Baby, it’s freezing outside. You got yourself ready to rock this season? If no, get ready with some winter creams, perfumes, blankets and most importantly “the sweaters” because “WINTER IS COMING”.

We all have that one amazing sweater that gone awry just because they are little too itchy. If you have such one piece, it’s time to reunite yourself with your favorite, unbeatable sweater again. What are you waiting for ? Take those lovely sweaters from the bottom of your drawer. We going to tell you to some tips so you will get rid of that itch now and ever. Here’s how.

  1. Take a tub full of cold water and add few spoons of white vinegar. Stir it well, turn your sweater inside out and dunk it in the mixture for 10 minutes. Make sure that it’s completely soaked up.
  2. Take out your sweater when it’s still wet, rub it gently (all the areas) with a good hair conditioner. I don’t recommend you to use the cheaper conditioners on your awesome sweater. It will create a waxy build up. Another headache!Don’t pick out those little fibers from the sweater when you do this.
  3. Leave this conditioner to be observed by the material for 30 minutes. Now rinse it thoroughly as if you are rinsing your hair with a cold water. Drain the water from sweater with your hands. Machine handling will make it to lose its shape.
  4. Take a towel and spread it on a floor and place your sweater on it. Once it’s completely dried, fold it neatly and place it inside of a sizable zip-top plastic bag.
  5. Keep this bagged sweater in your freeze. Wait until the morning. It won’t feel itchy anymore.

The science

The so called ingredients conditioner and vinegar ,turn the hairy mess of fibers softer. Freezing set the fibers and blocks it from poking out.

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