Out of all the problems in a household, a clogged drain is the most troublesome. It causes trouble for the entire house, with a terrible smell and bacterial problem. It is an issue that can happen in every house at least once in their lifetime. If we do not take it seriously, it can even cause a lot of health problems.

The reasons for a blocked drain inside a household are many. It is mostly the lack of awareness in a person which causes a lot of issues. Hence, it is necessary to unlearn things from what we learn. In their article, let us look at some shocking objects that cause the drain to get clogged easily.


Human hair is a primary culprit with blocked drains at homes. Long hairs create coagulation inside the pipes and prevent water from seeping through easily. If they leave it unnoticed, the problem becomes serious, and water flows back into the opposite direction. It causes a flood in the bathroom or sink of the household with an unbearable odour.

Therefore, every person in the household should make sure that hairs are totally out of the drainage pipes by checking regularly. We should pull hairs out of the seeps with a hand glove or a drain spider.

  1. Dried Leaves and Dirt

If you think soils are particle that can easily seep through the drainage, you’re mistaken. Water drains get easily clogged with dirt as they are minute insoluble particles that get settled somewhere. The same applies to dry leaves or shrubs, especially after their increase in autumn and springs seasons.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep this natural debris away from the drainage system. Make it a priority to clean water drains outdoors often. Water the plants and trees very well as their roots move towards the drain pipes in search of water often.

  1. Toiletries

Even though many people are aware of this, they do not give it due importance. Toiletries like a sanitary napkin, toilet papers, baby napkins can easily clog the drain pipes. It needs a lot of effort to remove them off the drainage pipes. It is also disgusting and unhumanistic to make a person do this menial job.

There is only one proper way to dispose of any toiletries- take it out with your garbage. It is also environmentally friendly, as there are designated bins for its removal.

  1. Grease

One of the reasons for clogging in the kitchen is the oil build-up. Oil is an inevitable part of almost all recipes in Australia. These fatty substances are a nuisance that gets stuck to the insides of pipes. There build up a long time and causes it impossible for liquids to pass through.

One way to prevent grease formation down the drain is to avoid washing oily utensils directly under the kitchen sinks. We should remove the oil before we bring it under the sink to be.


There are a lot of other things which cause blocked drains. Some others include improper pipe installation, the build-up of sediment from the water, or presence of foreign substances. There would be serious problems in drainage systems during extreme rainfall and storm because of these. Hence, drains must be handled with care. Foreign bodies can multiply a long time and overflow at the most unexpected time.


Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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