Bridging that little gap between perfumes & deodorants, the right “body mist” can leave a lasting impression! But with plethora of products in the market, it turns out to be a little perplexing. However, we have researched and narrowed some of the best body mists for women.

So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Body Mists For Women

Body mists make the ideal alternatives to strong-smelling perfumes and fragrances. They are mild, refreshing, aromatic, and the best part – they can be even sprayed a little directly to the skin.

What is a Body Mist?

A body mist is much like a perfume. But unlike perfumes, they contain fewer amounts of fragrance oils. They are much milder than perfumes and can directly be sprayed on the skin and are significantly less expensive than perfumes. Body mists are meant to be light, gentle and airy, but not something that weighs you down.

On that note, let’s look at the top 10 body splashes that can leave you with a beautiful smelling body.

1. Sofia Vergara Fragrance Mist

body mist for women

Sofia fragrance spray is a passionate, romantic, fruity women’s fragrance. It skillfully blends the romantic florals with delicious fruits for a remarkable fragrance for you. It features juicy blackberries, energetic plum nectar and sweet cassis buds.

At the core, a rich bouquet of exotic and unique flowers lingers with the charm of purple violet petals and Colombian orchids combine to create a bewildering aromatic scent for you.

At the base, the fragrance reveals its silky essence with creamy delicious vanilla and toasted praline notes for an absolutely, extraordinary scent. This is a super affordable perfume, with a really sexy smell that has hints of blackberry, plum, sandalwood, and earthy woods notes.

2. Sweater Weather Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath & Body

what is body mist

You are sure to feel refreshed and cool with this Golden Autumn Leaves, Bright Blue Skies
and Crisp Apple Slices inspired mist. It has a powering fresh fragrance and nourishing aloe to keep your skin feel refreshed and revived.

The ergonomically crafted bottle and sophisticated pump ensures excellent coverage- Lightly spritz or generously splash, either way the mist gives a sweet smell with a cooling sensation.

3. Victoria’s Secret Pink Neon Coast

best body mist

This is by far one of the best scents you will get from Pink with ginger, lily and crushed leaves in it. It’s fragrant but not too sweet smelling while giving a fresh and clean scent; it is a lighter scent and will help calm you making you feel like in the ocean.

It is a great airy and flowery scent for the summer, and is perfect for tailgating and that day to night party life. It is recommended for those who prefer fresh and flowery over candy or fruity smells.

The only drawback is that it lasts only a few hours, so you might need to use it a few times a day especially when involved in high levels of activity. Perfume lovers will surely wish they had this as a perfume!

4. Victoria’s Secret Urban Bouquet

best body mists for women

This is one of the best travel-sized mists to spray on the go. The scent is amazing and it’s floral with wild daisy, driftwood and a hint of musk. Smell great all day and night with scented party perfection.

This refreshing mist adds a soft, subtle scent and you will surely get addicted to its yummy smell. Perfect for Flirty-rebel vibes and a girls night out. The price is reasonable for a pocket-sized body mist and smells fantastic. But, the odor does not last very long and disappears quickly.

5. Xoxo Mi Amore

best body mist for women

A warm, sultry, seductive fragrance! Feel sensual in pink raspberry, a seductive veil of fresh
vanilla and sexy musk. Xoxo is a tad muskier, it’s a well-behaved sugar crystal surrounded by fresh orange oil and juicy fruits.

The jasmine in here will remind you of velvet sugar, jasmine, that are covered with sweet candy. It adds that sweet, floral, and hazy feel that modifies the scents from just being vanilla sugar berries.

Not cloying, mature, draws complements and nice on the budget. Sweet, but not sickening sweet! Try this sweet, candy-like, light and fun irresistible mist; you will love it, men will love it- That’s all that matters.

6. London Tulips and Raspberry Tea by Bath & Body

best body mist for women

Are you a light fragrance lover? Then, this one is for you. London Tulips and Raspberry Tea is again a fruity mix floral light fragrance. It gives you a soothing fragrance, which is sure to be liked by most people who prefer mild fragrances.

This light, relaxed, calming, distinct fragrance does not sting on skin nor stain on clothes. This is one of the best body mists for everyday wear. Wear London Tulips and Raspberry Tea for an instant splash of refreshing notes. It is long lasting and leaves a trail as you walk.

7. RiRi for women by Rihanna

best body mist for women

The Rihanna RiRi possesses a stimulating fruity floral aroma that brings out the joyful, cheerful side of any woman. A floral bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle lends a sweet and playful twist at the heart of the fragrance.

It is extremely irresistible and fresh at the top with notes of cassis, mandarin orange, passion fruit, rum and vanilla- The perfect ingredients blend to create an amazing scent. Start wearing RiRi and get nothing but complements. Experience a nice girly fresh smell with this relatively better lasting spray.

8. Weleda Wild Rose 24H Deodorant Spray

best body mist for women

Organic rose leaf extracts have mild astringent properties, which refresh as well as tone the skin naturally while eliminating the impurities. A single spray keeps your entire day fresh and beautiful as a wild rose. The spray dispenser is designed excellent, easy to use and sprays just the right amount of product.

It smells pretty and is not sickening or perfumery either- It keeps you clean smelling, odor free, no more itching or irritation. It doesn’t last terribly long, but for an all natural brand this is probably the best!

It works perfectly in cooler months, but in hot months you'll sweat through it and begin to smell, so it’s recommended to carry in your bag for a little reapplication.

9. Moonlight Path by Bath Body Works

best body mists

Moonlight Path would probably be one of your favourite scents ever smelled. Stroll through a lush garden blend of lavender, lilies, oak moss and soft musk. This scent is pleasant and soft but still very appealing.

Wear it after shower and feel extra clean, it is delicate, luxurious with a nice floral smell that lasts a while. The scent does not last all day, but it lasts long enough as a good mist would do.

It might seem to be a bit on the strong side initially, but moments later it will surely leave you in awe. It has enough power when you walk past someone. You will just love this perfume because it will make you feel so much better when you hit the streets with your friends.

10. Paris Hilton for Women

best body mists that women use

This chic, head-turning fragrance can be worn for both day and evening. It lasts for around three to four hours. Paris Hilton is the result of frozen apple, peach nectar and sparkling muguet at the top. Mimosa, jasmine and tuberose at the core. And, sandalwood, ylang ylang and skin musk at the bottom.

It’s cool, fresh, adorable, sweet (more of a sexy sweet smell) fragrance is comfortable for every day wear. It holds on your body and smells really great- Perfect for on the go or toss in your purse to stay and feel fresh all day. Get ready to repurchase this product over and over, because you are gonna absolutely love it.


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