Believe it or not, out of all religions that emerged on earth, Hinduism is the most meaningful one. In fact we can claim it as “The Religion of sciences”. Read through the post and get to know the scientific reasons hidden inside the popular traditions. So you will agree too.

Often the traditions of this religion are being criticized as promoting the superstitions. The truth is, every practice that is followed in the name of tradition has its own logical reason behind. But when passed from generations to generations, their meanings were ignored. As a result, most of them were left behind as superstitions.

As these all traditions are deserved to get carried away through the endless future, here I have compiled a list of top 18 most popular traditions with their scientific reasons. I bet, you will be surprised by the way how these traditions and rituals were framed by the Indian ancestors.

Though every tradition of Hinduism has its own scientific reason, few of them are outdated and not necessarily need to be followed in our today’s lifestyle. But most of them are still valid and will be the same forever. Everything given here fall under the second criteria.

If you feel the same, share it with the people whom you care and promote their well being. 

 1.Why Namaste, Why Not A Hand Shake?

Indian has a great tradition of greeting each other by joining the fingers and palms together. You could have known this popular gesture with the name of “Namaste”. Obviously this tradition is used to show the respect. But what is the science behind?

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Scientific Reason: When joining all the finger tips and palms against each other, pressure points connected with our eyes, nose, ears and mind get activated. This process helps our little brain to store the one we meet, in its long term memory.

2.Why Every Indian Women Wear A Toe Ring?

Mostly women in India wear a toe ring on their second toe. Though this tradition is followed to show their marital status, the truth is…

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Scientific Reason: A particular nerve on the 2nd toe connects a woman’s uterus and passes through the heart. So wearing a ring on this toe strengthens the uterus and promotes a regular menstrual cycle. As silver has the capacity to absorb polar energies, to get the most of it, normally toe rings are worn in silver no matter how rich a woman is. 

3.Why Do (Only) Married Women Wear Sindoor?

In India, every woman who is married has the rule of applying Sindoor in their pituitary gland (located on forehead).

Hindu traditions

Scientific reason: As the ingredients metal mercury, turmeric lime are used in the preparation of sandoor, it acts as the great blood pressure controlling agent. It activates the sexual drive as well. Its the reason for why sindoor is prohibited for Indian widows. For optimal usage, it should be applied as to cover the master gland (pituitary gland) which controls several of the other glands related to our feelings. 

4.Significance Of Applying Tilak

For all Hindus regardless of their gender, applying Tilak on forehead is being considered as one of the most important traditions.

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Scientific Reason: The major nerve point of our whole human body is located at the center of 2 eye brows. So the act of applying a tilak or kumkum on that area prevents the loss of energy. Besides to increasing the concentration levels, it ensures the regulated blood supply to the entire face muscles.

5.Health Benefits Of “Surya Namaskar”

Hindus have a habit of praying the Sun god early in the morning in the name of Surya Namaskar. This procedure demands the devotee to offer water to the sun god. What is the logic behind? Read on.

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Scientific Reason: Seeing the rainbow effect created by the early morning sun rays offer the great benefits to the human eyes. Also exposure to the sun rays at that time helps our skin observe the abundance of Vitamins. Following this tradition has been proved to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and lung diseases. 

6.Why Do Hindus Worship Idol?

When compare to all other religions, Hinduism provides an at most importance to the idol worshiping. In fact, every God and Goddess quoted in the sculptures are given a shape and you can see all of them in temples.

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Scientific Reason: Rather than imagining the void, having something in focus greatly improves the concentration. It helps the mind to stay away from diversions which are supposed to occur during the prayer and meditation.This is why idol worshiping is widely promoted by the ancient Indians.

6. Why Temples Have Bells?

In Hinduism it’s been told to ring a temple bell before entering into the area (inner sanctum) where the main idol is placed. Though it is believed to keep the evil forces away from you, science behind this act has an amazing explanation.

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Scientific Reason: The sound created by ringing the bell facilitates the synchronization between the left and right parts of our brain. The bells used in the temples are designed to work in such a way. It clears the mind, improves the concentration and creates a better ambiance for prayer. When ringing the bell, it produces the sound up to 7 seconds in echo mode. This time is long enough to every healing gland located in our body.

7.Why Sleeping In The North South Direction Is Believed To Invite Death?

In Hinduism, sleeping in the north south direction is highly discouraged with the saying “only the dead bodies should be laid in such direction”. It has been told to invite death or a ghost.

sleeping in north south direction

Scientific Reason: Our mother earth is a giant magnet and our body has its own magnetic field too. When you sleep in north south direction, based on the magnetic theory, our body becomes completely asymmetrical with the earth’s giant magnetic field. It raises the blood pressure and puts the heart in a hard to pump state. In addition, it leads to the deposition of iron content in the brain area. This can result in the serious illnesses like brain degeneration, headache, Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson disease.

8. Why Should You Visit The Hindu Temples Even If You Are An Atheist?

Though prayers can be offered at any place from where we are, visiting the temple at least once a week is followed as a compulsorily tradition in all Hindu Families.

Hindu Temples

Scientific Reason: Generally every Hindu temples are strategically positioned at the place where the positive energy is available in abundance. Moreover, the core of the temple holding the main idol known as “*Garbhagriha*” is built at the place where earth’s magnetic waves are at their maximum. To strengthen these electromagnetic waves, the copper plates are buried under the main idol. This is where it gets interesting. These copper plates absorb more of the magnetic waves and reflect it to the surroundings. Scientifically this positive energy is what every lives on earth require to have a healthy life.

The holy water used to wash the idol during the pooja is not just a plain water. It is a concoction of Benzoin, Tulsi, Karpura, saffron, Glove and many more. So the act of washing the idol with this concoction charges the water with more magnetic power. What more is, this holy water (theertham) has been proved as an effective blood purifier. Since it cures many everyday ailments, it has been strongly suggested to visit the temples during the times of sickness.

Long story short , a simple visit to the temple on any particular day will help you regain the energy that is lost all through day.

9.Touching The Elder’s Feet

According to Hinduism, touching the elder’s feet will help us receive their blessing. It will help us receive good health, wealth and all the mortal and immortal benefits.


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Scientific Reason: Touching the elders’ feet is a very good exercise that everyone should practice. Doing it 10 times a day will save ourselves  from every backbone related problems.

10. Why Do The Indian Meals Start With Spice & End With Sweet?

Starting a meal with something that is spicy and ending it with the sweet is a regular tradition among all the Indians (especially the meals offered in Hindu families and their functions). Why it has been practiced this way? There is genius reason behind.

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Scientific Reason: Taking food this way ensures a smooth digestive process because spices activate the glands which are responsible for producing the primary digestant Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). Sweets at the end of meal pull down this process.

11. Why Tulsi Plant Is Bestowed In Hinduism?

In Hindu religion, Tulsi plant is worshiped in the status of mother. So you can see it growing in most of the Hindu families as a holy plant.

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Scientific Reason: Tulsi leaves are proven to reduce stress, inflammation and cholesterol levels. Besides to providing the rich supply of antioxidants, it helps in enhancing the stamina and treating many other ailments like cold, cough etc.

12. Why Peepal Tree Is Worshiped?

Peepal tree neither provides a delicious fruit nor a strong wood. So if you ask a question why the Hinduism worships this tree, here is an answer.

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Scientific Reason: Peepal is the only tree on earth which produces oxygen even during the night times. Indian ancestors have known this fact before the ages . So in order to protect this unique tree, they bestowed it to the level of God.

 13. Why Do Indian Women Wear Bangles?

If you an Indian woman, it would be incomplete without those bangles, bindhi and ear rings. Besides to adding the beauty, every one of these traditions offer an amazing health benefits too.

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Scientific Reason: Constant frictions given by those bangles on the wrist part promotes a better blood circulation. As the bangles are designed in ring shape, the electromagnetic energy which is supposed to pass through the outer skin gets reflected by its surface. So the loop is formed and this energy is redirected to inside of the body again.

14. Why Do Indian Women Pierce Ear?

Ear piercing the child in his/her early age is followed as one of the compulsory traditions in Hinduism. Apart from adding the elegance and style in the form of ornaments, this fashionable tradition carries its own scientific justification.

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Scientific reason: According to the physicians, ear piercing increases the thinking power, improves the intellect and betterment the decision making capabilities. It also helps to overcome the speech restraints. Besides to reducing the impertinent behavior, it also keeps the ear channels free from several disorders.

15.Logical Reason behind the Toron Decoration

All Indian festivals and occasions calls for a beautiful toran decoration. Doors of the houses are decorated with the string of fresh green mango leaves but sadly, most of the households don’t even bother about why they are doing so.

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Scientific Reason: Apart from adding the decoration to the door’s entrances, Toran filters and passes the purified air to its surroundings. Thus it creates a clean and hygienic environment. Though just any green leaves can be used to serve this purpose, to add more elegance to the decoration, mango leaves are preferred.

16.Chanting the ‘Om’ Mantra

You may have heard the people chanting the “OM” mantra in their prayers. The same spell is pronounced during the pranayamam (breathing exercise) as well.

om mantra

Scientific Reason: Pronouncing OM has been proven to reduce the blood pressure and in turn the heart rates too. By offering a deep relaxation, it greatly improves the sense of alertness and so the concentration.

17. Why Gayathri Mantra Is Chanted In Prayers?

Gayathri mantra is treated as one of the most important holy mantras among the Hindus. It’s been recited and chanted by every men and women as a part of their early morning prayer.


Bhur Bhuva Svaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prochodayat

Check out the video below and learn the pronunciation

Scientific Reason: When chanting the Gayathri mantra, it produces nearly 110,000 different kinds of waves/sec. Good time to chant this mantra is 90 minutes before the sunrise.Researchers around the world has agreed on this mantra’s various scientific potentialities. As an evident, Radio station at Paramaribo (part of South America) broadcasts this mantra from 7 PM onwards on a daily basis.

18. Why Applying Mehandi (Henna) Has Become A Tradition In Indian Weddings?

Due to the anticipations and emotional breakthroughs, the bride faces way too much of stress during her wedding. Apart from being decorative, applying Mehandi on hands and feet carries its own scientific reason.

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Scientific Reason: There’s a strong correlation between the stress and nerve system. Signaling through nerves, even a little stress can cause headache and other inconveniences. When henna is applied to the nerve ending points at both feet and hands, it calms the nerve system. Thus avoids the inconveniences in a beautiful way.

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