A baby is a bundle of joy who gives light even on the darkest days and laughter even on the most sorrowful times. Babies are important in our life even if they don’t have any tasks to perform or do, or so we thought. Many baby boys can be a headache at times, but that does not stop us from seeing how lovely they can be at such a young age. Here are the 10 cutest boys in the world who can surely make your day.

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10 Cutest Boys In The World

The main task of a baby in our life is probably the most important task of all time, and that is to make other people happy and forget how stressful life can be, especially when they already make you laugh using their adorable smiles and innocent antics.

1. The Blue-Eyed

Cutest boy in the world

We all love different colors of eyes, but there is something with people who have blue eyes. They captivate us and make us want just to stare at them all day. What if a cute and innocent looking baby has eyes with such majestic blue colors? I am sure that you would stop whatever it is that you are doing and just stare at him all day. This little blue-eyed lad is the cutest boy in the world.

2. The Shocker

Cutest boys in the world

The shock expression on this baby’s face is priceless, and I will not miss it for the whole world if given the chance to witness it personally. Seeing this baby boy even just on, my computer or phone screen has erased all tired energy from my body because of how cute he simply is. Maybe he was caught off guard by the flash of the camera or whatever, but one thing is for sure, he is one of the cute boys I have seen on this list.

3. The Baby Bunny

cutest baby boys

We all love bunnies! I used to grow up idolizing Bugs Bunny because he is cute, but I must admit that this little tote is cuter than Bugs is! That crocheted head cover with its rather long ears made the kid more adorable than the usual bonnets that parents are used to providing their children to wear. And check out those curious eyes looking at you as if saying, “Will I get some carrots too?” I will give this baby a hundred thumbs-up sign.

4. The Swag

cutest baby boys

They said that swag won’t pay the bills ten years from now, but who cares anyway? If the swag is as cute as this baby is, then I can risk my chances. This swag baby is one of the top 10 cutest boys in the world because he already knows his fashion even at an early age and surprisingly, he can pull it off effortlessly.

He is cute, and he is swag. Therefore, he can charm his way to girls’ hearts a few years from now too. So be careful, ladies, this cute little boy will make you wonder why you were born 20 years ahead of him.

5. The Mad Man

baby boys who are cute

The mad man is a cute little boy who knows that he’s the boss. If we have a killer lady boss, then she should also meet her match if comes face to face with this baby boy. He looks irritated, so I believe that it is better for us to appease this little sunshine before he starts his tantrums.

6. The Kisser

cool baby boys

Even babies know how to make their moves. One of our top 10 cutest boys in the world knows just how much of a heartthrob he is that he wants a kiss from you. Who can resist such adorable and expectant face, right? I’m sure that many adults will take the time to cuddle and give hundreds of kisses to this baby just to make him content and satisfied.

7. The Stolen Kiss

cool baby boys

If we have a baby who wants to become a kisser, we also have a baby who knows that even if he does not do anything, women will just come over to him and kiss him. That’s the result of being extremely cute and irresistible.

He probably is the cutest boy in the world to have taken a kiss from someone who finds this baby amazing that she even gave him a kiss and left a kiss mark. The kiss must have been good because it’s evident on his face, right? This little boy is certainly worth applause for being so cool and simply irresistible.

8. The Swimmer

cutest baby boys in the world

Joseph Schooling recently beat Michael Phelps in his bid for his last individual Olympic medal, but Joseph Schooling should already feel the threat brought about by this cute baby in the swimming pool. As early as now, this baby is taking waves of admiration for being in the water as early as that age and for being one of the cute boys that we have seen inside it.

Not only is he considered as a cute baby, but he should also be labelled as the “aqua man” because of this. Ahh, no wonder why we need life guards because babies such as him will make us jump into the pool too.

9. The Chinky-Eyed

cutest baby boys in the world

Asians may have brown skins, but that doesn’t make them any less cute than their Western counterparts. This little baby just made that statement. So for those who thinks that Asians are not cute, think again. With his chinky eyes, fair complexion, and rosy cheeks, this little lad is cute. On top of that, he also knows how to play around the camera making him one good candidate to become a model someday, if not now.

10. The Boy In The Bathtub

cutest baby boys in the world

I included the photo of this baby in the bathtub because seeing him made me smile. Yes, he is cute, but there is more to this picture than that. He reminds us of how we love water as a child, and how we make use of bathtubs as swimming pools back then. Due to our small size, we think that the tub is already a swimming pool, and we take pleasure in it.

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