Presenting the electronic gifts for men always makes a great gift. The reason is, irrespective of the age group they fall in , almost every men want to own the latest gadgets that are launched on in the market. For men, craze and passion created on the electronic gadgets starts right from their childhood and it continue to grow throughout the entire life.  They like to have the latest knife ,latest gadgets and the latest wardrobes. If you are someone who want to keep yourself updated with the newest electronic gadgets in the market, then read on our list of Newest Electronic Gifts for men. This list will be updated and new things will be added every week. So bookmark this post and stay updated with the new electronic gadgets. gifts-for-men

When it comes to choose an electronic gifts, literally there are so many to choose from. Here I have focused only on the really cool electronic gadgets. Even though there exits so many types of gadgets, some are really cooler than the other and  These are the gadgets men always want to live with. For those who want to get some electronic gift ideas for men, this post will serve as a wonderful resource. Now let’s start with our list of Newest electronic gifts for men

Mobile Hotspot from Verizon Wireless

The renown brand Verizon Wireless now offers 2 useful non phone products. MiFi 2200

gifts for men

This pocket sized wireless device creates a mobile hotspot by converting the Verizon cellular signal into WiFi. So as long you have this device in your hands, irrespective of the location where you are have a WiFi access. This connection can be shared by up to 5 people at a time. MiFi 2200 comes with the 2 years service agreement.

Network Extender

It is an another equally brilliant wireless device that can create a mobile hotspot for you even you have 0 bars. Only requirement is your location should have the Verizon service. If you have you can, you can have your own mini cell tower in your home. best gift for men These electronic gifts for men cost around  (MiFi 2200)$99 & (Network Extender )$250 respectively

Polarized Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera

This is one of the best electronic gifts for men especially if your man is passionate on photographs. This 10-mega px digital camera grants you to instantly hold your photos. The printer (technically called as lightroom) is right inside the camera. The digital instant print camera makes something magical on your instant photos. The built-in microphone and speaker allows to record videos too.

best gifts for men

This gadget cost around $14.99 to $179.99. These cool gadgets for men are available in Thinkgeek.

Light Show Fountain Speaker

Light Show Fountain Speaker is amazing gift among the best gifts for men. This gift will bring the fun fountain show of Las Vegas to your home. Just plug this gift into mp3 player, iPod or computer by using the USB cable and play tunes; then the water inside the gift starts to dance to the music beats. In addition, the multicolored LEDs also light up and give you an amazing feel.

best gifts for men

This gadget prices around $49.99. These electronic gifts for men are available in Thinkgeek .

Here is the video example for how this gadget works

Camera Mouse

Have you ever tried to take video or record sound by using your computer mouse? Now it is possible. Computer mouse along with video camera is a newest gift from the best gift ideas for men. This gift will keep your man from remembering where he kept his camera. In addition, it doesn’t need any memory card or USB cable to transfer data. This gift becomes useful for your loved one for those days when he is rushing to finish up his work in office. best gifts for men

This gift cost around & 60. You can order these kinds of cool gadgets for men at Japan Trend Shop.

Here is the video example for how this gadget works


If you are looking for gift ideas for men who are often attending hi-tech conference, then you can consider the ultra modern iCufflinks as one of the gift ideas. Sure, this gift will give your beloved one a cool look when he is attending business meeting. The six series aluminum along with a slight lively LED appears like an Apple Power Button.

best gifts for men

Then why waiting, order this gift at Adafruit at the cost of $128.

Here is the video example for how this gadget works

The One-Year Smartphone Backup Battery

It is difficult to find a person without loving Smartphone. The battery charge becomes main issue for the Smartphone users. Hence, this is one of the best electronic gifts for men. This Smartphone battery can be able to hold its charge for one year, thus ensuring you to keep backup charge during emergency.

best gifts for men

The Smartphone battery backup is available at $49.95.

Order these kinds of best gadgets for men at Hammacher.

Meeting Recorder 360

When you are searching for best gadget gifts for men, it is worth to consider the Meeting Recorder 360, the useful innovation from Japan. This gift is equipped with four video cameras that can help you to capture what is going on at your meeting. It is integrated with omni directional recording microphone that is capable to record sound more easily and clearly.

best gifts for men

The Meeting Recorder 360 cost around $ 341.You can order these types of electronic gifts for men at Japan Trend Shop.

Here is the video example for how this gadget works

GPS Homing Device

GPS Homing device is the handy locating device available, perfect for locating your car after shopping. This is the perfect gift for you when you are searching the best electronic gifts for men. When you leave your car, just push the button in the device, it will mark the exact location and spots the way back. The device is very small, hence you can fit the device in a purse, pocket or on a keychain.

best gifts for men

These types of best gadgets for men are available at Hammacher. The GPS homing device cost around $79.95.

Webmail Notifier

Are you searching for best gift ideas for men? If your dad or boy friend is too busy in work as well as they can’t even find a time to check their mails, then the webmail Notifier is the perfect gift for him. The multicolor & optional sound indicator can let them to know which of their accounts has new activities. This device can support Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Weibo, Outlook Express and POP3 accounts.

best gifts for men

The Webmail Notifier cost around $4.99. Order these kinds of electronic gifts for men at the Thinkgeek.

The Video Surveillance Clock

Have you ever consider this analog clock with built-in camera surveillance as one in the list of best gifts for men. The motion activated camera helps to record video and audio, perfect for unnoticeably watching your office. This gadget provides around 75-minutes of video recording.

best gifts for men

You can order this gadget at Hammacher at cost $149.95.

Waterproof Smartphone Cover

Of course, gifting Smartphone is the best as well as luxurious one among the electronic gadgets gifts for men. Apart from this, presenting a waterproof Smartphone Cover is an interesting gift for your boyfriend or family member. This gift will protect the look of his iPhone 4 or Galaxy as well as seal it as dust and waterproof. This is the best and useful Smartphone accessory. best gifts for men These kinds of gadget gifts for men are available at Japan Trend Shop. This smart Smartphone accessory cost around $ 55.

Here is the video example for how this gadget works

Video Camera Pen

Yet another one among the gadgets gifts for men is Video Camera Pen. This video pen helps you to capture each moments of your life as as if you take notes.  This gift can records full color video as well as audio in the AVI format. You can play it on your computer or any mobile devices through USB connection.
best gifts for men

Order this gift at Brookstone at cost of $79.99.

Personal Desktop Humidifier

This is one among the best electronic gifts for men since it an outstanding way to provide moist and comfortable air to your small bedroom. This gift also includes other features like LCD digital clock with night light, alarm, auto-shut off and more.


You can order this gadget at Sharpe image at cost of $49.99.

Neon Jellyfish Tank

If your boyfriend has some artistic thinking and he loves to keep a fish tank, you can consider the Neon Jellyfish Tank as one of the best gifts for men. This gift is for those who like to have Jellyfish tanks with an extra special look in dark. This gift provides ultra-realistic Jellyfish with outstanding color details that looks amazing when they move. The soft fans in the tank push the jellyfish that in turn appears like the jellyfish happily swimming around the tank.

electronic gifts for men

The cost of the Neon Jellyfish is £59.95 and you can buy these kinds of electronic gadgets for men at the site Red5.

Rotating Cube Photo Frame

Another interesting gift in the list of electronic gifts for men is Rotating Cube Photo frame. This photo frame features you to display your photos in its rotating cube frame. This frame allows you to display six pictures.

electronic gifts for men

You can buy this gift at the site walmart at the cost $19.98.

Portable Record Player

Portable Record Player is one of the ideal gift ideas for men. This gift helps your man to play his record collection via a single cable. You can connect this record player to your PC or Mac with the provided USB cable. There is no need for power adapter.

best gadgets for men

You can get this gift at Presents For Men of cost £49.99

Mini Digital Video Camera

Next gift in the list of electronic gadgets for men is Mini Digital Video Camera. Sure, your boy friend will be happy to receive this thumb-sized camera as a gift. The camera is wireless and lightweight. It also allows you to record the video while you are moving. This present plays as a brilliant gift for men.

best gadgets for men

This gift cost around £29.99 , then why waiting, order this at the site Presents For Men.
LED Touch Screen Wrist Watch

Hope this electronic gadget will definitely impress your man. It is an ideal product for those who like to have something different. This high tech gift is an outstanding one among the cool gadgets for men.  The strap looks like a cool & fashionable gadget. This watch shows you the time as well as date.

cool gadgets for men

The watch can cost around $7.04 and you can order this gift at the chinavasion.

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

This is one of the gorgeous gifts among the gift ideas for men. This product is related to the chemistry. This coaster lights up when you set your drink. This great party gift definitely attracts your beloved man.

cool gadgets for men

The gift prices around $19.99 and you can get this at the site Thinkgeek.


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