Babies’ adorable smiles and innocent faces make our days brighter and happier. We envy how people react to little totes whose faces circulated online because they are cute. Here are 10 cutest girls in the world whose pictures are something you will love to see again and again.

10 Cutest Girls In The World

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1. Baby In The Beach

Cutest Girls In The World

The baby in the picture is Maria Letizia Dantes.Widely known as baby Zia, she is the first born daughter of Filipino actor Dingdong Dantes and actress Marian Rivera. Baby Zia has captivated the hearts of her parents’ followers in Instagram because of her cute and innocent face.

She even graced several magazine covers and shot a few TV commercials even before she reached the age of one year old! Zia also surpassed other swimsuit-wearing actresses in the number of likes garnered in an Instagram swimsuit photo posted by her mum, Marian, last summer. Now can someone beat this cutest girl in the world? I think… none.

2. Cute Bad Smell Look

cute girls photos

The name of the baby in this picture is unknown, but that doesn’t make her any less cute, right? She is one of the cute young girls, which any mothers would like to have or at least wish for their babies to resemble. And look at her eyes, I bet that when she grows older, many boys will fall captive just by one look from her. Despite being wacky (which only a few babies can pull off), the little girl in the picture is still pretty. It did not make her ugly at all, in fact, it added more to her cuteness.

3. The One With The Chinky Eyes

cutest girl pictures

With chinky eyes that can melt your heart just by looking at her, there is no question why this baby made it on our list. She certainly knows how to pose in front of the camera too! So back off Victoria’s Angel models because this cute girl will strut herself on the catwalk a few years from now. Even adult ladies should learn a thing or two on how to project themselves in front of the cameras from this baby because she did it so effortlessly and yet the quality of the shot is perfect.

4. Girly All The Way

really cute girls

Pink and fluffy… this baby is one of the cutest girls in the world even if she looks like a flower bud. Yes, she reminds us of a flower who is on the verge of blooming, and we just want to cuddle her up in our arms and smell her too! Her gray eyes also add more attraction to her white complexion which makes her perfect. Even the pearls don’t do her enough justice because she is already a gem with or without it.

5. Exotically Cute Baby

beautiful girl in the world

The features of this baby’s face are one of a kind. We love how her thick eyelashes cover her innocent eyes, how her nose balances her entire look and how kissable her baby lips are! And we can’t take our eyes from her obvious kinky hair even if it is covered with a headband.

This baby is one of the cute young girls that will make other races admire exotic beauties because even as young as she is, she already exudes the aura and the warmth of how beauty transcends culture and differences.

6. The App Baby

pics of cute girls

We cannot deny the fact that her make-up is made through a make-up application, which went viral on phones, but we also cannot deny that this girl is one of the cutest girls in the world. Is it because of the makeup, or because of her after-bath costume? Whatever is the reason of her cuteness, we set it aside and just admire how unique and cuddly she is. I will give a thumbs-up to her mum or whoever is behind this baby’s picture.

7. She’s The Boss

Cutest Girls In The World

This little girl knows (and wants you to know too!) that she is the boss. As young as she is, Scarlet Snow Belo already knows who is in command… and that is obviously her. Scarlet Snow is a daughter of two cosmetic doctors, Doctors Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo.

Scarlet is already the endorser and face of her parents’ baby product line at an early age, thus, making her a model even before she can walk without any support. Now, that is already enough for us to envy this cute girl.

8. Little Red Riding Flower Head

Cutest Girls In The World

Move over, Red Riding Hood! One of cutest girls in the world is ready to take your place. This little girl in an oversized red headband and shorts is cute. She makes us smile not only because of her costume, but the girl herself is 100% adorable. We don’t know what her expression tells us, but we do hope that she’s not mad for whoever made her wear those shorts and headband in front of the camera.

9. Thinking Little Girl

cute girls in the world

It makes us wonder what this cute baby is thinking. Is she thinking how cute she is just like what we are thinking too? The white ribbon headband and the white fur on the background is a good contrast on her dark eyes. She looks smart and classy, and it gives us a glimpse of how she can be a great and successful woman in the future.

10. The Music Lover

Cutest Girls In The World

Why do we love this baby? Not only is she a music lover, but she has the cutest and adorable cheeks that we have ever seen! This little girl certainly knows how to mix groove with suave. We already know how she will be a great and terrific musician someday since she is already being trained as early as babyhood, and mind you, she will storm herself through our hearts with her cutest way someday.


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