For those who are enthusiastic about the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) but are finding it difficult to start their way with the game, drop your worries as we are here to help you out with your gaming journey. Remember that you can also have GTA 5 for your mobile. Choose the option of Mobile GTA5 Download and voila!

GTA 5 can be confusing to many, especially the beginners and looking out for information can either help you or not since the data present out there holds no guarantee of being right.

This guide will help newbies maneuver their way through the game while it will help the established players cover a lot more ground as they progress along. This guide will help players include all the missions and collectibles.

Welcome to Los Santos

features of GTA5

1. The User Interface

The user interface of GTA 5 is a thing to reckon with as it offers the clear diction and portrayal of the most natural of circumstances. Adhering to minimalism, it does not have a crowded look and is a welcoming change to those who have played the preceding versions of the Grand Theft Auto.

Some of the smallest features like the minimap which was rectangular and bulky but now has an elliptical feature which makes it very prominently neat.

2. Customization

In past GTA forms, the main thing you could modify your garments, and, after its all said and made, the choice wasn’t that huge. GTA V intends to change this by giving you a chance to redo everything from your character, to the weapons you’re conveying. Characters would now be able to have tattoos, get a hairstyle, browse a tremendous assortment of garments, caps, glasses, and so on.

Vehicle customization is, on the whole, another level. There are more than 1000 vehicle changes to deceive out your rides with. You can update your motor, brakes, suspension, include nitro, and considerably more. Ultimately, weapons would now be able to be modified with silencers, laser sights, broadened mags, extensions, and the sky is the limit from there.

3. The Character’s Characteristics

The stats in GTA Los Santos will be a helpful feature in unlocking the variations of your characters and choosing the right player for your missions. This will help you optimize your game strategy and understand the nuances of the heist that you will be conducting.

For instance, if the mission calls for flying extensively, your best bet is Trevor, who is a former military pilot and his flying abilities surpasses the other two characters

4. The Artificial Intelligence

While Ai is here to rule the roost, why not pepper GTA 5 with such novelty? The Ai has dramatically enhanced the features of the game and made it more realistic. This time, the extras in the game are not random figures standing in the game but real humans who are going about the day.

Someone might be walking their dog while someone may be on call. This hint of realism adds extra taste to the game, which was otherwise missing before. This additional zing is perfect for add the humanistic approach in the game that makes the experience much more real, though it might be a bit gory at times, but hey, you knew this game about stealing right?

5. Graphics

Previously, GTA was solely focused on the leading players and the heist. Not much attention was imparted to the background features that made it look like a loose end and not to mention, extremely blurry. GTA 5 has tightened those screws and has the sharpness in every corner of the game with highly realistic features that make the experience more life-like.

6. The Cops

The cops in the GTA games have been very disappointing. The most concerning issue being that they have some “wallhacks” and when you are battling them, regardless of whether you stow away in the darkest corner, they by one way or another consistently appear to know precisely where you are.

Simultaneously, making tracks in the opposite direction from them via vehicle is simple. Take a couple of turns, park, and they won’t probably discover you. GTA V plans to change the majority of that by changing the needed framework and improving the AI of both the cops and the SWAT groups.

This time around there will be a 5 star needed framework rather than the typical 6, despite everything you attempt to get away from a roundabout zone like in GTA IV, yet this time, you can really conceal someplace while still in the roundabout zone on the grounds that the cops have a viewable pathway framework where on the off chance that they don't see you, they will never again know where you are!

Rockstar likewise referenced that the SWAT in the game is sorted out and centered not at all like in the past games, and will be progressively forceful too.

7. The Economic Scenario

You will most likely burn through cash to purchase fascinating and fun things like expensive toys. We are as yet taking a shot at the economy, yet it will be a substantial component in the game, and players will be anxious to make cash to burn through cash.

In GTA IV, there indeed wasn’t anything to spend your money on except some garments, firearms, and nourishment. This time around, cash will have a genuine reason in the game, and you will have the motivation to spare it.

8. The New and Improved City of Los Santos

Liberty City in GTA 4 was entirely massive, yet it needed assortment, the entire thing was simply city lanes, with no wild or whatever else to investigate. GTA 5 world has a ton of fascinating zones to investigate going from the urban wilderness, to the tallest mountains and wherever in the middle.

Players can investigate submerged also, and discover fortunes concealed far beneath the seas, lakes, waterways, and so forth.

Let us know what are your favorite features of GTA5 and how are you navigating through the sin city of Los Santos.


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