Although Singapore has been promoted as an excellent tourist destination with numerous attractions, there are many non-touristy things that a Singaporean or an expat can enjoy without getting bored. The good news is that Singapore has a plethora of activities and attractions that go deeper than the tourist destinations. So, if you are already here and bored by rubbing shoulders with tourists on the beaches or at the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands, here are some good activities to try.

1. ShoppingNon-touristy things to do in Singapore

Singapore has numerous places to enjoy shopping. If you are looking to cook a meal in your hotel suite, groceries are available at the local markets or in the high-end grocery stores at the shopping malls. For those who are into fashion, the Mustafa Centre offers budget clothing stores. One can also find the high-end designer stores like N’s Boutique. Singapore has numerous supermarkets and stores spread across all the major shopping malls and downtown streets.

2. KayakingNon-touristy things to do in Singapore

Singapore River provides some of the best kayaking for locals. Sometimes, competitions are organized, and participants work in groups. In this case, the weekend activities will be more fun than you can imagine. You can also kayak at Sentosa Beach, Kallang Basin and Pulau Ubin. Pay attention to the strict safety measures that guide this activity for the safety of the participants.

3. CyclingNon-touristy things to do in Singapore

Although tourists come here to cycle at specific destinations, experts who process Singapore visa applications point out that locals have numerous places they cycle also. Literally, they can take a bicycle and start cycling right from their doorsteps. It is a common activity because some people cycle to work, others for fitness and yet others for fun. Mostly, such people own bikes, but a person can also hire one.

4. Beach GamesNon-touristy things to do in Singapore

Locals and expats usually flock to various beaches in Singapore to have fun. Sentosa Beach is one of the most visited for good reason; it has numerous activities including kayaking, beach volleyball and many other activities. Some of them are not for the lighthearted like surfing, but they remain fun. Locals often cannot get enough of these beach games.

5. Visiting Farms

There are many farms in Singapore; some are owned and managed by the government while others are private. Some have either animals or crops while others have both. Together with your family, you can visit Hay Dairies goat farm, Bollywood Veggies and Farmart Centre just to mention a few. They are all interesting especially for the kids although adults have a lot to learn from them. Some charge an entrance fee that helps them improve their activities while others are free.

6. Relax in a Bar

Although it sounds touristy, relaxing in a bar in Singapore is common with the locals. With many bars across the island, you have to make a choice depending on your preference. Some of the popular bars for chilling with your partner or friends include Good Luck Beer House and Lantern. They all serve a variety of drinks like beer, wine, liquor and a long list of cocktails.



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