Perfectly colored lips are as sensuous as a revealing dress. The right color on the right complex sets the mood if you are planning to meet someone special. Lipsticks can also drop hints about your exact mood, playful, mature, sexy, low makeup, etc. Depending on the occasion and the complex of your skin, you need to decide the lipstick color that you want. If you are not a fashionista, we will teach you how to pick lipstick color. choosing the right lipstick color is important because you would not want to mess up with the hard work you put into choosing the dress and accessories. A wrong lipstick color can ruin the entire look. Picking up one particular color can be especially confusing if you have a palette of colors of lipstick. You may want to go with what your friends decide but with every person being so unique it is only logical that the color you choose for your lipstick is also as unique as your tone, mood and the occasion.


How To Pick Lipstick Color? 

There are some steps that you need to follow before you learn how to choose a lipstick color.

First Step:check your skin tone and the color of your lips. For fair skin, a deep red or a deep pink will look sexy. Nude colors also look good on fair-skinned girls.  If you have a medium tan skin color then try berry shades or rose shades.

A dark skinned girl can go for brown like walnut, caramel or if you would like to experiment a lot, then you can also choose between wine red and plum purple. The time of the occasion also matters. As the sun rises choose a lipstick color that is pinker than deep red, that is, try colors that are not too close to red. Dark and bold colors are better for an evening occasion, especially if you decide to wear a long one piece gown.

Second Step: Depending on where you are planning to go, you can decide the color of your lips. Dark colors make your lips look smaller and lighter shades of lipstick make your lips look plump and juicy. For corporate meetings or job interviews.

You can try a dark color whereas if you are planning to go on a date, then you can try a light shade of may be pink, beige, peach or orange with a gloss. The extra gloss in the lipstick will make your lips appear juicy. Using a shimmer or not is completely a personal choice while some stylists say that too much shimmer is cheap, some say that shimmer makes your look young, especially when going out for a friend’s birthday party or an informal meeting.

Third Step: To make sure that the impact of the lipstick is maximum, define the boundaries. Draw the borderline of the lipstick perfectly. Even if you do not have a perfectly shaped lip, use a lip pencil and draw the borders so that you do not smudge the lipstick all across your mouth and teeth.

Well-defined lips make you look bold and confident. Make sure that the pencil matches your lips and not the lipstick; You do not want others to know that you have drawn your lips. Naturally, defined lips are always better than drawn lips. There are quite a few latest lipstick brands that do not need a liner; they do not smudge and if you can apply them properly, then no need to use a pencil on your lips.  

Do not slap your face with dark shades of lipstick colors, smear the lips with your fingers (there is no brush that works as perfectly as fingers do) and then apply even toned lipstick all over your lips. You can also try pressing a tissue paper in between your lips to take out the extra lipstick from your lips.

Fourth Step: Get the right red, red is the classic lipstick color, which suits on every person irrespective of age, hair or skin color or the occasion. You should just be able to choose the right red. A fair-skinned girl can go for raspberry or pinkish red; a medium skin toned girl can try bright red with a tinge of cherry color, wine red or orange-red will also work. For very deep-colored skin, metallic ruby red or deep wine red color lipstick is the right red.

Fifth Step: When you go to buy a lipstick there are certain things that you must pay attention to. Try every lipstick color before you decide on any color. Also, clear up the previously tried lipstick before you try another one so that the two do not mix, and you get the exact lipstick color.

Use a makeup remover before you try the next lipstick. To make sure that you get to know the exact color, apply the lipstick under natural light so that the original color of the lipstick can be revealed. Try the lipstick on your natural face that is, with little or no make-up at all. Sometimes even the right lipstick is just enough to prepare you for the occasion.

Sixth Step: The final step of applying a lipstick is that it is not always only about the lipstick. Along with your face tone and the occasion, other things will decide the effectiveness of the lipstick color. Firstly, do not apply a lipstick color that matches the exact color of your clothing. Secondly, you wear either a bold lipstick color or a bold eye makeup. Never try to do both.

A word of advice — you can try using the same shade for your nails and your lips. Also, do not dab your face with all the makeup you have in your house. For an everyday office look, wear a lipstick that is just one or two shades deeper than the original shade of your lips. When you start applying your lipstick, apply it first to the center and then move towards the corner, do not begin with the corners first.

Follow these steps and know how to pick lipstick color that is just right for you.

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