If you are looking for the best deodorant suitable for you; you must have a fair idea of the options available: an antiperspirant that prevents sweating or a natural deodorant that neutralizes the BO. If you are someone who sweats a lot, you must be sick and embarrassed of the body odor you are giving off. In such a scenario an antiperspirant is your best bet. But if you simply want to go through your day smelling delicious then a deo is your ideal choice. While an antiperspirant should be the perfect choice for a day out, a deodorant can be your faithful companion for a night of fun.

Difference between deodorants made for men and women
Ad campaigns are responsible for making you believe that deos for men and women are essentially very different from one and another when that could not be any further from the truth. Sweat coming out of men and women are actually very much the same. The more active you are the more you sweat. A woman who is more active than a man and has to run around to get her job done will actually sweat as much as any man would. The biggest point of difference between male and female deodorants is the smell or scent of the product. Men usually prefer choosing products which have a stronger more masculine scent while women tend to choose lighter feminine scents.

Some FAQs about male deodorants

Why do underarms emit smell?

Body odour is basically the result of bacteria life that breaks down sweat. Apcrine glands situated under our armpit are responsible for sweat that is bacteria friendly. Despite popular belief sweat is inherently odorless. Body odor is only brought about when the sweat has had time to settle in your body. This is especially true when armpits have hair; it holds or captures the sweat and moisture thus creating better conditions for bacteria to work under. This results in your body’s bacteria to influence the odour of your body sweat resulting in a pungent smell. This is where the deodorant works wonders, its antibacterial agents are able to kill odour-causing bacteria leaving you smelling clean.

Do men sweat more than women?

As aforementioned, men and women do not actually sweat any differently. Thorough research has proven that the act of sweating actually depends on body type and not the sex of human beings. Healthier or larger individuals have bodies that tend to have lower surface-area-to-volume ratio that pushes them to sweat more profusely in order to release body heat. But ofcourse the main reason for sweating is how much pressure we put on our body and how ward we make it work. The greater the task at the hand and the more active we are the greater is the increase in body temperature, the greater the sweat rate of our body. So a woman who has a job which involves her being active is likely to sweat more than a man who has desk job.

Now there are a lot of deodorants and antiperspirants available in the market promising a myriad of offers and scents. The newest emerging trends among today’s time are roll-on deodorants. They are simple to use, require minimal effort, very portable and additionally very environment friendly. Therefore, making these tiny little products the new “it” thing to own. Men always do tend to choose stronger scents and like experimenting with their scents. The smell of a man is one of the most attractive qualities that help keep the ladies close to him so it is imperative you make an educated choice.  Mentioned below are the ten best smelling roll-on deodorants for men for you to choose from:

10. Sanex Men Roll On Active Control

Best Deodorants for Men

Sanex maybe a little heavy on your pocket and you might have to compromise on other luxuries to afford this but it is easily one of the best roll-on deodorants available in the market. Some even consider it to be the best of the best. Formulated for men its fresh, odor fighting formula kicks in the moment you need it working and it carries on to protect you for the next 48 hours after its application. Sanex has been in the business from 1984 and has since established itself as trustable organization devoted to making the best products for their consumers. Using the most advanced methods and fewest ingredients, Sanex has created this product to make the most skin-friendly product that will provide you no irritation whatsoever and will help maintain your skin’s natural best condition.

9. Molton Brown Sport Anti-Perspirant Sport Stick

Best Deodorants for Men

Molton Brown is a highly popular brand among men of today’s generation. While the brand sky rocketed to fame for its Black Pepper deodorant, it has a myriad of other useful products. One of these is the anti-perspirant sport stick. The roll on is dry and comfortable rather than gooey and sticky like most of the roll-ons found in the market. It does not have a strong overpowering scent like most men deos are but the scent is enough to cover up your body odor all through the day. It successfully manages to reduce underarm wetness by blocking the pores. Its masculine scent is brought about by the combination of ingredients such as Cassia bark, nutmeg and lime.

8. Nivea Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-on Black & White

Best Deodorants for Men

Men usually sport full sleeved and dark clothing which can be quite a problem when it comes to the sweating department. The Nivea Men Anti-Perspirant Roll-on Black & White is a life saver. It is tiny but mighty when it comes to getting its job done. Nivea’s roll on deodorant ensures no stains, no wastage and a new formula enriched with ocean extracts that leave your underarms and other sweaty areas feeling clean and odor free for as long as 24 hours. Its effective, gas free formula releases fragrance when you need it the most and making you smell alluring throughout the day. If you are looking for something that doesn’t smell too strong and controls your perspiration then Nivea’s roll on is the way to go. It does not contain alcohol or any other artificial harmful substances. Its unique formula offers transparent protection that does not leave any traces on your clothing – a black shirt stays black and white shirts stays white and hence the name.

7. Lynx Dry Africa Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Best Deodorants for Men

Lynx products come for a very cheap price and they are as environmental friendly as they come. The package they come is recyclable and the product inside is cruelty-free. Lynx Dry Africa gives off a very long lasting dewy smell that helps curb your body odor smell leaving you to feel fresh and energized through the day. Whether you are working hard in the office, playing hard out and about or just meeting up with your friends casually, Lynx Dry Africa Roll-on will give you all the back you need.

6. Mitchum Sport Roll On

Best Deodorants for Men

As the name suggests the Mitchum Sport Roll-on is meant for athletes and such especially. As any kind of sport requires extreme hard work and activeness, you are sure to be drenched in your body sweat. The Mitchum Sport Roll on does an excellent job at controlling and regulating the sweat glands of your body.  They use oxygen as their advanced method to act as strong odor fighter. Also it is extremely affordable and comes in a 100ml bottle while most roll-on deos are found at a much higher price range and that too in 50ml bottles.

5. Sure Men Original Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Best Deodorants for Men

This 50ml bottled product has been especially developed to give you round the clock protection against sweat and odor. The Sure Men Original Roll contains Sure’s innovative and diverse Motionsense technology. The way this system works is very unique: microcapsules from the roll-on sit on your naked skin. When you move, friction breaks those microcapsules and this results in the release of more fragrance. So basically every time you move, Motionsense keeps you fresh and free from odor. To add to its advantages not only does it provide 48 hour freshness it also has a consistent classic, masculine scent enriched in spicy and woody tones.  

4. L’Oreal Men Expert Invincible Roll

Best Deodorants for Men

It is only natural for more than one product from L’Oreal to make it on this list. The L’Oreal Men Expert Invincible Roll is enriched with Magnesia, a compound used by weight lifters to increase gripping power. This anti-perspirant promises to keep your pits dry for as long as 96 hour and it makes good on its promise. The most active people need to the help of deodorants the most so it only makes sense for people who workout everyday to use strong deodorants to keep their body odor at bay. The L’Oreal Invincible Roll works wonders in this department, even after a rigorous workout the roll-on will have you smelling of a fresh woody fragrance. So if you are a gym junkie, you’re surely going to find your match in this product.

3. Nivea Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-on, Cool Kick

Best Deodorants for Men

Nivea is one of the most highly-acclaimed skincare products in the world. They have all kinds and types of skincare products you can possibly fathom. Nivea’s deodorants and anti-persipirants are widely popular with an ever increasing number of consumers. Therefore it is no surprise that they have begun manufacturing roll-on deodorants and managed to rake up consumers in this field too. The Nivea Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-on, Cool Kick is one of the model products that have gained accolades worldwide. This 50 ml bottle acts as the perfect anti-perspirant with its cool healing formula. Using it right after a shower leaves you feeling invigorated and ensures a total 48h hours of freshness. Not only does it have a very minty pleasing smell it also helps regulate your sweat glands making sure you sweat considerably less thus successfully preventing body odor. Additionally the Nivea Cool Kick is devoid of any alcohol, colorants or preservatives making it perfectly suitable for prolonged usage.

2. Sure Men Quantum Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Best Deodorants for Men

Sure Men Quantum is a dry anti-perspirant deodorant that can provide you about 48 hours of round the clock coverage from sweat to ensure you feel fresh, dry and confident throughout the day. With versatile and unique ingredients such as wood tones, spices and fresh citrus the roll-on gives off an enticing smell that is sure to turn heads your way. The Sure Men Quantum roll-on may just be a deodorant but it functions as well as any perfume would in terms of prolonging the sweet smell. So if you are someone who sweats a lot and needs round-the-clock freshness, then this product is exclusively for you.

1. L’Oreal Men Expert Sensitive Control Roll-on Deodorant

Best Deodorants for Men

L’Oreal is known for its top class products worldwide. They most certainly do not come for a cheap price but to be mighty honest, they could overcharge and still hold the market because their products are just that good. This 100ml bottled perfection is ideally made for men with sensitive skin which is actually more common than you think. Women aren’t the only ones with sensitivity issues and L’Oreal has effectively looked in that. In the new range of deodorants that L’Oreal has released the Sensitive Control Roll-on especially jumps out with its constituent that includes birch tree sap, which is the perfect solution for dry and sensitive skin. The product also has a fresh woody fragrance that lasts upto 48 hrs. This particular model also does not comprise of artificial elements such as aluminum salts and ethyl alcohol that can cause irritation and breakage to your skin.




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