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So okay, there is no fun smashing noobs on Xbox if you have such a lousy and forgettable name after the game. Playing Xbox and winning does not only involve skill but rather a perfect gamer tag too. A perfect gamer tag is something that other gamers can remember when they think about you, and it should not be just any other name because using such ordinary names will just leave you on the corner no matter how great your playing skills are. It is worth noting that console gaming is popular, and it holds 25% of overall gaming revenue by platform.

Every gamer knows that a name is important as it can either make or break your gaming career. You should have that strong name which would make people fear and realize the pressure that they are battling you just by seeing your name on their screens. So what do you think are the cool names for your Xbox?

If you cannot think of any, then fret not as we will provide you with the best 100 cool Xbox names that we have rounded off. You can use these names (if they are still not taken by then), or you can derive your names base from these samples.

  1. AwesomeHobo
  2. AwedOne
  3. Agent_Llama
  4. AllGood
  5. Awe2None
  6. SolarPhantom
  7. NoBodyWho
  8. WhoWasThat
  9. NoEscape
  10. Alpha007
  11. FearMe0917
  12. MasterBeast
  13. CableNutx
  14. WindyGod
  15. ElactixNova
  16. ToxicCharger
  17. SwiftSpeed
  18. SwiftFox
  19. MindBuggle
  20. IonicHound
  21. Global meltdown
  22. LeSpank
  23. Oceanstar11
  24. Snowman
  25. SinRostro
  26. AfricaGalactic
  27. TheDestroyer
  28. MindController
  29. ImagineYOU
  30. SkyxQueen
  31. Chadkitten
  32. Stripyrex
  33. Thenastypasty
  34. Theaverage
  35. Youkill
  36. Gameonmurder
  37. Excalibur101
  38. Jaredboom
  39. Trickordie
  40. Quickandsilver
  41. Bangarmor
  42. Need4andre
  43. Jedterminator
  44. Koolstack
  45. Smartplatypus
  46. TornadoSonic
  47. VolcanicEruption
  48. ApocalypseMan
  49. SupraNova
  50. Zombiesareback
  51. GunDown
  52. Bloodofraven
  53. KnivesUinBack
  54. Swords4aSAMURAI
  55. Beastkiller
  56. Naturalbornwinner
  57. ChampOnTheGo
  58. IamRage
  59. ChaosMourn
  60. RawrGuard
  61. Angel123
  62. CrazedMaaana
  63. EraZorA
  64. ManOntheJungle
  65. FruzzerTrooper
  66. FlominateDominion
  67. MagicKen
  68. FreeaakShow
  69. TheIllusion
  70. SniperGotYou
  72. RapidCrocs
  73. Recoilboomerang0101
  74. UnderMeYourDead
  75. Dodger2point0
  76. ChromeIsHere
  77. RockYourDead
  78. UnDeadAlive
  79. PushingHeaven19
  80. CreekSalvatore
  81. IntoTheAbyss
  82. Fighter0Jack
  83. TheGreatAlex
  84. ParanoiaSyndicate
  85. TrumpOnTwos
  86. WitchingHour
  87. MondayGUNS
  88. NinjaTrick
  89. ShaolinKingFu
  90. TheORacle
  91. KitEnchanted
  92. NoNoob
  93. BeatMEdead
  94. HelloCREEP
  95. DieOrBye
  96. Orbit1567
  97. THEsun20
  98. BlueTears
  99. GameTruce76
  100. Iamchaakra

Having the best Gamertag will mean that you are not just an ordinary gamer. It sets up the pace to your opponents as if saying, “Hey, I AM ME! No one can beat me, even you!”

But how can you make your gamer tag and make sure that your name is indeed cool for Xbox? See some of our points below so that you can properly make your name without being too clashy nor too boring for others.

  • Play with your actual name or nick. If you are having a hard time thinking of the best gaming tag, you can use your name or a portion of it. In this case, you make your identity in Xbox more personal. However, you need to ensure that you do not put your full real name on it since anyone you play with on Xbox Live will be able to see your gamer tag. Keeping your full name from the limelight will help ensure your privacy and security.
  • Choose a name for your favorite game. If you have a favorite game that you love to play so much, then you can base your gamer tag on that too. In this case, you are giving your opponents the idea that you are already the master of that particular game, and they would feel strong pressure early on the fight which could affect their gaming strategy and play.
  • Stop using xxx before or after your gamer tag. Real cool usernames for Xbox do not use this mainstream technique anymore. It may be cool for you, but others consider it nonsense. Some may find it weird and not worth it. Sadly, that’s the truth (except perhaps if it’s already a name of a clan that you wished to join in).
  • Place your favorite hobby or interest. This will also make your Xbox name more personal since you are sharing a “part” of yourself to your fellow gamers by letting them know what stuffs you are into. Video games are not your only life, and this makes you a better and cooler person upon knowing that you have a life outside video games. Who knows? You might find friends from your opponents who happen to have the same hobbies and interests as you.
  • Always choose a name that intimidates. Yes! The primary goal of a name is to intimidate your opponents – that kind of intimidation wherein they shudder and feel your power over them even before the game began just by checking on your name.
  • Shroud your identity in darkness or mystery. Okay, I don’t mean that you should choose a name so evil here. But rather, what I am implying for you when you choose cool names for your Xbox is to cover yourself at least in mystery. This may contradict the personal naming strategy which I said earlier, but this will add to the aura that you are someone untouchable and great.
  • Play with the language. If you are an American, you can choose Italian names or words and add it to your gamer tag to have one of the cool usernames for Xbox. This will show that you do not confine yourself on your culture alone, but rather you want to know other cultures as well. And mind you, this will bring you more friends than enemies too.
  • You can use characters if needed. Using decorative characters is helpful if your intended name is already in use and you still want to use it. Here, you can place the xxx or too design after or before the name of your choosing. But then again, if you have any other options, I advise that you stay away from it because some may find it already annoying. Instead, you can add numbers or play with a capitalization of the letters.

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