Everyone wants to be cool, right? Despite the different definition of what cool really means, many people familiarize the word with what is trending and what is unique. If you have something that is very rare or something that is the current craze in town, you are definitely on the cool side. If you want to be cool, yet you don’t know what to have to be called such, buy something from the list of coolest things on Amazon.

10 Coolest Things On Amazon

1. Waterproof Socks

Price: $23 to $53
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coolest things on amazon

With these socks, you don’t have to worry about getting wet or soaking your precious feet in rain puddles. This pair of socks is ultra light and ankle length, which helps protect the feet better than any ordinary socks. This is also a great choice for biking, dog walking and running, especially during warm seasons, where you need to keep your feet ultimately dry. So, it truly is one of the coolest things to buy on Amazon.

2. Reflective Fire Glass Pit

Price: $26.99

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best things to buy on amazon

See that blue stone where the fire is? That’s the fire glass! Fire glass is available in different colors and you can choose from any other brands. The reason this product is listed as one of the coolest things on Amazon is that it adds elegance to fire burning. Let us stay away from the old rather boring tradition of using wood to make a fire. Use firestones to add more beauty to fire burning.

3. Bubble Pet Carrier

Price: $66.59
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A bubble pet carrier is necessary if you own cats or dogs at home. Not only will you be able to bring along your pet wherever you go, but you can also carry your furry friend in style. Having a pet carrier backpack is very convenient. Once can easily place the pet on his or her back / front and it is mostly equipped with adjustable straps to ensure proper fitting and security.

4. Light Up Shoes

Price: $34.99 on Sale

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cool stuff to buy on amazonWhy settle for a pair of regular sneakers when you can use something cooler? This product is indeed one of the best things to buy on Amazon. Wear this Light Up LED Shoes and start glowing. This specific pair of sneakers from iTURBOS also offers seven static color modes, three dynamic color modes and one special strobe mode as a bonus.

It also has a hidden control switch, which will make it easier for you to change color modes in an easy, quick and hassle free way. So what are you waiting for? I believe it is time for you to get this cool pair of sneaks NOW while it is still on sale.

5. Safety Glasses That Emit Light

Price: $21.99
Buy Here

cool things to buy on amazon

A reading glass with its own light is a must-have for people who love to read. What could be a better cool stuff to buy on Amazon than this? It will conserve your time and effort to put on the lights in your room and put it off when you are about to sleep and too lazy to get out of bed. This pair of glasses is embedded with two LED lights on its frame giving you a great amount of light, which is more than enough to read the letters of your favorite book.

6. Star Wars Darth Vader Shower Handle

Price: $32.95
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This showerhead is one of the coolest things on Amazon for all the Star Wars fanatics out there. Star Wars is and will always be cool no matter how many generations passed. And having this Darth Vader shower head is a great way to boost your coolness. On top of being a cool thing to add in your bathroom, it will also save you as much as $85 annually because of its Water Sense-certified handheld shower.

7. Floating Speaker

Price: $149.99
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This floating speaker is also one of the coolest things on Amazon because it levitates! It floats in the air with 10mm ground clearance and it has a special sound guide cone, which increases its 3D surround effect. You can pair this floating speaker to any Smartphone or tablet with NFC function.

8. Secret Money Belt

Price: $20.00
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With all the ongoing crimes of robbery in today’s time, it is better safe than sorry. Having this belt with its secret money holder is a must-have for people who are always on the go and is carrying cash. This will not only save you some money, but it can also save your life when the right time comes. It also has a plastic buckle, which allows you to pass through airport security checks easily.

9. Tactical Pen

Price: 19.95 on sale
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Detectives and spies look cool with their multi-functional gadgets. If you want to look look cool like thme, here is the perfect thing to hold in your pocket. This tactical pen from Hoffman Richter is one of the coolest things to buy on Amazon. The pen is made from resistant aircraft grade aluminum and hand-machined out of solid block of aluminum, which makes it very durable. It can also break glass in case you need an emergency escape.

10. Inflatable Air Mattress For Travel

Price: $54.99
Buy Here

coolest things on amazon

This inflatable car bed is a great buy for road travelers and campers who are always on the go. Not only is this thing cool but also very useful and convenient. With this particular car bed, you no longer need to set up camping tents or checked-in on hotels or inns because you can sleep anywhere you want at anytime of the day inside your car.

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