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Blocking the user access to various social media websites and other internet services have become one of the most common tactics that is followed widely in organizations and educational institutions like schools and colleges.These usually involve websites like Facebook, bebo, MySpace and so on. When it comes to the question how to unblock blocked websites, you must have already heard about different techniques. When all those tactics fail to bypass the internet filters, just give a try to the following tricks. It works!

Trick No: 1

Access the restricted websites using unblock website proxy servers


Do you have any idea on how web proxies work? No? Let me explain now. It acts like a middle man or an inter-mediator between your system and  the internet. It downloads your requested pages directly from its server and in turn it transfers the pages to the users. When you use proxy servers, your requests bypass all the internet filters and even those annoying firewalls.

  • is one such website proxy server (for unblocking) which also helps in protecting your online identity.  Apart from doing the job of unblocking websites and bypassing the internet filters, it even helps you handle your sensitive data in a much secured way. If the website you want to access has no SSL certificate, you don’t need to worry about it. Because, when you  access the websites through web proxies like, it will automatically add SSL security on the fly.  This way you can make your data go hidden from the malicious programs and potential hackers as well. Isn’t that great now?
  • is one of the most popular and reliable proxy servers which was available at free of cost until quite recently before. Now it comes with the price tag though.You can make use of the following free proxy servers to achieve the premium like service anyway.

Some Free web proxies that help you unblock the blocked websites

  • com
  • com
  • org
  • org

These days many school boards and organizations block proxy servers too. Sadly, if this is the case then trick no 1 will not work but don’t be disappointed because we do have many other options too. You can give a try with other techniques explained here.

Trick No: 2

Internet Archive (Wayback Machine)


It’s a non profit organization. To be more technical, we can call it as Way back machine. It stores the data of any website in an archive format. You cannot expect it to have up-to-date copy for all the time though. It will show you the website in such a way like how it was looked on some particular dates. So when you enter the name of the website in the Wayback Machine, hopefully you can get its recent cached copy. Apart from using this to access the blocked websites, you can make use of this amazing feature to visit websites which are down or suspended now. It is a very useful site for webmasters too.

Trick No: 3

Translation services

I can hear your question.translation_services

How to unblock websites using the Translation Services?

Think a bit! Follow the below instructions so you can unblock websites in not more than a minute. You can use the translation services like Yahoo! Babel Fish or Google Translate. But to do this, your filters should allow access to search engines.

Eager to know how to unblock a website?

Follow the below steps

Step 1: Type the URL of the website you want to access in the translation field.

Step 2: Choose the language in the “Translation from” and “Translation To” Field. In “Translate From” field select the language that is different from your current web page language. For example, if your current language is “English” then select any other language like ” French, Spanish, German etc” in “Translate From” field. In ” Translate To” field choose  “English”.  This method is one of the most effective ways  to unblock the blocked website. So I hope you are now clear with how to unblock websites. However, the article doesn’t end here. There are some more tricks too. Read on.

Trick No : 4

HTTP into HTTPShttp-into-https

Even if you are searching all over the internet on how to get around blocked websites, i bet you can’t find any simpler method than this one.

  • All you need to do is to just replace http with https in your URL. Obviously this will cause a confusion to the software program restricting the access.
  • On the flip side, we can’t expect this hand trick to work every time.

Trick No : 5

Unblock Websites Through IP Addressesunblock _websites_using_ip_address

How to unblock blocked websites websites using IP Address? If this is something that you are literally looking for then just read on. When all the above tricks to unblock websites fail, you can try this method.

  • Find out the IP Address that is been allocated to the website you wish to open. Getting the IP address is pretty simple.
  • Open the command prompt & type [ping com](type without brackets). Hit enter .

For Example ping This command will return the IP address of your desired website.Isn’t that cool? Now instead of the real URL, enter the IP address in the browser’s address bar . This trick has higher probability to open up any restricted website.

Trick No : 6

Convert IP Address into Decimal URLdecimal_url

  • You can unblock a blocked website using IP address. But some website sites have their IP address blocked too.
  • If this is the case, try converting the IP address into its decimal values.

For example, instead of using http:// address of Google), you can use the decimal format of the IP address HTTP://1249766560.

How will you convert the IP address into Decimal value? 

Go to the website the blocked website’s IP address that you want to convert.

Trick No : 7

Use TOR- Effective And Risky Wayunblock_blocked_websites

Have you ever heard about TOR ( The Onion Router)? Well, it is one of the best free software for those who are looking for how to unblock blocked websites.

Tor is an internet browser that is specially designed to encrypt the confidential military communications.  UNRL (The US Naval Research Lab) has designed this browser.  Tor channels data via multiple nodes to prevent the scrambling of original data. To use Tor, you need to download this piece of software from org. Then you can start to browse your unblocked website through the Tor. Even though browsing through this site is little bit slow, it is considered as one of the effective methods to access the blocked sites.

Warning: Keep in mind that the Tor is so famous with the cyber criminals; the users of the Tor may be flagged as the immoral intent, so use this browser with caution. If you like to use Tor with ambiguity, it is recommended to create a different new identity on each time you use the web. It helps you to guarantee that you’ll never be attached to the identical server twice. The new identity can also helps to browse faster, because each time you change the identity you will be switched to another browser.

Trick No : 8

Unblock Websites via VPNvpn

Another worth noting trick on how to get around blocked sites is none other than using VPN (Virtual Private Network). It will create a protected tunnel between VPN server and your System. Once you are connected with a VPN Server, your entire communication will start to travel via a secured tunnel, hence 3rdparties can’t able to track it. In this technique, your IP address that is your online identity will be anonymized, hence you are free to access your restricted websites. In addition, VPN also provides higher range of security than the available proxy servers do. There are many VPN software available to provide you this service, the following are best of them:

  • HotspotShield VPN
  • Hola unblocker
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • ProXPN VPN

How To Use Hola Browserhola_browser

Hola unblocker is the free VPN Proxy service that permits you to access the censored or blocked websites in your school, college or country. This simple and very effective software never affects the speed of your Browsing. This browser extension is available in all famous browsers.

  • Install the Hola extension
  • Go to the blocked website
  • Click the icon of the Hola extension (you can see it at the browser’s top right spot)
  • Choose the country you like to bypass the site and enjoy accessing of the blocked site

How To Get Hotspot Shield VPNhotspot_shield

  • Go to the official website of Hotspot shield ( in your browser and download the free version.
  • Install it on your PC
  • Open your browser Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Safari or whatever it is. You can see the Hotspot Shield placed at the top.

Trick No : 9

Use blocked sites with Google Cache google_cache

Google maintains cache for each and every file published on the internet on every single day.  To access the cached version of any website type  the following in Google search box “”. Anyway to use this trick, your network should allow access to Google anyway.

This will give you the sites from the old Google Cache. Before using this trick just ensure that the browser caching is enabled in the browser. Keep in mind that this technique wouldn’t provide the current version, but still it can help you to get the piece of information you wish to read.

Trick No : 10

Use URL Shortnersurl_shortners

Wondering how to unblock websites using URL shortner? It’s one of the best possible ways around. Generally, to short the lengthy website url, we use this service.It shortens the url length.  By using these sites, you can sidestep the access and security of the website, as they redirect the URL of the blocked website to the unblocked one.

Try using the following url shortners.

  • ly
  • Google’s

Trick No : 11

Try Opera Mini Simulatoropera_mini

Opera mini is a web-based version of Opera. This demo version is designed to access the blocked websites that offer their mobile version. But it does not mean, you can’t access the websites that doesn’t offer a mobile version. You can. Only drawback is, quality will be much lower.

  • Just install opera mini 5 beta into your mobile device
  • Open the simulator, type the URL of the restricted site you like to open.Press Enter
  • Now you can gain access to the unblocked website.

Trick No : 12

Get The Help Of Web2Mailweb2mail

As you are looking to find a way to unblock websites, i suggest you to try Web2Mail.With this site, you can enjoy the access of the blocked websites. Send a message to the email [email protected] with the subject line that refers to your “intended site url”. Web2mail take this mail as a request for the website or webpage and return you a mail. That mail contains the website that you requested. For getting daily email for the selective webpage, you need to subscribe. You can sign up an account in the web2mail to receive websites by mail.

Trick No :13

Internet Options – Restricted Websitesblocked_websites

If switching between http and https does not work, check out the error message if you get any.

If it says that the page couldn’t be opened because of the “restrictions imposed on this account”,it may be due to the family safety software. In such cases, your choices to bypass the internet filters are limited. You can use trick no 11.

What if the error message doesn’t have anything to do with your account? In this is the case, the chances are, site you were trying you to access may be blocked by the internet options.

You can unblock blocked websites with the following simple procedure

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Click on the internet options. Under the security tab, click the restricted websites.
  3. Hit on the button labeled “sites”. Check out whether the site you are trying to access is on the list. If it’s there, simply removing it from that list would give you access to that particular site.

This option is one of the simplest and least useful ways to get around the blocked websites because organizations and big concerns would not simply block the sites through this basic blocking method. They prefer network level restrictions which are often hard to overcome.

The Bottom Line

When the network administrator notices people bypassing the internet filters using one way or the other chances they will catch up the rule breakers soon. So keep your eyes wide open folks. Be little careful while applying these tricks. Going against your school rules or organization policies may make you land in some serious troubles. So use these kinds of access violations with more caution at your own risk.

Learning how to unblock blocked websites is not a bad thing. But to enjoy a trouble free life, make sure you play it safe.



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