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  • cool things to build in Minecraft
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    Top 10 Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

    Minecraft is a craze in the computer world, especially for people whose creativity is enough to build fantastic things. Who would have not heard how Minecraft has become one of the household names in the computer world? Minecraft started from humble beginnings and turned into one of the most popular sandbox building games in the […] More

  • no audio devices are installed

    No Audio Output Device Is Installed – Solved

    Whenever you encounter No audio output device is Installed error, it means your operating system is unable to detect the drivers installed on your system. In such cases there are only 3 things that could have gone wrong. 1) Faulty drivers (95% possibility) 2)Faulty Windows (4% possibility) 3)Faulty Hardware (Mother board or sound jack) (1%) […] More

  • how-to-unblock-youtube-at-school

    How To Unblock Youtube At School, College And Workplaces

    The query, how to unblock YouTube at school is one of the most frequent queries entered in search engines every years. Surprisingly, the restrictions apart, YouTube continue to hold the third place in the list of the world’s most accessed websites. The reason is, it’s a home to the unlimited numbers of videos, and it […] More

  • awesome-facebook-statuses

    Top 50 Super Awesome Facebook Statuses – Funny, Intrigue & Hilarious

    Figuring out what to update in our status gets harder especially when we wish to score some likes and comments from our friends and followers we try to get attention for. If you truly want to stand out from the rest, stop filling your wall with the serious statuses like how you feel today or […] More

  • how to block a number from calling you

    How To Block A Number From Calling You

    Most of the people want to block certain numbers from calling them. There are many options available on the mobile phones to achieve this task. A person who wants to block a number should know about the options available in their phone. The manufacturer of the mobile phones would provide them with some tips to […] More

  • best-alarm-clocks-for-heavy-sleepers

    16 Most Creative Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

    Can you list out the things you hate in your life? Every one of us has their own long list. Waiting moments we have at the subway stations, doctor’s office, the sound of a siren, wall drilling, crying baby, barking dogs, electric guitar this list actually grows. Though these things seem to be annoying, there […] More

  • best-laptop-brands

    Best Laptop Brands For Gaming , Fashion And General Usage

    Finding the best brand of laptop is an extremely difficult task if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. If you have not immersed yourself into technology, when you begin your search on finding the best laptop it may look ease. But in real, it will not be the case. Anyhow, if you […] More

  • free-screen-sharing

    Free Screen Sharing And Video Conferencing – No Plug-in Needed

    Screen sharing became much simpler with the incorporation WebRTC into the new browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Fire Fox. You can share your screen with anyone available online without requiring to install any plug-in. How? Let’s explore in detail now. All you need to have is just latest Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Desktop […] More