We are accustomed to believing that technology will always find ways. Machines have evolved from gigantic sizes to the smallest possible. Data were encrypted in our unripe minds that can never fully interpret. Through the years, data from our virtual messaging have been tossed about into a space that only a computer language can decipher. You may ask how to retrieve deleted text messages? Well, if this is the case, you may want again to consider human capacity, dear. Remember, human intelligence created technology. Why not the genius behind this solves your dilemma?

how can i retrieve deleted text messages

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How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

Here are ways to retrieve deleted text messages:

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From An iPhone?

For the iPhone users, you have to take note that when you delete your message, it really will disappear. However, we found ways to take them back.

1.Through Your Phone Provider

Technically, this will be your first move. You must exhaust all your means before proceeding to a more technical or to a harder level. At this easy state, your phone provider is your first port. It is not guaranteed 100 percent that you can retrieve them this way. There are only some of the providers that keep a record of your messages, most especially if you are entitled to have access. There are some that will just require you to log into your online account, and some may ask you to gain help from customer services.

2.From Your iTunes Backup

If you have turned on the automatic backup or not, it is still best to give your iTunes a shot. Below are the steps to get you started checking:

  • First, you have to connect your handset to your computer in which you sync devices with. Automatically, iTunes window should flash on your monitor. If not, you have to open it manually.
  • Second, you should have your iPhone at the uppermost right corner in a box. Select that one.
  • Click on ‘Restore ‘
  • Your previous backup will replace your phone date. A few minutes will be required for the completion. Your messages will appear as long as you have not backed them up following their deletion.
  • They should appear now on your phone’s normal messages list.

3.From iCloud Backup

Not all can be successful in retrieving using iCloud Backup. Though this is the best backup setting an iPhone user may have, take note that there are some handsets that would not respond to this. Strike this a try and see if your phone operation will be a success.

  • First, log in using your Apple ID and your password to this ‘icloud.com’ link.
  • You then must click ‘Text Messages’. If you do not see these words, then it is an indication that your messages have not been backed up.
  • If you see it, then look for those messages that you need.
  • Select iPhone and go to Settings while going to iCloud on your iPhone.
  • You should turn off your Text Messages.
  • A pop-up will appear. Click on ‘Keep On My iPhone.’
  • Go back to text messages
  • Tap on ‘Merge’. Have the patience to wait. After some allotted time, your deleted text messages should be seen back on your iPhone.

4.Using A Third-Party Application

A few good mobile applications could be of help to your problem. There are WonderShare Dr. Fone for iOS, PhoneRescue by iMobie and Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery. One tip, though. Be quick upon knowing you need a message recovery because the longer your date will stay, the more your deleted messages will be overwritten.

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Your Android Phone?

Of course, Android OS has its recovery counterpart, too. There are just two ways to reach a solution. It’s either you use Android Data Recovery or Android SMS Recovery.  If you are using Android 2.3 or maybe the later versions up to 5.0, you are counted to use this applications.The two apps mentioned are the most trusted for Android users. Aside from text messages, you can regain lost contacts, call logs, and the like.

It is advisable for the consumers to turn their data off immediately. You may ask why. Well, the reason is, your phone still stores your old data and with the proper measures, they can be restored. However, once new ones overwrite your data, this is to be considered invalid for recovery. So, you will then again strike your concern, HOW DO I RETRIEVE DELETED TEXT MESSAGES?  I tell you, my friend, that this time, the process is irreversible.

1: Recovery of Messages through Android Data Recovery

First Step: Download the mobile application on Google Play for free and do connect your device to your personal computer.

When connecting two devices, make sure that your handset does contain a minimum 20 percent battery capacity to keep your phone going and complete the process. You do not want to interrupt your supposed to be successful recovery.

Second Step: Go to Settings and Enable the USB Debugging

For this part, please note that the process should differ on each operating system of Android. Below, we have indicated how to operate in some Android OS. After your set-up, go ahead and press the Start button.

  • Android 5.0 or even the latest: See ‘Settings’, then go to About Phone and proceed to Build Number.  Tap it seven times for the signal for ‘You are now a developer!’ After that part, go to ‘Settings’ and move to ‘Developer Options’ and turn on ‘USB Debugging’.
  • Android 4.2 up to Android 4.4.4: You will just need to follow the steps of the Android 5.0 until the part of ‘You are under developer mode’ will flash on your screen. After, click ‘Settings’, and then you must move to ‘Developer options’, and check ‘USB Debugging’ option.
  • Android 3.0 to Android 4.1: ‘Settings’ must be first, then proceed to ‘Developer options’. After, you must tick the ‘USB Debugging’ option.
  • Android 2.3 or any earlier Android versions: Move to ‘Settings’, then go to ‘Applications’, and proceed to Development tick the ‘US Debugging’ option.

Third Step: You must tick only those file types that you want to restore your phone.

At this stage after the second step, you will have to choose what files to scan, as you will be asked by your software to do so. You can do the checking to your WhatsApp messages, Messaging and other attachments. After doing so, you must click NEXT.

Fourth Step: Superuser Request must be allowed. Then, Start and go for Scan.

The software may give a prompt that authority for the Android Data Recovery should be granted for the continuation of the Scan. Tap the ‘Allow’ button on your phone until it pops up no more.

Fifth Step: Details must be viewed so you can restore your selected files.

In the Interface, you can have a preview of your messages. Have them in a highlight so you can see the contents on the right. To restore them, you can just tick on a specific SMS or if you want, all of your SMS and click recover to see them on your PC.

2: Recovery of Messages through Android SMS Recovery

First Step: Download the app for free and start connecting a USB Cable from your Android handset to your computer

On the first method, USB debugging is discussed in detail. You can just check it out again.

Second Step:     Select Texts to be Scanned

After the USB Debugging is enabled, you can be able to select your type of data to be scanned. If you have MMS files to be restored, just go to ‘Messages’ and then to ‘Messages attachment’.

After your attachment selection, you can click Next to have the program scan your OS for your deleted messages.

Third Step:          Super Users Request should be Allowed

After the procedures listed above, you will be prompted by a window of your software that will remind you to get first a privilege to have your deleted files scanned. You must click ‘Allow’ on your device. Just tap ‘Retry’ if the attempt will fail.

Fourth Step:       Scan and Retrieve your Deleted SMS on Android

And now, this is the most important step of the whole process. A list will appear before you containing all your deleted text messages. They will be in categories. Those that are in red will show your deleted text messages. You can preview the content and choose those that you want to retrieve. Click the Recover button after you have chosen. In less than a minute, you will retrieve your deleted text messages, and it will be saved on you PC.

These steps will be new to some, but it may be adapted when used in the longer run.

You see, those problems that humans created will be solved nonetheless by still, the genius behind it, humans. In today’s technological capacity, it is no question anymore if you CAN restore your lost messages. The question now is HOW. For those who lost hope in the irreversible data process, have faith. The answer is on the way.

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