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  • Can Dogs Eat Bananas

    Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

    Many people love to eat bananas. They are not only delicious & sweet but also serve as a healthy snack. But can dogs eat bananas too? As a pet owner, this question is something that keeps running through the mind. It is important to know what to give and what not to give to our […] More

  • cute things to say to a girl

    Top 10 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

    It is said that actions speak louder than words, but it is not always true when it comes to a person’s romantic life. Your girlfriend expects you to show them your caring, sweet side and will express the same in words. Saying I love you is one of the most common ways of expressing emotions. […] More

  • most expensive shoes

    Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

    Fashion has evolved in the most dramatic way. Each decade way back the 11th Century proved a drastic change in the interest of people by the changes of fabric in clothing, hats, and of course, shoes. We love to be in.  And in doing so, we strive hard to keep up with the trend. A […] More

  • how can i retrieve deleted text messages
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    How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

    We are accustomed to believing that technology will always find ways. Machines have evolved from gigantic sizes to the smallest possible. Data were encrypted in our unripe minds that can never fully interpret. Through the years, data from our virtual messaging have been tossed about into a space that only a computer language can decipher. […] More

  • how-to-get-grease-out-of-clothes

    How To Get Grease Out Of Clothes Under 30 Seconds ?

    Getting grease on clothing can be an easy mistake to make. It can be as a result of a splashing of grease from the frying pan, or a greasy stain on for example work overalls. Contrary to popular belief that getting grease stains out of clothing can be a nightmare, it is in fact much […] More

  • most-poisonous-spider-in-the-world

    Top 10 Most Poisonous Spiders In The World

      No matter, whether you are simply lying on the couch watching TV at your home or camping out in the wilderness, you are not that far away from the spiders. They can turn anything your store room, shoes, wardrobes as their home. These 8 legged nightmares are feared not only for its creepiness but […] More

  • funny videos on youtube

    Top 5 Most Popular Funny Videos On Youtube 2013

    Its well past the half way mark for 2013, so I thought to keep you updated on the most popular Youtube Videos that have gone viral on the internet so far. Some of them are international but some are really coincidental, making them even more interesting. Our pick of the top 5 most popular funny […] More

  • weird animals

    10 Freaky Weird Looking Animals Of Nature

    On some occasion, you might come across the most weird looking animals in wild or in literature. You can see all of them here. Most of weird animals listed below will stop anyone and make them wonder “how on earth these freak animals came into existence”?Few of the weird animal pictures perplex even the very […] More