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  • hotels that allow dogs

    Top 10 Hotels That Allow Dogs In America

    I love my dog and so wherever I go I would want to carry my best friend with me all the time. By everywhere I mean even out of the state, however, the only problem in such a situation is that we, dog lovers, do not find suitable hotels that allow dogs in America. There […] More

  • most beautiful small dogs

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

    Dogs are cute. They are loyal, intelligent and loving creatures. No wonder they are called a man’s best friend. If a dog loves you for once in life, it will continue loving you all its lifetime. Apart from being faithful, they are adorable as well as beautiful. Their external beauty is no less than their […] More

  • Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons

    Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

    A dog is physiologically different from a human in various ways. This puts out a common question like – do dogs have belly buttons? Here is the answer. Do Dogs Have Belly Button? How Belly Buttons Are Formed? Whether it is a human or an animal, inside a mother’s womb, food, oxygen and other nutrients […] More

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    Small dog does a Big job

    This is a class of Gabrial’s Angel, a organization in Northern Arizona which is using pet therapy to help at-risk children in building self-esteem and social skills. Gabrial’s Angel has about 190 teams of theraphy dogs and their handlers that provide core lessons for the health and psychology developement of the children though playing and […] More

  • Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter

    Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

    Peanut butter is a sure treat for humans, especially with its tasty and delectable flavor. Most often than not, we want to give our dogs the best food that we can give them. When we have a favorite food, we always want to share it to our lovable pets for them to get a taste […] More

  • how often do dogs need shots

    What Shots Do Dogs Need – Every Pet Owner Should Know

    Dogs are like a family to us. So it is our responsibility to give them the maximum love and protection they deserve. You and your pet should visit the vet’s office at least once a year so your dog can receive a thorough physical examination and based on that, the vet can suggest what shots […] More

  • Havanese -dogs that stay small forever

    13 Cutest Small Dogs That Stay Small Forever

    TINY THINGS ARE CUTE. Everyone on this planet agrees this fact. If you think you that have any opposing thoughts, take a look at the list boasting the small dogs that stay small forever. You will change your perception. Apart from they are cute and adorable, there are many good reasons for adopting these smallest […] More

  • why does my dog lick the air

    Why Does My Dog Lick The Air ?

    This question is often discussed in the pet forums across the Internet. Though sometimes dog owners think this behavior as the way of getting kisses from the air, there are many more serious reasons behind. Why Does My Dog Lick The Air? There Is Something Wrong With His Mouth One of the main reasons behind […] More

  • why does my dog lick me

    Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much – 9 Must Know Reasons

    There can be no dog owner who hasn’t experienced the affectionate licks from his pet. As an owner of Italian grayhound and a pug, I have enjoyed those lovely licks but to be frank, I am not a big fan of a dog licking especially on my face. Since it’s the most common form of […] More

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