Can you list out the things you hate in your life?

Every one of us has their own long list. Waiting moments we have at the subway stations, doctor’s office, the sound of a siren, wall drilling, crying baby, barking dogs, electric guitar this list actually grows. Though these things seem to be annoying, there exist things which are even worse than that.

One sure thing that tops everyone’s list is of course  “The Alarm clocks”. Who would like to wake up in the morning unless otherwise they have some special reasons?

Reason for your late night sleep can be anything, late night games, chats, series, movies etc etc. Whatever it may be, once you enter into the world of dreams, you get tied with your sleep forgetting all the important stuffs that supposed to be accomplished in the following morning. Some us have mastered the art of sleeping through alarms too. Are you nodding yes? Here is our solution.

As you have landed here with the search of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, here I have compiled a list of 16 most creative alarm clocks. These clocks wouldn’t easily let you snooze and have that 5 more minutes sleep.

I agree alarm clocks are the things we hate to have. But the fact is, we all need it on some day or the other. Be it for work, meetings, interviews, classes or to do the day to day activities, we all need to be wake up on time. Creative alarm clocks listed here can make you wake up happily in the morning. These are not bored, mundane ringing, regular alarm clocks that you can hit it on its head or throw out of your window. Some of these are truly adventures and the rest are truly creative. Go through the list, you wouldn’t regret to have it in your bedroom.

Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers


 1.Finger Dance Alarm Clock

Have you played Dance Dance Revolution anytime before? You love it? If so, you will love this finger dance DDR style alarm clock too. Once the alarm starts ringing, in order to make it shut you have to play a little dance game with your fingers following the patterns shown up at the 4 way dance pad.

It shows up various combinations of patterns every time it rings on its dancing pad. If your finger moves and the flashing light pattern do not match, it will become just impossible to turn this thing off.

You are right this alarm clock is half torture and half genius way to wake you up every morning.

2.Flying Alarm Clock

 If you are the kind of person who strive to continue your sleep by hitting the snooze button, flying alarm clock will make it impossible. On the preset time it will start to ring loud enough to wake up your entire family. It shoots the propeller off the clock around your room. In order to make it calm, no other way but to wake up from your bed, collect the propeller and put it back into the flying alarm.

Obviously by the time you turn off the alarm, you will really be awake more actively.

3. Clocky Robotic Alarm

To wake you up, there can’t be any better way than making you run around the small, fast and noisy piece like this clocky robotic alarm clock. It’s one of the most recommended alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. When it’s time to wake up, this cute little robotic clock will start to beep. Once you hit the snooze button it slips away from your night stand and continue to move around your room, sometimes hide somewhere with the beep-beep sound. To get yourself away from the annoying beep sounds, you have to chase, catch and turn it off.

So you can’t simply snooze to go those extra miles in your dreams.

4. Silent Alarm Clocks

This alarm clock is completely different from all other items given under the list best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. It’s not so noisy, it won’t wake up the entire family and it won’t annoy you most importantly.
For these reasons it got a massive welcome among the room sharers, bed sharers and the people who are allergic to the loud noises.

Set an alarm and wear this wireless silent alarm band around your wrist. This device has an inbuilt vibration device which produces a mild alarm with vibration. By shaking your hand slightly, snooze mode will be activated. When you attempt to snooze it even more, it will increase vibration even more.

 5.Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Whenever I hear this name, my mind triggers the picture of “Street Fighter character Guile and his Sonic Boom move”. If you are familiar with this game, just imagine the way your enemy feels that’s the way you are going to feel with this best alarm clock.

Once you reach your wake up time, Sonic boom alarm clock will start to shake your bed very violently with a loud noise. I guess no heavy sleeper can sleep even after having the feel of this noisy earthquake in the morning.

6. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Do you think you will sleep out all the alarm clocks listed in alarm clocks for heavy sleepers given here? If so never regret to give a try with sonic bomb. It delivers a really horrible 113 decibels of loud alarm. This wave length is more than enough to wake you up or any one. If this alarm clock fails to wake up then literally nothing will.


Sonic bomb alarm clock is definitely not for the weak hearted.

Regular exposure to this alarm clock can make any healthy person permanently deaf. So it is recommended to use it occasionally and only for the important stuffs. For regular usage opt for some other genius, fun alternatives.

7. Target Alarm Clock

This best alarm clock for heavy sleepers provides a better way to start your day.
To turn this alarm off, you have to aim and shoot at the exact center of the target with the laser beem.It allows you to set the alarm in 2 modes. Prefer easy mode when you want to turn off the alarm in one hit. Set hard mode when you want to turn off the alarm after 5 hits. Apart from the modes it also supports 2 kind of shooting games.

8. Blender Alarm Clock 

You might be dreaming deeply. But wouldn’t you wake up to the sound that ditches your vacation mood with the churning Styrofoam played along with your favorite music? Set an alarm in this clock and feel the sound.

So how do you want to wake up? To the shrill screaming or to the pleasant vacation mood? Choice is totally yours.

Blender alarm clock operates on 2 AA batteries comes in different colors with the plastic pebbles inside.

9. BanClock 

You may have heard the saying “Time is Money”. It’s true. Ban alarm clock included here to win the title of best alarm clock for heavy sleepers, proves this maxim evidently.

It is designed with the display like we see in national debt ticker. When it’s time, it will start to make noises. If you want to turn it off, for every extra second you have to bribe it with your hard earned money.

10. The Defusable Clock

At a first short, this alarm clock will look like a full functional alarm clock with regular functions like beeping alarm, snooze etc. But as soon as you hit the red button, it will start a scary count down as you see in Hollywood movies.

You can see 4 different wires at the top of the clock. On the pres set time, it will start to tick with the scary ticks. To stop the countdown, you have to cut down the correct wire in 10 seconds. Wires are designed such that, 1 wire to stop the countdown, 2 wires to have no effects and the remaining 1to denote the device immediately. Assignment of these roles will not be the same every time. It differs so it’s a new challenge every time.

Watch the video below and figure out how it works.


11.ShapeUp Alarm Clock

This best alarm clock is a special treat for all fitness freaks.

You have paid for the gym membership, spent hundreds of dollars in exercising equipments. But still is that all goes in vein just because you couldn’t wake up from bed? No worries. We have a way to kill 2 birds with a single stone.

Cut down your gym membership and purchase the shape up alarm. When the time arrives to wake you up, you can’t simply hit the snooze button. Instead it will require you to do 30 curls. So by the time you finish the task and the alarm goes off, your veins will reach the active state that keeps you from falling back you’re your bed again.

12. Police Siren Alarm Clock

You are in a deep sleep. All of sudden you hear the police siren near your bed with those flashing lights. If not this police squad then what on earth can make you return from the dreamland? This annoyingly awesome Police siren alarm clock is designed especially for the heavy sleepers.

If you feel when everything else fails, try this best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

13. Laser Target Alarm Clock

To turn it off, you have to hit the flash light in the bully’s eyes. It provides no other ways to continue your sleep. As this challenge wakes up your mind, it wakes up your body too.

14. Firebell Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is just funny and cute. It’s the fire alarm so when the alarm starts to ring, it wouldn’t wake up only yourself but your entire households to. So watch out if you use this while using your shared rooms.

 15. Snuznluz

It is one of the ingenious ways to wake up you to the morning alarm more attentively. This alarm is designed to connect with the wifi and your bank account. To set the alarm you have to connect your bank account to the charity that goes against your views or beliefs. So when every time you hit the snooze button, it will donate your hard earned money to the charity of your choice. This will make you wake up early in the morning with the thought of emergency.

16. Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

It is yet another best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Once the time arrives to wake you up, the alarm clock will start the countdown and shoot the rocket. To shut it off you have to out the rocket back into its position.

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