The ‘Grizzly Bear State’ is a traveller’s paradise as there are many famous attractions in California.  There is ample open space over here as there are over 18 national forests which are proof to the state’s exotic flora and fauna. It is also lovingly called as the ‘Golden State’ due to the golden yellow poppy fields that cover the state during the spring season.

If you ever plan to visit this state, not just as a tourist but also as an adventure explorer, then here we have listed some of the popular attractions in California which you should never miss out.

1. Sequoia National Park

Top 10 Attractions In California

The ‘Golden State’ is home to the largest living organisms in the world. World’s Giant Sequoia trees can be found in the Sequoia National Park. This park is located in the Southern Sierra Nevada and was established back in 1890. The massive tree in the world which is also locally known as the General Sherman Tree is also located in this park. This tree is huge, as the girth of this single tree is 2,410 meters and it is 83.8 meters tall. A must visits for nature lovers.

2. Lake Tahoe

Top 10 Attractions In California

As mentioned earlier that California is a state with ample space for nature and nature lovers, Lake Tahoe is yet another such location. The basin of this lake is run by the US Forest Service and California State Parks. They offer services like camping at night wherein you can rent a tent beside the lake and sleep on the ground as stars twinkle above you. The basin has over 20 camping sites and is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays with family and friends. It is the largest lake with freshwater in the state. Close to the lake is the Tahoe Forest where you can trek all day and fish in the lake in the evening.

3. Tahoe Forest

Top 10 Attractions In California

It is a different experience to trek in the forest of Tahoe. It has over 75 camping grounds which offer you a scenic wilderness, trekking adventures and beaches to camp on. It is located to the north of Sierra Nevada Mountains. A must visit place if you ever visit the lake.

4. Golden Gate Bridge

Top 10 Attractions In California

The striking orange color of the bridge is a strong contrast to the deep blue colors below the bridge. It is the reason why the bridge has been featured by many professional photographers and visitors alike. It is not just a means of traveling but also an architectural masterpiece. During the cold winters, the clouds cover the bridge making it an adventure to cross it due to its low visibility. It took complete four years to build this bridge and when it was opened for use, at that time it was the one of the longest suspension bridge in the world. For many years, it enjoyed the status of being the greatest man-made sight in the entire USA. The prime time to see the bridge is in the evening when it is lit up. Bridge is located in San Francisco, is two miles long.

5. SeaWorld

Top 10 Attractions In California

If you have kids along with you, then San Diego’s SeaWorld is a must visit. This theme park is known for its daring rides and live shows by marine animals. This park offers you a close encounter which these beautiful and otherwise dangerous animals through its enclosures, displays and shows. The creatures in the park include dolphins, polar bears, penguins, walruses, killer whales and orcas. The gutsy rides in the park include Flume Roller Coaster, Rafting through shipwrecks and a helicopter ride to experience the Wild Arctic. The star performance is the dancing shows and circus tricks by killer whales.

6. California Big Sur

Top 10 Attractions In California

The amazingly beautiful coastline along the foothills of Santa Lucia Mountains is a great choice for a long drive. The forest where the coastline passes houses three tribes, namely Ohlone, Esselen and Salinan which were the first inhabitants of this area. The California big Sur attracts over three million tourists who come here to camp along the view of the ocean.

7. Yosemite National Park

Top 10 Attractions In California

UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is undoubtedly one of California famous attractions. The park covers an area of 1,189 square miles and is blessed with lakes, streams, wilderness, waterfalls and ponds. Park receives over 3.7 million visitors every year. It also has over 13 camping grounds which are facilitated with tents, horse rides and recreational vehicles.

8. Dante’s View

Top 10 Attractions In California

Also aptly called as the Death Valley, this valley has the lowest, hottest and the driest points in North America which is the Badwater Basin. The basin is so hot that the temperature soars to a boiling 54 degree Celsius. The climate is so unbearable that visitors are warned to visit the valley early in the morning. Dante’s view offers a clear view of the beautiful Black Mountains. On a clear day, one can see the lowest point of the basin and also the highest point which is Mt Whitney from Dante’s view.

9. Redwood National and State Parks

Top 10 Attractions In California

Some of the redwoods in California are located in these parks. Some of them are estimated to be as old as 2000 years and so this place had been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park starts at the north of San Francisco and stretches up to 50 miles, and ends in the little town of Orick. There are four camping grounds in the redwood forests where you can enjoy camping.

10. Crystal Cove State Parks

Top 10 Attractions In California

A perfect destination for holidays with family and friends. This park is located in the District of Crystal Cove and is spread over 2400 acres of forest and it also has a long coastline of over 3.2 miles. For those who would want a beachfront cottage, there are many beautiful and rustic looking cottages at the beachside which are easily available for rent. There are more than 50 such cottages available near the park which can be easily availed when you visit the place offseason.

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