Movies play an important role in our moods and feelings. Every movie that we watch, there is always a part of us that can relate to the lead’s sufferings, happiness, problems, and success. Movies that are relatable to real life situations are most often box-office hits considering that people can associate themselves with it.

There are also movies that help us in our daily lives by teaching us great lessons. Some of these lessons are about love that helps us a deal and handle our relationships, family ideas that strengthen our bonds, action movies that teach us self-defence and a lot more. Most people tend to look for dating advice in movies, and when people follow this advice, some fail while some succeed. Nevertheless, these dating advice from films is life changing.

50 Best Dating Advice From Movies


We have rounded up the 50 best dating advice from movies that we think can be a big help when we deal with the dating circle and eventually our relationships with the people we consider giving our heart to. Is it okay to follow such advice if it comes from screens? Well, it is up to you to find out by going through our list and checking which of this advice are right for you now.

  1. Wait patiently; the right one will arrive for you. – ‘Some Like It Hot’

This is a 1959 movie, yet it gives us a timeless dating advice. Joe thought us that it is not how long we wait for the right one to come along, but rather who we are waiting for. So you’d better not hurry to fall in love because someone is destined for you and you don’t have to stress yourself waiting.

  1. One of the most important love is loving yourself. – ‘Sex and the City’

Remember when Carrie was heartbroken with Big? You should know how to love yourself first because it will give way to the right kind of love that you truly deserve. When you date or perhaps already in a relationship, you need to ensure that, you have a high level of love for yourself because only then will you be able to get a lot of respect for the people around you.

  1. Never let go if you find the right one. – ’50 First Dates’

In our world today, relationships are as easy as changing clothes. One moment you’re together, the next second you’re already with someone just because of a petty fight. If you find the right one, be patient. Understand, love and do what you must do to keep him/her, after all, real love means being together through thick and thin.

  1. Take a risk in love. – ‘Ghost of Girlfriends Past’

Love is not a bed of roses, but you must take a leap of faith and succumb to its power. Though you may feel pains and hurts when you go into a relationship, escaping it means more pain and more regrets that you wish you have taken the leap of faith instead.

  1. From enemies to friends to lovers, all is possible. – ‘When Harry Met Sally’

There is no impossible when it comes to love as proven by Harry and Sally. Though the two started their relationship as ‘enemies’ because of their different views on relationships and sex, they eventually end up as friends that became lovers in the end. The road to the transition may be hard especially if you have different views, still, if you try it, and you jump into a relationship, then you will be together.

  1. Respect yourself before you expect others to respect you. – ’17 Again.’

This happened when a 17-year-old Mike O’Donnell convinced some teenage girls that dating means more, other than simply saying yes to some random boys, which you will regret when you reach a certain point in your life.

  1. Do not look back in the past because the right guy for you is in the future. – ‘What’s Your Number?’

There is a reason why your past relationships did not work out. Instead of looking back to those failed relationships, just continue stepping forward with the learning you have because eventually, you will find the right man for you in the future.

  1. Love is neither lust nor a mistake of judgement. – ‘The Rum Diary’

When you date, ensure that what you feel are a genuine attraction and love; and not a mere lust or just because you are in the power of alcohol.

  1. An ex only means T-R-O-U-B-L-E. – ‘The Wedding Date’

There is a reason why your ex means and should stay as an ex. A former fling, a part of the past. Though this may not be the case in all relationships, it is still best to stay away from your ex. But in doing so, do not do anything stupid that will make you look like a fool.

  1. Best friends are the ones who understand you best and know you more than any person in the world – ‘Love, Rosie.’

Most people would rather keep their feelings for their best friends to themselves because they are afraid that they would lose the friendship. However, it is still better if you say what you feel and let your best friend know. If not, you will live a lifetime of regret, and it might be too late for you to confess already.

  1. Dating does not necessarily mean you have to know each other for a long time. ‘Titanic.’

Who would ever forget the famous love story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater? They have only known each other for a short period, yet they felt in love and dated each other intensely despite Rose being engaged and the differences on their life statuses.

  1. Make life exciting to start and keep the fire burning. – ‘Date Night’

Everyone knows that a relationship that lasted for years can be a bore already. Hence, you need to keep and spice things up. There is no better way to spice a date night through a series of unfortunate events. But of course, you do not want misfortune to happen right? Just simply keep it exciting then.

  1. Opposites attract. – ‘A Walk To Remember’

Being bad boy does not mean you don’t have the right to fall in love with a good girl. In fact, you have every right to do so and a big chance to make yourself a better person for the person that you fall in love with.

  1. Age doesn’t matter in dating. – ‘Bridget Jone’s Diary’

Bridget is more than 30 years old, but that does not stop her from dating and finding the one for her. Instead of sulking in the corner of your zero love life, you should flaunt and date. You will land the one person for you.

  1. British men are lovable and certainly romantic. – ‘Wild Child’

Who would not remember Alex Pettyfer as Freddie Kingsley? Dating a British may mean all chummy and endearing accent, yet there is more to it than what meets the eye. They are understanding and will comfort the woman they like as much as they can.

  1. Music can be a way to your heart. – ‘Music and Lyrics’

Dating through music is one way to charm your way into a person’s heart just like what happened in the characters of Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in the movie. Sometimes, you have to lower down your pride to get the person you want too.

  1. Dating does not mean there should be rules to follow. – ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Christian Grey is indeed one of the male characters that have put fire on many women. But if you are Anastasia will you work on a set of rules when it comes to going out with a certain person? Probably there really should not be any rules to follow at all. Even Christian Bend most of his rules for Anastasia, it’s high time people who have rules should do too.

  1. Approach. Introduce. Talk. These are the basics to dating. – ‘American Pie’

Most people do not know who the person across the room that got them completely smitten with each other, but in order to know her name and ask her out, you need to do the three things stated: approach her, introduce yourself, talk and open up a conversation that will spark her interest and will earn you a second meet up.

  1. Give a chance to someone who is nice to you. – ‘Bridesmaids.’

Though women find it challenging and more attracting when men are bad, real life situations should still focus on giving chances to those good men out there. After all, you do not want your life to end up with a man who treats you like some garbage right?

  1. Never go for the prettiest one in the flock. – ‘Robinhood.’

We don’t discriminate beautiful people here, it just so happens that if you push through with people who are really beautiful, you have a lot of competitions, and chances of scoring a date are minimal. If you want success, leave pretty people out.

  1. Standards are a big no-no. – ‘Ruby Sparks’

This indie film tells that though setting standards will make you know what you want, it is not always advisable to have it since you can be too obsessed with it. You will try your best to mould the one you are dating with the person that you want him/her to be while forgetting that he/she is his/her person too.

  1. Go for someone that you want. – ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.’

If you want someone, then you have to pass all challenges to get her affection and possibly her love. Fight for that person and do not lose hope because eventually, once you win, the reward is greater than you can have ever imagined.

  1. Give it some time before calling a person. – ‘Swingers.’

Vince Vaughn’s character reminds us to give ample time before calling a girl as you might scare her off if you call too soon. Still, it depends on the girl’s attitude and personality. If the woman you have dated is more on the playing side, she will obviously freak. However, if the woman is looking for a serious commitment, then there is no worry to dial her number as soon as you can.

  1. Don’t be too guarded and you’ll find the love you are looking for. – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Given the fact that we tend to put up walls around our hearts because we are afraid to be hurt, setting aside these walls is more beneficial for us to find the love that we need.

  1. Women have eyes and ears everywhere. – ‘Cocktail.’

This… I totally agree! Do not spread or talk anything about a woman because no matter where and how far she is, she has eyes and ears everywhere. Mind you, a woman always knows what is going on behind her back and around her. That’s why they have a great radar when it comes to knowing whether you are cheating or not.

  1. Never hesitate to ask for help when you have to date or make the woman you want to fall in love with you. – ‘Hitch.’

No one is exempt from any pieces of advice. In fact, even the president of the United States has his set of advisors, and so should you. When it comes to dating, never hesitate to ask for advice on how to make the correct moves and score your spot.

  1. Life is too short; make the most out of it with the one you love. ‘If Only’

The movie in itself is certainly heartbreaking, but it shows us how important time with the person we like and love is. Make the most out of it, as you will never know when he/she will take his /her last breath.

  1. You should have at least three dates to know if you have chemistry with one particular person. – ‘The Notebook’

Remember how Allie blew off Noah during their first meeting? But she gave him another chance and she should be thankful that she did because it led to one of the most romantic and iconic love stories in books and films.

  1. When you criticise a person too much, you will change him/her. – ‘Knocked Up’

Criticisms change a person. It is good if it is constructive but what if it’s not? Too much criticism will lead to feelings of low self-esteem, which will make a person change from what he/she is.

  1. You’ll never know, maybe you have already met the right one for you. – ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’

Love moves in mysterious ways. You might be surprised to know someday that the one you who is destined for you have been there all along under your wing.

  1. There is no better love than to be loved for simply being you. – ‘The Ugly Truth’

Love may mean many things but being love for who and what you are – flaws and faults included – is perhaps one of the best love in the world. You do not need to change who you are nor be someone else you are not for the person who loves you accepts you as you.

  1. You do not need magic to get the love you want. – ‘When In Rome’

Some people believe in love potions and magic spells to get the person they want. But it does not mean that what you will get is genuine love. True love is not based on fantasies and spells, but rather of real feelings that you and the other person feel for each other.

  1. The world is already full of guys; women do not need one more. Be a man. – ‘Say Anything’

The dating circle is packed with all sorts of guys, but very few men. That’s a real shame. So instead of being one of these “just” guys, man up! And mind you, you will have more luck at the dating game.

  1. Do not mix sex with alcohol, or alcohol with sex. – ‘Midnight in Paris’

When you go out on a date, make sure that you only have one thing in mind: either you drink, or you have sex. Mixing both will fuel the desire, but take note that it will kill your performance too. Take it from Paul Bates!

  1. Liking the same things together does not mean that you two are meant for each other. – ‘500 Days of Summer’

Hurtful as it may seem to be but this one advice is a real lesson you need to remember about. Sometimes, it does not mean that you two are soul mates or something. Liking the same things can simply mean a coincidence, and you just have to move on and hope that someday you will meet the one who is truly destined for you.

  1. Everything will fall into the right place at the right time. – ‘Serendipity.’

Given the fact that you may have broken off years ago, if you are meant to be, destiny will find its way to bring you together to share a life called forever.

  1. Showing a little skin may not be bad after all. – ‘Clueless.’

If you show some of your skin, boys will be reminded of being naked, and they will think of sex, which makes it a major attraction for you if you want to score another date.

  1. Be honest. – ‘Aladdin.’

Simple as it may be, it is still one of the failures of men in the dating circle. During a date, all men wanted to impress the girl they are going out with by telling exaggerated stories either about themselves or about worst… lies. One piece of advice to get a woman for good: be honest.

  1. First dates are interviews. – ‘Van Wilder’

Do we need to say more? Obviously, you will get to know each other deeper during the first date as it is the time you will talk to each other. So you’d better prepare your honest answers and be candid.

  1. Talking is different from communication. – ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Though they may sound synonym, their meanings are very different. You can talk without communicating in a way that you just blabber things without the other party understanding, or if the other party is talking and you are not listening. Remember that communication is a two-way process and there should understand and proper process that both parties can comprehend and analyse what they are talking about.

  1. A woman will open up her heart if you have an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. – ‘Finding Forrester’

Sean Connery said so himself that the key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift that should be given at a time she does not expect it at all. The gift does not necessarily mean it is expensive, but it is always the thought and the element of surprise that counts.

  1. The views and opinions of other people do not matter. – ‘Twilight.’

It had been the talk of the town when Bella and Edward started going out together. But did they mind? No, they don’t. You should also follow these two. If you want to be happy and make things work, do not mind other people’s opinions and views regarding of who you are dating and what you are doing.

  1. Do not rush into love when you are hurting. – ‘Frances Ha’

If you are hurt, you can only hurt people more. Hence, if you still have pain in your heart, you are not yet ready to love again. Take time to heal old wounds first before going out into the dating scene again.

  1. Do not give up even how hard a situation is. – ‘The Longest Ride’

Easy to say but hard to do. But think of every challenge as an obstacle you need to pass to make your relationship stronger as what happened to Ira and Ruth, and Luke and Sophia.

  1. First impressions don’t last. -Letters to Juliet’

Charlie and Sophie did not like each other during their first meeting. However, as a series of events unfold, they begin to start developing feelings for each other. Like in dating, the typical first date are simply first impressions. You still need to get to know each other after the first date to ensure that you have the correct impression about the person.

  1. Sacrifice is all worth it in the end. – ‘Beautiful Creatures’

The movie taught us that love requires sacrifice. If you truly love the person, you want what is best for him/her, most especially making him/her safe. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice to ensure that everything will be okay for the two of you.

  1. Dating a Royal is hard but doable. – ‘The Prince and Me’

If Kate Middleton can do it, so can Paige Morgan. Despite all odds of dating a royal, all you have to do is to be brave and be the person who you are. No pretensions, no fake nobility. Just be you.

  1. It is not a question of individual perfection but rather if you are perfect for each other or not. – ‘Good Will Hunting’

Dating is not a means to prove that you are perfect or that the one you are dating is perfect. Remember, nobody is perfect, so you should not expect perfection from the both of you. Instead, what you need to assess while you are dating if you are perfect and compatible with each other.

  1. Socio-economic status and titles should never be an issue. – ‘Maid in Manhattan’

It may be a fantasy for most, but dating should not focus on statuses. Love is equal. Hence, equality should start in dating too as it is the very foundation of a relationship.

  1. A long-distance relationship requires trust, understanding and love. – ‘Going the Distance’

A long-distance relationship is hard to manage if you are several miles apart. But then, that does not mean that it is not manageable. As a matter of fact, you can do it as long as you believe in yourself and your partner.

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