Next to water, coconut water is the only thing that is available as the purest liquid on the earth. Although studies on the coconut water is limited, until today it has not been reported to pose any side effects. It remains as a safe healthy drink from the days of unknown.

Health benefits of coconut water is countless. It is well known for its amazing medicinal properties and consumed by almost all health conscious people all over the world. On top of all, you can get the coconut water easily at an affordable cost. This treasure of nature helps to improve our inner health and outer look as well.

Coconut water has been used to cure various health issues right from the olden days. Coconut water is rich in antioxidants and potassium content. When compare to all other sports drinks,  coconut water have less sugar. So it serves as a good sports drinks alternative too.

As the consumption of coconut water supplies the electrolytes to your body, you can save yourself from acidity and dehydration.

Health benefits of coconut water                            

If the above benefits doesn’t satisfy you to buy and drink this coconut water, read on. Here I  have presented few more reasons for you.

No 1 : Source of Vitamins

Coconut offers all the necessary vitamins, we need to sustain our life.

It’s rich in Potassium, Glucose, Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

Potassium assist in lowering the arterial blood pressure.

Vitamin C protects us from various health ailments.

Vitamin B helps in the worn out tissues replacement.

Glucose serves as an energy provider.

As the scientific researches on this healthy drink is limited, at present there are no much clear evidence on the health benefits of coconut water.

No 2 : Heart Saver

Coconut water can lower the risk of developing the heart attack, lowers arterial and systolic pressure.

No 3 : Hydrating health drink

Coconut water is well known to replace the fluids and minerals we lose during the physical activity. So if you are doing a regular exercise, coconut water benefits will mean a lot to you.

No 4 : Anti Ageing

2 elements that plays a vital role in the cell growth and its regulation are lauric acid and cytokines both of which can be  found in the coconut water. So it carries significant  anti-thrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti aging properties.

No 5 : Kidney Stones

Potassium found in coconut water has proven to dissolve the kidney stones. So the regular intake of coconut water can help you in preventing the kidney stones. It’s one of the easy way to save our kidneys.

No 6 : Increases Metabolic Rate

As the coconut water stimulates the Insulin formation, it increases the metabolic rate. Result, you will burn a sugar lot faster.

 No 7 : Digestion

Coconut water have enzymes like catalase, folic acid, peroxidase, phosphatase, dehydrogenase, RNA polymerases, diastase and so on. These all enzymes plays an important role in easy digestion.

No 8 : Strengthen Bones, Muscles and Tissues



Health benefits of coconut water includes our bone strength too. As the coconut water is rich in calcium and potassium, regular intake of coconut water results in stronger bones, muscles and tissues.

 No 9 : Fuel for brain functions

Electrolyte content found in coconut water have the capability to improve the brain functions by boosting the speed of nerve transmission.

Coconut water can you from the spasms and cramps in the muscles.

No 10 : Manage Stress

As the coconut oil is rich in vitamin B derivatives such as pantothenic acid, riboflavin and thiamine, it helps in reducing the stress, depression and anxiety.

No 11 : Helps in achieving a healthy weight loss

From the unknown time, coconut water have been proved as one of the healthiest way to  lose weight.  This natural drink does not contain the harmful chemicals or whatsoever. Above all, to get the coconut water, you don’t need to empty your wallet. It’s a cheapest way to achieve a safe weight loss

No 12 : Improves the blood circulation

By widening the blood vessels , it aids in smooth blood throughout the body. It controls the diabetes and fight against the atherosclerosis.

No 13 : Poison Effect Neutralization

Coconuts are available in the colors green and pale yellow. Especially the green coconut water acts effectively on the diseases like heartburn, constipation, dysentery. dengue fever and neutralizing toxins.

Benefits of coconut water for skin

No 14 : Best Moisturizer

When apply the coconut water all over the body, it will act as a best moisturizer . You can use it at the times of summer and winter. It suits well to the people with an oily skin.

No 16 : Improves your skin from within

When you apply the coconut water on skin, it helps a lot in hydrating and its regular consumption helps your skin from within.

It helps  our skin to breath an adequate level of oxygen. Thus it removes all impurities from the skin.

No 17 : Saves us from sun tan

Take a fullers earth which  is also known as multani mitti and mix it with the coconut water. Use this as a natural scrub in a daily basis. This natural scrub can help us from the sun tan. Results in healthy glowing skin

No 18 : Saves us from Skin Infections

As the coconut water have so many medicinal properties, direction application of coconut water can us from many skin infections.

No 19: Blessing for oily an oily skin

Existence of coconut water is a great blessing to all who are suffering from oily skin. It controls the excess oils and provides a natural glow. Say goodbye to your oily shine. It also prevents our skin from getting acne and blemishes.

No 20 : Coconut water benefits for hair

Massaging your scalp with the coconut water helps from hair breakage, fights , hair fall and dryness. It also helps in promoting the hair growth. It’s a great natural conditioner too.


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