Everyone wants to clean their carpet clean and use different methods of cleaning. But not all methods work properly. Sometimes, you can get the expected results after a regular vacuum carpet because the carpet gets dirty easily. 

You work day in and day out and don’t have enough time to clean your carpet. You can also get the help of a professional carpet cleaning service like Canton Michigan, because they know the right cleaning methods. 

If you’re still unaware of carpet cleaning techniques, don’t worry. The following blog will discuss the awesome tips to clean your carpet. Let’s start with a better understanding.


Use Baking Soda

Cleaning your carpet with baking soda is an excellent method for removing stains and odors. To achieve a deep cleaning, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet in a thin layer. 

You need to sit the baking soda on the carpet for a few hours so that it can absorb into the carpet fabrics. Baking soda has the power to absorb the odors, and then you can apply the vacuum cleaner. 


Don’t Clean Furniture on Carpet 

Many people wash their furniture on the carpet. But this is the wrong practice; you should clean it aside from the carpet. If you don’t do this, the furniture dirt can absorb on the carpet surface, which is very hard to remove. 


Hire the Professional Carpet Cleaning Service 

Working with a professional carpet cleaning service is an awesome idea. Because they have the right knowledge and extensive experience of cleaning. Cleaning the carpet is not easy due to its weight and size. But the professional services come with proper equipment for cleaning. Besides that, they know the advanced cleaning methods and can use the best cleaning chemicals.


Use Vinegar

You sit most of the time on the carpet. Most people place the carpet under the dining table. Food can fall on the carpet. Food stains are very stubborn, and you must apply the special vinegar treatment.

Vinegar can remove the odors and eliminate the food stains from the carpet. Vinegar is an inexpensive cleaning agent used to clean your carpet. As you know, vinegar contains an acidic content and should be used with an alkaline substance to remove the stains. So, you need to mix the vinegar with plain water before using it. 


Use Simple Broom 

A broom is a great tool to clean carpets without the hassle of a vacuum cleaner. But there are a few things you should know before using one. 

First of all, real brooms are not made of synthetic bristles. The real broom is made from broom corn, which naturally cleans itself when used. The original bristles of a real broom don’t trap dirt and soil.

To sum up, you should follow the tips mentioned above whenever you need to clean your carpet. This way, you can avoid dirt and soil even with a high footprint on your carpet.



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