Screen sharing became much simpler with the incorporation WebRTC into the new browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Fire Fox. You can share your screen with anyone available online without requiring to install any plug-in. How? Let’s explore in detail now.

All you need to have is just latest Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Desktop and android versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are packed with the support for WebRTC. It is one of the emerging standard in the field of web technology. WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communications. It helps the web developers to add some real-time audio video capabilities into their web applications without proprietary codecs and plug-ins.

Using the WebRTC developers can actually build screen sharing app which can include the features like audio and video conferencing, voice calling, screen sharing, screen casting and video broad casting. All can be done only with the browser and simple Java Script.

To understand the WebRTC better, I suggest you to watch the below Google I/O video.

Screen Sharing Apps Need No Plugins

Although support for WebRTC is not provided by most of the browsers like Safari and IE, as you can see there are already few web apps like, and are using WebRTC to provide a single click screen sharing functionality in the browser.

Again you don’t need to download anything to make this free screen sharing app workable. Just make sure you have a latest chrome browser. A little setting needs to be enabled in your chrome browser anyway. Firefox will automatically enables this option once you enter in these websites.

Follow these steps and enable the audio and video sharing options in chrome


  • In chrome browser’s address bar Type “chrome: ://flags
  • Scroll down to spot the setting that says “Enable screen capture support in getUserMedia()“. As this page is really long, use “ctrl+f” with the text getUserMedia().
  • This search will get you to the right settings . Click “Enable and then click “re-launch the browser
  • Long list of settings will be displayed with the warning” Careful, these experiments may bite

How To Do Free Screen Sharing? and are websites which allow you share your desktop screen with an individual or a group through chrome and Firefox browsers. All you need to do is, just open anyone of these websites.



Image source:

  • Type / (supports only chrome)
  • Chrome will ask your permission to use camera and microphone
  • Click allow.
  • Click “share my screen” button.
  • At the time you initiate a free screen sharing session, you will asked to enter a name for your conversation. This will be used in creating the web url
  • For example the name I have entered while initiating the session was “test” so it will show a url like
  • Now anyone who knows this URL can easily view your screen on their chrome browser without requiring to install any single piece of software program or plugin. So screen sharing made as simple as it is.

Initiate Private Sessions To Protect Your Screen

If you are scared to share your screen live on a public network, has a solution for you.  When you use free screen sharing with the, it provides an option to initiate the private sessions in which your screen will be shared with the password.

How To Make Free Video Conferences Without Any Software?

There are so many software programs are available to conduct free video conferences. But what if you want to conduct a video conference without installing any software program? provides a solution for you.

Through you can conduct a free video conference. A group can have up to 8 participants for one session. Your desktop screen can also be shared with this group of all the 8 people who are in your chat room.

Just type the url, allow the application to share your  webcam and microphone. Initiate a video conferencing session and start collaborate. Happy Conferencing!


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