Original Gifts List From The Song – Modified To Suit Our Today’s Lifestyle


Technically speaking, 12 days of Christmas gifts offering tradition should begin on the day of Christmas and should go on  until January 6. But most of the people today celebrate this tradition starting from December 14 such that it ends on the day of Christmas. Based on your conveniences and time schedule you can decide when to start executing the 12 days of Christmas gifts ideas. May it be December 14th or December 25th, it will do just fine.

Holiday season spending around Christmas with your husband or boyfriend is one of the most romantic times of the year. Instead of delivering the gifts only on the day of festival, you can start the tradition of celebrating 12 days of Christmas with 12 different gifts. These gifts can be given to your husband, boyfriend, kids, parents or anyone you like. Surely,these little surprises will enrich the festival and strengthen your relationship. You might be corrupted or broken financially. But it can’t be the reason for not offering the happiness your true love deserves. How much you can spend on your gifts is really doesn’t a matter. Does it?

Anyway, choosing the 12 impressive gifts is bit complicated and frustrating too especially for men. If you ever followed this tradition before, you must have known the pain and the gain too. No matter how hard it is, at the end of the day when he opens your gifts, when his eyes beam with happiness, you will realize that it is worth a pain.

Here i have compiled 2 different versions of gifts in the same list. The idea here is serving both kinds of people (people who want pocket friendly gifts and people who want classy gifts at any cost). When the gifts given in the buy now option seems pricey, you can move on with the ones given in alternatives.


No matter whether you want to keep your gifts pocket friendly or expensive, as we are celebrating it as a part of Christmas festive season, it makes sense to go with the popular song “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me”.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband | Boyfriend

As some of the gifts specified in the song seems impractical today, I have modified most of the gifts to suits our today’s lifestyle.

For example, on the day 7 according to the song version, it’s seven swans swimming. Do presenting swans make any sense? Can it serve any useful purpose? For such gifts you can always interchange the items with the related one. In this scenario you can simply offer 7 duckie lollipops or 7 soap set.

No matter how inexpensive the gift is, men love the useful things. By keeping this factor in mind I have come up with the 12 days of Christmas gifts list as below. If you are a home maker, you must have hell lot of works piled up on your shoulders for this holiday season. So instead of wasting your time in running around to collect these gifts here and there, hit the link, place the order, stay back and relax. Hope you can utilize this time to carry out the rest of the things.

Day 1 : A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Christmas Art Pears Cap – Perfect for every lifestyle

Cap is one of the must have item in every men’s closet. As it perfectly suits to any lifestyle, presenting a cap printed with an image of pear will make more sense and will serve your purpose too.

Christmas art cap given here is made of 100% pure preshrink cotton material and the image is affixed with the high commercial quality.

Other Choices

You can buy a basket of fresh pears or pear flavoured juice boxes or just a single pear or you can purchase A Partridge family Christmas card.

If you want to save few bucks on Partridge family greeting card, grab the slightly used deal at Amazon at just $0.01

Day 2: Two Turtle Doves

Waterford “Turtle Imprinted” Crystal Champagne Flute

It’s tough to celebrate any special romantic moments without those beautiful Champagne glasses. So why don’t you present him a crystal Champagne flute with an imprinted turtle doves this season?

Other Choices :

Everyone loves chocolates plus it won’t break your pocket too. So if you want to make it simple yet delicious just get him

2 Dove chocolate bars or

turtle love chocolates.

Turtle Dove Chocolate

Turtle Dove chocolates offered by chocally is sure to impress anyone who want to experiment with various chocolate flavours. If you have enough time in hand you can place a pre-order on any of his random favourite flavour in which he didn’t taste a chocolate yet. This newly emerging brand will process your chocolate treat request and deliver it to you promptly.

The Turtle Dove chocolate which is going to be your 2nd day gift in the list of 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend comes in the flavours of rich milk chocolate and peanut.

Day 3 : Three French hens

Dinner At Your Nearest French Restaurant

12 days of christmas gifts
Three French Hens

Sure none of us have enough time to take a trip to France and pick up those three French chickens. But why not giving him a mouth watering treat in one of your nearest French restaurants? Get a gift certificate for the 3rd day of your tradition and surprise him with a delicious dinner. You can also get a gift certificate to KFC too.

Other Choices:

If you are running on a tight budget, try preparing a French chicken recipe in your home itself. Remember the old saying; “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

You can also prepare the simple recipes like chicken salad, chicken noodle, softies etc…

Day 4: Four calling birds

Calling Bird Strap Hanging Chain 

Inspired by the fashion Jewellery, strap hanging key chain is one of the highly attractive accessories which can be attached to his iPhone, iPad or any other gadgets. It can also be used as a simple keychain too.

The strap chain, designed with the Four Calling Birds theme will serve as a perfect gift to pass on to your loved one.

Other Choices

If your boyfriend does not like the idea of hanging a strap chain in his cell phone, you can get him any other cell phone accessories like car mount cradle holder, blue tooth head set etc…

Car Mount Cradle Holder

This budget friendly cell phone holder is a perfect accessory for iPhone versions 4 and the above, HTC desire series, Google Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Z1, Black berry Q10, Q5,Z10, Z30, LG optimus G, Moto X Droid and all major models. For more info, check the product description in the Amazon link.  

Day 5: Five golden rings

Golden Donuts Rings

12 days of christmas gift ideas for boyfriend
Five Golden Rings

Purchasing 5 golden rings is like a budget buster unless otherwise you have hell lot of money sleeping in your bank account. Fortunately, we have some other alternatives to suit every spending level. So fear not, you can find something affordable at your budget.

If you can’t afford the golden rings, how about getting him a box of golden yummy Donut rings? It will sure to add happiness to your husband and family. Decorate the box with the golden bow anyway. 

Other Choices

“5 golden ring” Christmas themed Pillow

Out of our all 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for him list, “5 golden ring pillow” is the most color full one and romantic one too. Get the professionally printed 5 rings pillow cover and present him on the 5th day. As in the image, colours of the pillow cover are inspired by the actual Christmas ornaments.  Get this pillow cover along with a soft pillow.

Day 6: Six Geese A-laying

I guess you don’t really want to have  a live geese because they will chase and bite. It’s true they are scary! But you can find some nice, would not bite, would not chase goose gifts in our stores.

One of them is

Goose Neck USB light

Not to mention, uses of USB lights are so many. It is sure to impress your husband or boyfriend tremendously. He can carry it with him anywhere he goes. 

Other Choices

Portable & Trendy Egg Slicer

  1. Your loved one may not be a fan of geese but what about eggs? Present him a compact egg poacher or egg slicer. If your husband often stays out of home due to his job nature, these all egg preparation tools will help him make good eggs.
  2. Find some plastic golden eggs and fill it with the tiny cute little things. It can be anything from his favourite candy to a gift certificate from his regular clothing store. Just make sure that fits well within the golden eggs. So that it will look like a real egg from outside.

Day 7: Seven swan’s a-swimming

I have searched thoroughly but couldn’t find the seven swans. It seems like the winter season has made them to fly south. So instead of that, I came up with few alternatives.

Seven Swans A Swimming Soap Gift Set

The set of seven swan soaps are completely natural and chemical free. So you don’t need to worry about presenting a soap that is not something he got used to. The colourful swan soap set comes in the colours of rainbow. As you guess, every colour is scented with an aroma to remind the colour that comes in.

12 days of Christmas gift ideas
Seven Swans A-Swimming

Buy Now

Day 8 : Eight maids a-milking

Suggesting you to buy the “Eight maids a milking” is definitely illegal. To save you from the trouble, I have come up with the ideas that involve with some milk related products.

You can either buy the 8 pieces of milk chocolates that comes in a rich package like the one offered by Zoroy’s / Fresh Choco-store or 8 totally different milk chocolates

Zoroy Love Post Box Of 8 Chocolates

Every chocolate in this box has the magical word “I Love You” printed on a bright red wrapper. Hope it will add extra bonding to this occasion.

12 days of christmas gift ideas
Eight Maids A-Milking

Buy now

Fresh-choco Store 8 Piece Milk Chocolates

Day 9 : Nine Ladies Dancing

Tickets To A Dance Show

12 days of christmas gift ideas for boyfriend
Nine Ladies Dancing

Book a pair of tickets for him or for your entire family for one of his favourite dance show. If your husband or boyfriend is a fun lover and love to dance, this 9th day gift is sure to entertain him to the core. In fact, you may again repeat this event in your next year’s list of “12 days of Christmas gift ideas for him” too. 

Other Choices

  • Lady finger cookies
  • Pairs of Branded socks 

Day 10: Ten Lord’s A-leaping

Treat Him To A New Movie And Offer Popcorn

12 days of christmas gift ideas for boyfriend
Ten Lord’s A-Leaping

Obviously we don’t have many lords to full fill this 10th day gift. So let’s settle in something that has the nature of leaping. How about presenting  pop corns? They can leap and pop and of course make a perfect snack too.

You can either make it in home or buy it from the shops.

As pop corns and movies have a strong correlation, take him to one of his favourite movie and buy him popcorn, some drinks and candy. No matter how violent or scary it is, just act like you are really enjoying it.   

Day 11 : Eleven Pipers Piping

You can gift anything related to music. 

Beats Pills Portable Speaker – To Impress Any Man

Music comes out from the beats automatically gets its magical touch. You can’t stop wanting to hear more and more. Beats Pill, the new wireless speaker can be synchronized with your car, phone, laptop, iPod or with anything that supports Bluetooth.

No matter whether your guy is a music lover or not, presenting this gadget will flatter him for sure. Beats pill comes in 6 different colors. If you are lucky, you may be able to grab it in his favorite color itself.

Other Choices

Tickets to his favourite music show or iPod or head phones or creative portable speakers, anything can be presented. 

Day 12 : Twelve Drummers Drumming

Desk top drum set

Your husband or boy friend may or may not be a fan of drum sets. If he loves, he will adore and preserve it in his favourite collection. If not, he will keep it as a beautiful décor item in his work place. In either case, it makes a perfect gift to this tradition.

Desk top drum set comes in 2 variations (Red and silver).


Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

This Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey will definitely satisfy the boyish’ness inside your man. If you know that your guy has a sense of humor or if he’s into monkeys (like Ross!), then he will love this gift. The monkey sets off in a slingshot style and let’s out a wild scream!

Hope you have enjoyed my list of 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for husband or boyfriend. Do you follow this tradition every  year? What are the presents you presented so far and which one he liked the most?  If you do have any worth considering suggestions, you are most invited. Drop your comments in the comments section which will help us improve the list even better.



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