Let’s just to get this out there straight away, you cannot make someone like you, so don’t expect every guy or girl to fall in love with you. Secondly, each individual is different to the next and everyone has different preferences for their attraction, for example many people find beards amazing, I personally find them disgusting. So it’s tricky to have a set of baseline laws of attraction. Everyone is unique and as such have different preferences and tastes as to what they may find attractive.


How To Make Your Crush Like You?

Having said that there are a few tips that we can give you to give you a better chance of being with your crush:

  • Personal Hygiene is paramount! You need to make a good first impression on your crush and standing there smelly with greasy hair isn’t going to help. So make sure you shower everyday at least once a day, brush your teeth and comb your hair. *secret hint girls get extremely attracted to any guy who smells amazing*.
  • Physical Appearance! This is also part of your first impression, if you try to talk to your crush looking like you just rolled out of bed, chances are they won’t even bat an eyelid in your direction.
  • Body language is also very important, you must have an open and inviting posture when standing around instead of hunched up and arms folded because this makes people not want to approach you, so smile and stand up straight. However you must find a balance because been too open and full on can give then wrong impression and can seem creepy, and may scare your crush off.
  • Be yourself! There are too many fake people around today and one of the most attractive qualities in a person is how genuine and down to earth they are, so try to be yourself, and keep it real because there is nothing more off putting than someone who is trying to be something they are not.
  • Be honest! Don’t ever lie to your crush because chances they will find out and you will lose their trust forever. Relationships are based on honesty and if you can’t even be honest, you don’t need to have a relationship.
  • Talk to your crush and try to find common ground which you can talk about, you may even find activities that you both are interested in that you could do together. This can be helpful as people are generally more attracted to others who share intrestrests, hobbies and values, so spend time with them, talk to them.
  • Compliment them and make them feel special, one compliment can go along way (especially with girls) so if you go out of your way to make her day you’re automatically on a different level to every other person because you made them smile, and everyone loves a person who can make them smile.
  • Know the difference between sexual and emotional attraction, often too many people get the two mixed up which can cause upset in a relationship because you both want different things, if you’re only sexually attracted to someone a relationship is not right for you.
  • Make a romantic gesture (if they’re into that sort of thing) try “wooing” them buy buying them a gift or chocolate, make it known that you’re interested but in a subtle way. Sometimes big gestures and drawing attention to you and your crush may work, but other times it may not, if you are planning a big gesture trying consulting his/her friends to find out it is something they would appreciate. However you need to be careful about making big gestures in school environments as it can open you both up to ridicule although it’s cute and romantic to one person, to another it can come across as cringe-worthy
  • Don’t get too clingy, you don’t want to come across as creepy/stalker-ish so give your crush plenty of space, but not too much because they may think you are disinterested.
  • Take things slow, don’t expect everything to happen over-night, attraction happens for a period of time.
  • Don’t set out with the intention of making your crush be your partner. Make your first objective to be her friend because this builds trust in the relationship with your partner. Having a friendship first is useful because it gives you an indication as to whether you and your crush are actually compatible. Making friends with your crush can also give you more of a confidence boost when talking to them as you are more likely to feel comfortable round them.
  • Just tell your crush you like them because at the end of the day you will never know until you try so just go for it, you never know, your crush may like you back, and want you to make the move because they are too shy. Bravery is an attractive quality and your crush might see you asking them out as brave so this can be a positive factor

If you have made it known to your crush that you are interested in them and they still show no interest back, it’s time to move on. Not everyone who you like will like you back. Don’t try to force a girl or boy to like you, if you don’t end up being together this may be a sign you’re not ready for a relationship, or this particular person is not the right one for you, if so it’s best to move on. Relationships are not essential in life so don’t feel pressured into getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Only do it if the time is right for you. Never let your peers pressure you into something you are not ready for. Because not only will this make you unhappy it will make your partner unhappy if they genuinely like you but you don’t want to be with them. Everything happens for a reason so if your crush just wants to be friends then that’s a sign for better things to come in the future.

If you have any useful tips to share on this topic, how to make your crush like you, please  drop your comments below.


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