You are right. Android do not have voice application such as “Siri”. Still it can serve you like a servant when you instruct them using android voice commands. All you need to do is, Just speak out and get the jobs things like search, map directions, setting alarm etc with your voice.

Google’s voice recognition is an excellent one but just as all other recognition programs, we can’t claim it 100% perfect. So to get the best possible results, make sure you enunciate clearly when using the android voice commands.

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Performing Voice Actions

So how to start instructing your android phone to carry out the tasks you wish? Tab the micro phone icon (you can see this in your Google search widget) that‘s all. Your phone will start to listen to your voice. Say something out loud clearly and check how your phone obeys to your commands.

Google Search

It is one of the most basic and obvious Android voice commands. Whenever you perform some other commands and your phone does not recognize it in the way you expect, it will perform a simple Google search. It’s the default one. However, Google voice search is more effective when you want to search something quickly without typing on your keyboard. For example, when you perform a Google Voice search like “pictures of Romantic Paris” Google will come up with a set of pictures and show them on the screen.

This Google voice command is particularly useful when you ask something that exists in the Google Knowledge Graph. Questions like “how many senators per state”,” what is the population of United States” will be directly answered to you through voice. As Google is getting smarter on every single day, you can expect more powerful search features in the near future.

Open an [App name]

It is yet another simple android voice command that make you work smarter. Just try open [name of the app] i.e., open Instagram. This command will open the app you specify. In our case, it will open Instagram for you.

Set an Alarm

No longer you need to browse through the dozens of installed apps to just set an alarm. Just use this command “set alarm for [time]”. Ex: set alarm for 6 hours from now. Your phone will calculate the time 6 hours for now on. You can also label it using the command like “Set alarm for 6 A.M label collect hall ticket”.

 Make A Note

Android voice commands allow you to take a note to yourself. To initiate this function, say “note to self” and proceed to talk. This voice command will result in the creation of audio and transcribed text. Both will be mailed to your Gmail. However, the transcription text will not seem that perfect.  You can leave that and save the audio file to hear it back on some other time.

Create a Calendar Event

Do you want to create a calendar event? There exists an android voice commands to accomplish that for you. For example, you can speak like “ create a calendar event : Tinu’s birthday party in New Jersey, Monday 7 P.M.

Send an Email

For your surprise, you can write a complete email and send it to your recipient using the android voice commands. For example, You can say send email to Tinu, subject – Thanks Message ” Received your gift. I love it.”. It will create and email and send to Tinu.

Send a Text Message

Android voice commands that we use to send text messages work in the same way as Email Voice commands. Just say Send SMS instead of Send Email. You can say like Send SMS to Tinu, Message ” Received your gift, I love it.”.

Make a Phone Call

Send Email, Send SMS & Make Phone Call are the android voice commands that are extremely useful and when you want to use those on the drive. To make a phone call use the commandCall phone number or contact’s name.

Scan a Barcode

How do you scan bar codes using your phone? Are you using any app? If so, try this android voice command when you need to scan next time. In fact, to scan any QR code or barcode you don’t need a separate app. Just say, ” Scan a barcode” and place your camera on the top of bar code. Google itself will return you a barcode scanner using which you can accomplish the task of your choice.

Identify a Song

If you want to identify any song that is being played in your phone, you don’t need to open music apps like Shazam. Just ask Google “What’s this song”. Our search engine giant will return you a song identification widget. By using your device’s microphone Google will identify and get you the answers.

Listen to a Song

Your music library may be dumped with hundreds of songs organized in different folders. If you want to play any song, instead of browsing through your collection, just say “Listen to” followed by a song name, album or artist. When you use android voice commands like Listen to, your device will ask to select an app like YouTube or Real Player.

Go to a Website

To open any particular website, you don’t need to open the browser and type the website url by yourself.  Use the android voice Command, Go to [website name]. For example, voice command Go to will land you in our website.

View a Map

To view a map of any particular country, city or street, you can use the android voice commands. Command  to view the map is “map of [location]”.For example, you could say like “Map of Mutter Museum” .

Get Directions

Like Google Maps, this android voice command will seem very helpful when you are on drive. To get directions, simply say “Directions to [location]”.  This app will open up a map and show you a direction to the specified location”.

Start Navigation

“Navigate to” android voice command works in the same way as “Directions to” android voice command. But additionally, this command will give you a turn by turn direction. Just say “Navigate to [Location]”. This command will open up a navigation app so you can start to navigating.

Post to Google+

Using the android voice commands, you can give a time to time Google+ update. To post anything to your Google+ just say “Post to Google+” followed by your text. For example “Post to Google+Trying Google voice Commands. It’s awesome” .



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