cool things to do in seattleSeattle offers the best of both worlds. An excessive amount of indoor options and easy access to the areas spellbinding great outdoors are two of the things that Seattle is proud of. Seattle is full of iconic symbols such as the Space Needle and the ever-popular Pike Place Market. Some fun things to do in Seattle ranges from delicious cuisines to amazing adventures, and everything in between. You can find plenty of ways to stay busy in Seattle with kayaking, fresh seafood, or visiting the original Starbucks. There are a million cool things to do in Seattle to entertain locals and tourists.

10 Fun and Cool Things To Do In Seattle

Seattle is known as the Emerald City because of its art, culture, rain, and lots of food. It also has a panoramic view, which travellers and tourists can indulge. It is not hard to find fun things to do in Seattle. It is also one of the most visited destinations because of its exciting and unique activities, tours, and sightseeing.

The following are the ten fun things to do in Seattle that will make visitors appreciate the city even more.

10. Boeing Tour

10 cool things to do in seattle


Visit and witness the exhibit of Boeing’s Future of Flight and digitally design your jet. Jets are made inside the Boeing factory, which is 25 miles north of Seattle in Everett. It holds the production lines for different Boeing jets such as the 787 Dreamliner. A 90-minute guided tour and an adult admission for the exhibit is $18. For children to join the tour, they must be at least 4 feet and above.

9. Ballard Locks

things to do in seattle


Come and witness the nature of Pacific Northwest at the Ballard Locks where visitors can enjoy watching the salmon and boats. The boats are locked and are carried up and down, allowing the visitors to travel between Puget Sound and Seattle’s freshwater ways. The presence of a fish ladder allows the salmon to swim past up the locks formally known as the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks but is now called Ballard Locks after the local neighbourhood.

8. Chinatown International District

best stuffs to do in seattle


The Chinatown in Seattle emerged in the 1880’s and is considered as old as the city. Chinatown is called as the International District and is considered as the natural hub for Filipinos, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and other immigrants. The place is packed with Asian restaurants and shops and is the home to the Wing Luke Museum. The place exhibits the life and times of Pacific and Asian-Americans in the place for a total of $12.95 for adult admission. Visitors can also join the locals at bubble-tea shops or a delectable dim sum. Uwajimaya is a bustling supermarket of Asian foods and gifts.

7. Seattle Art Museum

fun things to do in seattle


This Art Museum that can be found in Seattle is the perfect place to be, especially during a rainy day. Visitors who would like to see everything from European master’s paintings, ancient Asian artworks to Native American carvings should visit this very well known museum. Museum admission is $17 for adults and a free admission on the first Thursday of the month.

6. Downtown Waterfront

what to do in seattle


This is a broad sidewalk along the harbour front with eateries, shops, and wooden piers along the bay. Visit the Seattle Aquarium and marvel at the beauty of what lives in and beyond the local waters with $19.95 admission for adults. Visitors can also ride the Seattle Great Wheel that is 175 feet tall Ferris Wheel with gondola-typed cabins. Visitors can view the whole city, the Elliot Bay, and the Olympic Mountains at $13 for tickets.

5. Museum of History and Industry

cool things to do in seattle in weekends

Travellers should not miss visiting this museum even though it does not have an enticing name. MOHAI was reopened last 2012 with new displays of multimedia galleries at Lake Union Park. The museum exhibits the life in Seattle and Puget Sound from maritime past to cutting-edge culture at $14 as admission for adults. There is also Center for Wooden Boats that has more than 100 historic boats, wharf, rental boats, and a free vintage boat rides every Sunday.

4. Washington State Ferries

seattle ferry ride

A quick, fun, and cheap sightseeing boat ride is available for a walk in a passenger on the Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry with only $7.70 round trip fare for adults. If the water is clear, tourists will be able to see 14, 410 foot Mount Rainier looming to the south.

3. Olympic Sculpture Park

best places to visit in seattle


The Olympic Sculpture Park is a home of artworks such as Alexander Calder’s Eagle, which is six tons of red painted steel that seem like an abstract soaring bird. Tourists and visitors can also wander amid sculptures to have a longer, lovely walk along the 1.2-mile waterfront path in Myrtle Edwards Park. The sculpture garden is open every day from sunrise to sunset and admission is free.

2. Space Needle

best places to see in seattle

This is one of the most popular places to visit in Seattle because of its great view of the city from the top. This was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, and it is 605 feet tall that looks like a flying saucer towering over the Seattle Center. Tourists could spend time at the Pacific Science Center, food court, Chihuly glass display, and theaters. The Space Needle is open daily from morning to evenings. Adults should pay $19 as an admission from the elevator ride to the deck.

1. Pike Place Market

top best places to see in seattle


This beloved and historical downtown public market has been in the business from 1907 to present times. Vegetables, cheese, flowers, and seafood are the top products that visitors can find. Vendors at Pike Place Fish Market are always smiling and joking, drawing the crowd. There was also Down Under that is a maze of small shops under the main-level market. Visitors can also find the original Starbucks here.

These ten cool things allow tourists and locals to enjoy great outdoors in Seattle. It is also a great way to learn more about the city.

In-Door Experience In Seattle

Seattle is also known for its rainy weather, but it is not considered as the wettest in the United States. If you would like to visit the City of Seattle, take a raincoat and enjoy the indoor activities that Seattle has to offer. So, what are the things to do in Seattle while raining?

  • Experience getting out of the rain and learn the rich history of the city. Visit the museums that house collections of photographs, artifacts, and even fossils of dinosaurs.
  • Watch a film at the heart of Seattle’s eclectic Broadway. After the show, relax in the lobby and enjoy listening to the sweet sound of the grand piano.
  • Drink and dine in a coffee shop while watching the rainfall. Spend time in a coffee shop and sip a cup of latte to make you feel warm and relaxed.
  • Explore the great outdoors. Since water surrounds Seattle, you can take a tour through a ferry that will give you the chance to learn the areas maritime and cultural history.

There are different fun things to do in Seattle. The City of Seattle is clean, and the downtown Seattle is a mix of a classy high rises and office buildings with poverty-stricken areas that are scattered throughout. Seattle has a lot to offer if you are looking for a nice long weekend getaway. Its culture is rich with music, sports, food, and arts.

Other things that you should do if ever you have the chance of doing:

  • Explore the streets of Seattle along the seaside while riding on your rented bike.
  • Try visiting Georgetown, the oldest neighbourhood of Seattle.
  • Check out the locks and spend a day at the Ballard Sunday Farmers Market.
  • Spend a day finding the Fremont Troll lurking under the Aurora Bridge.

Seattle is nature’s playground based on its natural beauty and rich history. It is no wonder why after visiting; tourists find the place hard to leave. In Seattle, there are thousands of cool things to do for an adventurer. As you wander from coast to city and mountains to forests, you will soon learn to understand why so many people chose to live in this paradise.

You will not get bored, as it offers a variation of wonderful things to do. It is also the perfect place for those who are interested in tasting some great food, doing some shopping, and visiting some of the most beautiful natural lands around the city. Visitors should see to it that they would be able to have a unique experience that they will not be able to forget. The City of Seattle is special because of the experiences and memories that a tourist will surely have.


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