Finding the best brand of laptop is an extremely difficult task if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. If you have not immersed yourself into technology, when you begin your search on finding the best laptop it may look ease. But in real, it will not be the case.

Anyhow, if you are asking what is the best brand of laptop, we can’t say a single one. Because a laptop that seems best to one will not fit to the needs of other. But based on the purpose behind the usage, we can give you some great picks. Remember a laptop which is claimed to serve best to the regular usage will not serve best to the gamers. When you search for a laptop you may encounter with the figures you don’t understand, brands you haven’t come across yet and many more.



At the beginning of your search, you will find as though some particular brand will fit to your preferences and taste. Different laptop brands are designed to cater the needs of different people. Some brands specially makes laptop for gamers. Some brands concentrate more on functionality and thus serves good for graphic designers and programmers. Some best laptop brands concentrate only on fashion.

In this post, let’s see about the best brands of laptop for gamers, general use and fashion. So next time when you look for a laptop you will know from where you should start your search for a new laptop.

Best Laptop Brands – Gaming

What is the best brand of laptop for gamers? Do you have this question in mind? Usually gaming laptops are certain kinds of laptops which will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Based on how computers are changing less friendly on gaming and how these are turning more friendly on design and cost, I am sure when you get a best gaming laptop  available in the market now, it will last at least for the next 5 years.

best gaming laptop brands specified above produces their laptops with high specifications as well. If you are a serious gamer and want to run your system really fast on each and every game then these are the brands you suppose to search out.


This brand is a smaller brand when comparing to the other 2 gaming laptop brands I am going to recommend for gaming here. Although it is smaller, it does not fail to provide an equal performance as the other 2. Apart from providing the gaming rigs, they also provide laptops for general usages and other purposes. But gigabyte is highly preferred by most of the gamers around the world.

Some of the best Gigabyte gaming laptops include Gigabyte P34G and P27K

Official website :


If you are in the search of finding the best brand of laptop, you must have heard of Alienware at some point of time. In the world of gaming, Alienware tops the list of best brands for good reason. It also provides general purpose, programming computers with an excellent specs and great design. Mostly the companies who are producing gaming laptops and computers fret more on the functionality, specifications and less on the design. Unlike all the others Alienware offer you best gaming laptops with full package (great look & functionality).They also provide wide assortment of laptops as well.

Official website :


Scan is the top most brand in manufacturing the computers and computer peripherals. It’s a UK based renown computer manufacturer so if you are a UK resident, you must have gone to one of the Scan showrooms at least once in your lifetime. Now Scan has established its name by offering amazing gaming laptops at affordable prices. These gaming laptops are competing among the top brands like Alienware.

Official Website :


If you are interested in finding the best gaming laptop, you may find our post on top 10 gaming laptops as a useful resource

Best Laptop Brands – Fashion

If you want to show off how trendy you are with your outfits and accessories then to roam around your campus with a computer, you will require something which looks good. So if you are going to use your laptop to establish your style and fashion, make sure your search begins from the below 2 brands. Based on your preferences ,you can decide on what is the best brand of laptop. One the flip side, these are quite costlier.

Now look at our recommendations below.

Google: (Chromebook)

Internet Giant Google’s Chromebook has quickly grasped the attention of every one out there. Chormebook is a kind of thing that you would love to carry everywhere. Chrome books are one of the more fashionable and good looking laptops that are out today. Apart from being a fashion icon, these laptops are powerful enough to last for a while. Chromebooks are cheaper than gaming laptops but definitely more expensive than all other categories ones.

Official Website :

Apple: (Macbooks)

When it comes to choose the best laptop brands for fashion, the list will not get complete without mentioning “Apple”. It incorporate the cutting edge technology into their phones and laptops that looks more appealing to the human eye. Whenever they release a new product, they make people feel like they are the best. This is where they prove themselves. So with an Apple Macbook, there is no exception. Generally Macbooks offer the best of both worlds. i.e., Performance and fashion. One of the major plus with macbooks is “they are more user friendly”. Even the one who is new to computers can use it without any difficulty.

Official Website :

Best Laptop Brands – General Purpose Day To Day Usage

We have seen what is the best brand of laptop for gamers and fashion conscious, now it’s time to turn our attention to general purpose computers. All the laptop brands given below have great reputation. You must have heard of or used all these / few brands in the list already. These leading laptop manufactures offer a wide range laptops that covers your aspect. Instead of confusing you with a long list of best laptop brands, here I list top 5 best brands of laptops which have gained a good reputation among the worldwide computer users.

Hope I have made you clear on the best laptop brands in every possible niche. If you have anything to share with us, kindly hit your comments. We are happy to hear from you!

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