So now you got a new member to add up into your lovely family. Congratulations! As a new expecting mum, Instead of going with the usual pregnancy announcement ideas, you have decided to announce it in a creative way. Well, that’s a nice move and it’s a good beginning.Here we have included some of the best, cute and creative ways to announce pregnancy to your partner and family. Browse through the ideas, book mark it and bring it in action when you are ready.

Fun,Cute, And Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Idea 1: Announce It Through Word Play

The moment you come to know that you are pregnant, Obviously the first person who would ever strikes your mind will be your husband. How do you plan to bring up this exciting news to him? Make him to play a Scrabble with you. Lead him towards the phrase, “You Are Going To Be A Daddy”. I’m sure both, the idea and news will flatten your partner.

announcing pregnancy to husband

Fix an invisible camera and record this little drama. Not only your partner but even your kid would feel proud for having such a creative announcement.

Idea 2 : Break It In A Family Shot

creative ways to announce pregnancy to family

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Assemble everyone in your family or just your partner and make them ready for a family shot. Set a self timer and tell them “you are pregnant” when the shutter clicks. Watch their reaction. Preserve this freezing moment because it has to passed through generations.

Idea 3 : Convey It Through Eviction Notice

cute ways to announce pregnancy

If you have an older child and if he/she still uses the baby crib, stick a printed notice on the front side of crib mentioning the expected arrival date of your next little one. I guess it must be the only sweet scenario in which even tenants would accept the eviction happily.

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Idea 4 : Big Brother Or Big Sister Pregnancy Announcements

cute ways to announce pregnancy

Take a short with your first child with a big smile on his or her face. Upload it to your photo editing app and include the words “Yay! I am going to be a Big Brother / Big sister” with the due date. Send it to your husband and family. Its one of the most popular cute ways to announce pregnancy to everyone around you.

Idea 5 : Make Your Canines Convey The News

creative ways to announce pregnancy

Having the siblings to convey the arrival of little one is cute. What if its your first child. Your canine friends come in rescue. Make them show the customized sign “Soon To Be Big Brother(s)” Aww! It’s beyond adorbs. No matter how big or tiny your dog is, when the little ones arrives to your family, he will start to behave so responsible as if it’s his brother/sister.


Idea 6 : Add A Third Little Cup To Your Coffee Table

creative ways to announce pregnancy

If you and your partner has the habit of having coffee together in the morning then it must be top cute ways to announce pregnancy to your partner. Buy a third little cup, pour some milk into it and bring it with a coffee tray. When your partner sees this one, along with the 2 other usual cups, yeah, he would figure out himself that you are pregnant.

Idea 7 : Hung The Baby’s First Ornament On A X-mas Tree

creative ways to announce pregnancy to family

If it’s around Christmas, then there can’t be any other better day than the day of Christmas for announcing pregnancy to parents and others. Break this news only to your husband using any one of the creative pregnancy announcement ideas listed here . Invite your family and friends to celebrate this Christmas with you. With the help of your partner, decorate your Christmas tree such that it grabs the attention of everyone automatically. Hang one extra little socks of the baby’s first ornament on your Christmas tree and make it as a spot light. Your guests will never forget this announcement to the rest of their life.

Idea 8 : Bun In The Oven

creative ways to announce pregnancy to family

Make your mom and his mom coming to your place for a picnic or a sort of thing to your home. Keep a bun in the oven and make them check what is there. You and your partner stand behind them with the camera. They will figure out what is going on. Freeze these moments into your camera and show this footage to your kid when she/he grows up. Recreate all the ideas listed in creative ways to announce pregnancy, preserve it and present it to your kid when he reach the age to understand these things.

Idea 9 : Say It Through An E-card

creative ways to announce pregnancy to family

Design an ecard online and send it to your partner. Edit the front to state, “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT”. “ Copy and paste the following words and make it to be the inside of the card. “Congrats, your swimmers won the race. Prize to be claimed in 9 months“. It’s one of the most funny ways to announce pregnancy to your partner. As you want to watch his reaction in person, make him to read this mail when he is in front of your eyes.

Idea 10 : Wear Bun In The Oven T-shirt

creative ways to announce pregnancy to family

This fun way to announce pregnancy is quite popular one. Get a “bun in the oven” T-shirt and appear before your partner and a family. Many websites accept the customized T-short Prints. They even have templates. Just edit the due date and place an order. If it’s around Christmas or some other family function, wearing this Tshirt will convey this sweet message to everyone around you in the most sweetest way.

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Idea 11: Fill His Socks Rack With Baby Socks

cute ways to announce pregnancy

Purchase several pairs of baby stockings and baby boots. Replace your partner’s socks drawer with these little items. He will go open it in a hurry to reach his office and will see these little ones. Watch his reaction and tell us the rest.

Alternatively, you can also place a pair of baby booties next to your partner’s shoes.

 Idea 12 : Gifts From The Future Bookworm

cute ways to announce pregnancy

Purchase few children books containing the bed time tales. Make its first page convey the message “Please read these stories to me in August (or in September if I am late). Sign it with the last name. Send this gifts to your partner’s and your parents.

Idea 13 : Fortune Cookies

creative ways to announce pregnancy to family

Order fortune cookies that says “We are expecting to have a baby on (due date)”. Serve it to your family during the meal time. Everyone will figure out the picture.

Idea 14 : Say It With Expresso Latte

Practice the latte art and garnish your coffee to convey the news. You can do the beautiful latte art with a little practice. Watch the videos and practice it yourself. Once you master the art, you can use this same trick in everyone’s cup of coffee.

creative ways to announce pregnancy

Idea 15 : Say It With EPT

cute ways to announce pregnancy

Tell your partner that you want to shop the items that are more expensive. They all crossing the budget and you want him to have a quick check. Ask him to grab a paper. Here is the twist. Instead of giving him the pen, give him an EPT. He may think it as a high lighter at first. Pass it to his hands and enjoy the show. This fun way of announcing pregnancy is sure to bring tears from his eyes.


Our idea with fortune cookies on creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, is already a big hit on reddit and this means guys are in love with this idea.

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5 years ago

I love each way of announcing about pregnancy, in particular, the last five ideas. All of them are truly creative.

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