Water color tattoos are the current trend in tattoos. Gone are the days of black ink and red ink tattoos. These tattoos look colorful and trendy and will stand out among other tattoos. Of course, you have to make sure a very good artist does it for you.


1. Anchor

water color tattoos for men

Traditionally, the sailors of the US Navy will get anchors tattooed on themselves after crossing the Atlantic. It represents hope and completion.

2. Watch

water color tattoos for men It symbolises time. Time as a dimension is of immense importance and this highlights that.

3. Compass

water color tattoos for men

A compass tattoo is a symbol of direction and protection. It is important that you know where you are headed in life and to feel secure that you are going down the right path.

4. Scorpion

water color tattoos for men

A scorpion tattoo represents a fight for life. It shows that you have survived a battle and will not give up easily.

5. Tiger

water color tattoos for men

A ferocious tiger tattoo is a symbol of courage and bravery. It shows that you will face life and all of its dangers and obstacles with a brave face. Every time you look at it, you will be motivated to face your challenges head on.

6. Treble Clef

water color tattoos for men

A classic symbol of music, a treble clef tattoo is for the music lover in you.

7. Wolf

water color tattoos for men

Wolves always travel in packs. They are extremely protective of their family. Thus, a tattoo of a wolf symbolises love for family and protection.

8. Yin & Yang

water color tattoos for men

This yin and yang tattoo represents the two sides of everything. Good and Evil. It tells us that there should be a balance in the world.

9. Infinity

water color tattoos for men The infinity symbol tattoo is a very positive one. It says that everything is limitless and abundant. It also says that there are endless possibilities and that one should never lose hope.

10. Abstract

water color tattoos for men

This is a very colorful and abstract tattoo design that will appease the artist in you.


Have better tattoo ideas? Tell us in the comments section.


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