Give a boost to your mood with the presence of festivals and occasions.The iheartraves is the website from where you can get the trendy dresses, makeup, accessories, jewelry for any occasion. The online shopping has made it really convenient and easier to shop for the desired things. The festivals make life colorful and happening; these help in removing the dull and boring life routine effects from one’s soul.

People celebrate multiple of events like cultural festivals, traditional festivals, religious festivals, regional festivals, trendy events, life occasions, and much more. All these need some preparation like dressing and decorous really cannot get such stuff so easily for the markets. This stuff is mostly available on the internet. Many websites offer such stuff in large variety and affordable prices. Following are some festivals and their preparations:

Halloween party:

Halloween party is celebrated almost worldwide people really enjoy the concept of these ghosts, spiders, and horror characters. People start the preparation from a long time ago. There are many themes under Halloween like unicorn party, ghost party, black night party, pirate party, princess party, superhero party, horror pumpkin party, witch party, and much more.

You can avail the consumers of these themes from online stores of the websites conveniently. Do not worry about the time as you can get the order in a few working days. Order the parcel at least one week before the event just to ensure its availability.  


Christmas is one of the top celebrating festivals in the world. People arrange its accessories like the Christmas tree, shiny balls, the fancy stuff to hang on the trees, and much more from online websites. The website provides these in the affordable price and also offer deals on the occasions.

The dresses like red and white soft coats, the full skirt with white lace, the blazers, leather pants are more common dresses to be seen at Christmas.


Eid is the religious festival of the Muslims. It is like a traditional festival in which women love to wear heavy dresses with heavy jewelry. The dresses can be long maxi, long frocks, kurta, and many more. Heavy jewelry like Bindiya, Jhumka, Bali, the choker is in trend. The fancy heels along with Khussa, both have popularity o for the festival of Eid.

Banana party:

Banana Party is the party of the youngster where all come in the funky dresses. The colorful theme of the party excited the people more and made them happy and joyous. The banana party is meant to enjoy and have fun together. The loud songs on the music system make them environment-friendly. You can get the sound system from the online websites too.


It is the traditional festival of Indians. Indian women do lots of preparation for this. It is the festival of colors. They make Rangoli on the floor with the color powders. It is just like the powder drawing. The heavy dresses like the colorful lehenga choli are mostly preferred. You can get many ideas from this festival and even the branded lehengas online.


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