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  • Most Beautiful Shemales

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Shemales In The World

    Sometimes things are beyond our understanding, may be because our minds are too narrow or maybe because we think in a one-sided way as we have been taught through these years. The world is undergoing a transformative change while addressing the issue to sexual minorities. We must believe that the right of even a single […] More

  • most popular tv shows in the world
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    World’s 10 Most Popular TV Shows

    Television has caught up with the film industry recently. Many books have been made into television series and rightly so because many times the intricacies of the details mentioned in the book are not fully brought out through a film, and this is where television series work well. However not all television series have made […] More

  • Fun challenges to do with friends
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    Top 8 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

    Speaking about challenges, there are many things that people can test themselves with. Whether it be sports, personal goals, or something fun, these dares are best done with friends who can cheer you on, or playfully discourage you. But whatever is the output of the challenge, what is important is that you and your friends […] More

  • Kristen-Stewart
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    10 Celebrities Who Don’t Use Social Media

    Social networking websites are one of the best ways to build your network and get to know what is happening around the world. It is more of today’s newspaper. Right from debuting a music album to dropping some fresh clothing brands, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is the ideal choice for celebrities. However, let’s not forget […] More

  • Britney Spears aging fast
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    10 Celebrities Who Are Aging Terribly

    Aging is something people always hate. However, it is bound to happen, and none can stop it. But when you are in the acting field, the story is completely different. There is no excuse to ignore yourself. For many stars, looking young and graceful is a priority. Although a few have mastered the skill to […] More

  • cool names for your xbox

    Best 100 Cool Xbox Names List

    So okay, there is no fun smashing noobs on Xbox if you have such a lousy and forgettable name after the game. Playing Xbox and winning does not only involve skill but rather a perfect gamer tag too. A perfect gamer tag is something that other gamers can remember when they think about you, and […] More

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses Born in 1910s

    Every one has its own unique beauty because human beings were created differently from each other. However, there are just some people whose age cannot define their beauty. And some of them were included in various lists of beautiful actresses for many decades. Below is the list. 1.Hedy Lamar Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler who was […] More

  • the-beyond

    Top 10 Best Surreal Movies

    Movies come in different genres such as horror, romantic, and comedy, among many others. Some of these movies are realistic, while some are somewhat surreal. However, only  few directors were only working for films that were based on surrealism. Surreal films are the kind of films you find strange, and can make you wonder if […] More

  • Harry-Potter-and-the-Goblet-of-fire

    Worst To Best : Ranking The Harry Potter Films

    Harry Potter was a global hit like any other stories and movies. But, unlike any other films, Harry Potter started as a book that was written by J.K Rowling. Since the book became well-known, the contract for this book to film was greatly phenomenal that leaves the die-hard fans of the Harry Potter series in […] More

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    10 Best Quotes From Game Of Thrones

    The season 6 of Game Of Thrones will start few months later but everyone is excited before it. The five seasons of Game Of Thrones were mind-blowing, exciting and jaw dropping. We saw love, hate and betrayal. And these all things make Game Of Thrones a great TV series. But the thing which makes it […] More

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