Living in this most connected world, people do not know how to send a letter and ask Google how many stamps do I need to send a letter. I don’t think it’s ridiculous. Because, we all have access to at least one smartphone, tablet, and laptop. If we want to contact someone, we can Whatsapp, tweet, mail or face off in FB. All can be done within few seconds, and it costs nothing.

However, now you decided to send a letter to someone you value. Sure your letter is going to offer a sensational touch to the receiver.  The pleasure of seeing the postman arriving at the doorstep is still there. The guessing part of from whom this letter would have come from is really a good little bit, but the best part comes from the message written inside. Regardless of how modern your receiver is, it will still bring a smile. Agree?

Sending a letter or parcel with a regular stamp is quite outdated. You can make it more interesting by sending the scented cards with customized stamps. I tell you how much are stamps, how many stamps do you need to send a letter and how to send a letter that worth remembering lifetime. Read on.

What Is Letter?

The letter is an umbrella term that is used to denote the envelopes, post cards, greeting cards, legal documents, bills, magazines, specialty stationary and brochures that fit into the business size.

You can send a letter either via your nearest post office or through online postages like

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There is a vast difference between a stamp and postage. Postage is the total amount that a customer pays to get his/her letter or envelope reach its destination. To ensure that the postage has been paid, various measures are being used by U.S Postal service. Stamps are just one of them. Others include “Customized Postage, Postal Indicia, etc.”.

How Many Stamps Do I Need To Send A Letter? 

how many stamps do i need

You are just three steps away from knowing how many stamps do you need to send a letter.

Step 1 : Choose The Right Envelope

Choose the right type of envelope according to the piece of item you wish to send to. If you are sending an official letter, go with the professional looking business sized envelope. If it is a personal note, you can choose a colorful decorative envelope. So, choose the envelope according to its size, weight and intent.

Step 2: Scale Your Letter Size And Weight

You can measure the size and weight of the letter using a scale and weighing machine. If you don’t have access to any of these, simply walk into the postal office and get help from its working members. They will help you measure the size and also tell you how many stamps are needed to send a letter.

Step 3: Calculate The Number Of Stamps Needed

The price of stamps changes over the time. The prices given below are based on the pricing list released by USPS as of May 31, 2015. So check the prices before you get the stamps. You can check out the current postage prices by clicking here.

How Many Stamps Do I Need To Send A Letter Interstate & Another State?

If you are sending the letter inside of the United States that fits the standard size and weight, you can use the First Class mail service. Affix First class letter stamp or 1 forever stamp at the top right corner of the envelope.  First class mail will be delivered within three business days anywhere in the United States.

You can use first class mail up to 16 oz. When this limit is crossed, the class will be changed into priority mail.

How many stamps you need to affix is calculated based on the weight in the case of sending domestically.

Standard Size Of Letter: (8.5 inches x  11 inches ) or (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm)

Standard Weight For Letter: 3.5 ounces

First Class Mail Service Prices

Standard Size

1 oz Ounce: $0.49

Each additional ounce: $0.22

Large Size

1 oz Ounce: $0.80

Each additional ounce: $0.22

Priority Mail: $5.05 for 1 lb.

So, if you are sending a standard sized letter domestically, you will need to affix the stamps worth the price of $1.15 (0.49+ (3*0.22)) or you can affix just one forever stamp.

How Many Stamps Do I Need To Send A Letter Internationally?

If you are sending a letter overseas, apart from weight, the distance between the sending and receiving zones will also be considered. USPS has divided the globe into nine different zones where zones 1 & 2 lie locally. The farther the destination, the higher the price will be.

Priority Mail (1 lb to Canada) – $26.75

Priority Mail (1 lb International -Other countries) – $32.63

How To Send A Letter Worth Remembering For A Lifetime?

It might ages since you sent any mail, or you have never been sent a mail in your life before. Whatever the case may be, step by step guide given here will help you educate yourself.

Step 1: Choose The Customized Scented Cards

If you want to send a personal note or a greeting card, instead of sending just the regular ones, send the customized cards or scented cards. You can get this kind of customizations done at your nearest craft shops or through online shopping sites. For example,

Step 2: Choose the Right Envelope

Step 3: Enclose the letter inside the envelope and seal it with glue. If you want extra protection seal all four corners of envelope using glue.

how many stamps do i need

Step 4: Address the envelope. Fill the sender and receiver address on the envelope.

how many stamps do i need

Step 5: Stick A Stamp at the top right corner of the envelope.

Step 6: Drop Your Letter In The Appropriate Mail Box.

how many stamps do i need

There are three ways to drop your mails in mailboxes.

  1. Drop your letter in a blue mail box. These are the mailboxes of America’s national official mail service system USPS. Brown boxes are residential or private mail boxes. Be careful to not to drop your letter in any of them.
  2. If you own a private mail box, drop it in your mail box and raise that red metal flag. This will notify your mail carrier about the presence of a new mail.

3.Hand over the letter to your nearest post office staff. Getting the letter to be posted via post office staff is one of the best ways to get your letter to its destination  quick ad safe.

How Your Letter Travels?

Ok, all set. You dropped the letter into the mail box. Don’t you want to know how your letter reaches its destination? Check out the infographic below.

 how many stamps do i need

If you don’t like to do all the math for calculating how many stamps do i need to send a letter, head on to the online tool “Postage Price Calculator” at USPS official website. Just enter from and to,weight and class of mail you wish to utilize. This tool will get you the result instantly.

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