holiday and get some great deals at the same time. During the off-season, you can also spend half a price on a beautiful lodging. There are so many fun things to do when the snow is not falling. Hiking, swimming, and boating are perfect in summer and spring months.
  6. Visit San Diego – San Diego is the home to the country’s most beautiful beaches, theme parks, nightlife, and shopping. Enjoy all day and all night long with all the attractions and activities San Diego has to offer.
  7. For inexpensive meals, visit the California’s top-notch Farmers’ Markets – California is known for its bountiful harvests of fruits and vegetables. Farmers’ markets offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the Farmers’ Markets offer affordable food stands with mouthwatering local treats.
  8. Find a vacation rental – save a lot of money on your California vacation by renting a vacation home instead of staying at a hotel. Staying in a vacation rental is great for everyone especially for families and couples. By not eating out, you can save a lot. Many vacation rentals are below compared to hotel’s charge and offer you anything you need for your vacation.
  9. Enjoy a free California Festival – throughout the year; there are various festivals around California. Most of that festivals are free or have a very low admission rate. Each month of the year, festivals are offering a unique view of the city and their daily life. There are lots of free activities and tons of enjoyable deals that you will experience while you are in California.
  10. Theme parks – the best and the most expensive theme parks in the country can be found in California. Sea World, Knots Berry Farms, Legoland, and the very famous Disneyland are some of the best theme parks in the land. Save a big amount of money by staying outside the parks. There are plenty of accommodations where you can save a few dollars compared to staying in the park.

The beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and sophisticated culture of California make it as one of natural destination spots for tourists and travelers around the world. The tourist attractions are endless, and travelers can spend a full two weeks in California and not even scratch the surface of the things that they can see and do. No matter where you go in California, you have to be ready. This few vacation tips can help you save a lot of time and money if you follow them before entering the Golden State.

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