How to become a billionaire? I hope you must have asked this question so many times yourself, your pals and finally to the search engines. I am going to unlock the secret of how to become a billionaire now. Shall we start?

Many renown billionaires we have in the world today, didn’t start their life as billionaires. Although few of them had a very strong economic and educational backgrounds, many has risen their position to some great heights without both of the above. So which factors made them from point A(nothing) to B(Billionaire)? It’s of course their certain characteristics and smart decisions on the business choices.

Here in this article, I am going to explore you on the practical ways to make money fast. If you want to become a billionaire, you have to take up any one or all of the following most oft methods of making money.

  • Inventing
  • Innovating
  • Investing
  • Being an entrepreneur

Keep in mind, How you are going to multiply your billions is as much important as what you did to get them. So learn how to be a billionaire too.

How To Become A Billionaire # Tip no 1



I know it’s one of the toughest road to take up, but if you are smart enough and managed to create a patent that produces the thing that is in high demand, with effective marketing plan you can easily build your billionaire life on it. Oh wait, your invention doesn’t need to be more complicated. It can be as simple as a mob that helps people to clean the floor in an efficient way.

How To Become A Billionaire # Tip no 2


Do a little research on the current mainstream market. Think out of box and figure out some creative ways such that it provides a better offering on what competitors are offering right now. Correctly identify the customer needs and demands, strive to meet it with an efficient products or services more than your competitors. Also make sure your products and services stand out as a unique thing from the rest.

becoming a billionaire

We can state IKEA founder as a great example for providing the innovative thing that leads to billions. We all know that furniture is not one of the more exciting thing in the market. But still his idea of providing the modular, budget rated products into the global market has given a big boost to his billionaire dream.
Never Stop Your Learning

At the moment you conceive a thought like there is nothing left to learn further is the moment you kill your billionaire dream literally. If your preferred way of building the wealth is through innovating and inventing, then you should be really curious. You should have a thirst on learning new things. These all qualities will make you to look even an old things in a new way.
How To Become A Billionaire # Tip no 3


becoming a billionaire

Hope you know the self made billionaire, the great warren buffet. He is well known for this world for his smart ways of investing. To become a successful investor, of course you should have a little seed of money and a sound knowledge  on investment. In the beginning you can start to build your investment profile with the help of stock brokers. Once feel confident with all the tricks that are involved with the stock investments, you can do it in your own. If you are the one who want to give a shape to your dream by following the great investors like warren buffet, then it is an opt route for you.

Stay Away From Flashy Investments

Becoming a billionaire is not an easy thing. Especially if you want to pursue your dream through investments. Don’t be too greedy in making money. If you keenly watch the footsteps of billionaires who made money through investments, you can find out how wisely they stayed away from the quick, flashy and high risk investments. Instead they chose only the long term investments which provides good return on investment. Energy, steel, pharmaceuticals, real estate and telecommunications are some of the potential picks in their investments.

How To Become A Billionaire # Tip no 4

 Be an Entrepreneur

how to be a billionaire

The last practical option to become a billionaire is following the good old tradition of starting a business. Not everyone have the sound business sense by their birth. You can start a small business, improve your business sense and start to climb on the success ladder step by step.

To reach realize your dream through Entrepreneur tradition, you have 2 golden ways.

Come up with an innovative idea and take it to the huge success like Bill Gates or

Spot someone else’s innovative patent and invest on it legally before anyone else pick it and lead to a huge success. These both are legitimate ways for becoming a billionaire.

Never Give Up, Pursue Patiently

You should understand the fact, we can’t get rich fast in 24 hours. We have no magic spells to achieve anything in a fraction of second. If your business idea doesn’t go well, as you planned, you shouldn’t give up. Your next spark may start to work. Many entrepreneurs have missed to reach their dream without knowing how close they were to reach the success ladder, when they gave up their business. Take wise decisions. At the same time never let your debt increase by hanging on with the wrong idea. Billions will be on your side but never rush it up.

The Bottom Line

Like everyone else says, your life carries some luck. It will get you to the right place at the right time. But when you do not know and have blind idea on what to do next, I am sorry, miracle will not happen. Be prepare with your wise ideas. You may get golden opportunities any time soon. Your smart choices on investments, innovations along with the  ever ending thirst on learning will help you realize your dream of becoming a billionaire. When you hot your very first billion, I hope you would remember my words on how to become a billionaire..

Good Luck!

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