What is the visualization you have in your mind when you hear the word” hypnotism?”. Is it a figure popularized in the comic books and movies? As you imagine, in our real world, there is no goateed man who waves his pocket watch front and forth. Neither he makes his subject to enter into the zombie like state nor a semi sleep state.

To be frank when the subject is hypnotized he enters into the hyper attentive state and the subject will not act as the slave to respond “yes master” for even a strange things. They will have the completely free will.

Our understanding on how does a hypnotherapy work is greatly improved throughout the past century. Anyhow the phenomenon is still remains as a mystery.

how does hypnosis work

So What’s The Science Behind How Does Hypnosis Work?

As we all knew, hypnosis works with the our subconscious mind which is located at your side of the brain. On the left side, there exists a conscious mind. This fact is simplification of a very complex system, but to understand how does hypnosis work, this detail will suffice. Let’s don’t go too deep .

Conscious mind is the primary part that is used to deal with our everyday activities.  It is built in a logical and critical way.  Our conscious mind will not accept anything that easily. It will first assess the information to decide whether it is logically verifiable. As opposite to the conscious mind, our subconscious mind will accept anything blindly without passing any questions.  As far as the subconscious mind is concerned,  every info it receives will seem true.

So it’s the uncritical acceptance of the subconscious mind which we exploit to bring any positive behavioral changes or habits into any subject.  Technically, the person who is about to hypnotized is referred as subject. I hope now you have a bare idea on how does hypnosis work with our subconscious mind.

Although we work according to the conscious mind, actually it’s our sub conscious mind that have the full control of our emotions , habits and feelings. It’s the how people quickly respond and act accordingly when the new ideas and  suggestions are imposed through hypnotherapy.

How the hypnotherapy is used to quit smoking or lose weight?

Many science researchers were conducted on how does hypnotherapy work on different people in a different way.

In fact, the father of modern hypnotism is an Australian physician Franz Mesmer. He claims that the hypnosis is a mystical force that flows right from the hypnotist to the indented subject. Nowadays even physicians are trained with the hypnotherapy.

Are you asking what they do with the hypnotism? When they hypnotize the people who are suffering with the extreme pain, they will feel relieved from the pain. You can even hypnotize a smoker and change his behavior like he is a non smoker now and the habit of smoking is revolting & dangerous. One could also hypnotize the obese person that they no longer can enjoy potatoes, French fries, bread, rice etc..

By imposing these changes into one’s subconscious mind, it will lead to any desired changes.

How does Hypnosis feel like?

When the subject is hypnotized, he / she will not have any special sensation. But the general feeling is reported by so many who have experienced it.

Once the session is completed, during the trance some felt really heavy and some felt a numbness. Some people reported they had a feel like a baloon, floating weightlessly on the air.

During the trance, some people had experience a time distortion. Subjects usually have surprised to see what they have felt like 5 minutes in the complete restfulness was indeed 40 to 50 minutes.

Some people do not realize that they were hypnotized until they come out of that state at the end of the session. Returning from the hypnosis is like coming out of the afternoon nap. Mostly it will leave a sort of “Where am I?” feeling on the subject.

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