The query, how to unblock YouTube at school is one of the most frequent queries entered in search engines every years. Surprisingly, the restrictions apart, YouTube continue to hold the third place in the list of the world’s most accessed websites. The reason is, it’s a home to the unlimited numbers of videos, and it lets the users view and share any content of their choice. For some, it’s a serious business place while for others it’s a serious educational platform and for the rest, it’s a place of relaxation, fun, and entertainment. One can use this freedom of sharing either in a constructive way or a destructive way. It all comes down to the hands of the user at the end.

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If you live in Pakistan, you can still enjoy the whole Youtube service from the website

Finding it as a productivity killer, most of the schools, colleges, and some workplaces restrict people from accessing this addictive website. Some countries like Pakistan, China, Germany, and Iran have blocked Youtube entirely due to the sharing of inappropriate, offensive materials.

Regardless of whether YouTube is blocked by your ISP or your school or college administrator, you can still unblock YouTube videos with the methods you are going to learn in this tutorial. Based on the level of restriction imposed on your network, some of these methods may fail to work to your particular place. But it does not mean, none of them will work. Go through all the 7 different ways to unblock YouTube videos. If plan A fails, you may find success with plan B. Don’t give up. Continue to read the post, hit the best suitable methods and get YouTube unblocked at schools, colleges or any place of your choice.

These Techniques Will Unblock YouTube Restrictions Imposed in

  1. Educational Institutions Like Schools, Colleges, Universities
  2. Work Places
  3. Youtube Banned Countries

How to Unblock Youtube At School , College, work or Anywhere

Regardless of where Youtube restriction is imposed, you can remove the restrictions and access your desired website by faking your IP address as if you reside in some other IP or country. It can be done either via free proxy applications or through paid proxy services.

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  1. VPN Services
  2. Web-Based Proxy Servers
  3. Browser Addons
  4. HTTPS secure connection
  5. Hola Services
  6. TOR browser
  7. Manual Proxy Configurations
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VPN Services To Unblock YouTube Videos

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VPN subscription (Free applications works as well)

Administrator rights to install VPN.

What Is VPN?

unblock youtube at school

VPN stands for virtual private network. As the name implies, these networks virtually span the entire internet by connecting with each other. When you install VPN software in your system, it automatically connects your system to their private network through which you can send and receive data.

Hundreds of VPN services come with a free of cost or free trial Installation versions. If you are using it in school or workplaces, you are good to go with the free VPN. If you reside in YouTube restricted countries and will use it on a regular basis, try subscribing to one of the low-cost VPN services. Many of them are as low as $5/month. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to trespass the restrictions. Buy a VPN, configure the settings (as per manual) and start surfing the internet anonymously.

Free VPN Services – Installation Required

If you have entered here with the query of how to unblock Youtube at free of cost, then consider utilizing the Free VPN Services.

Youtube Unblock Proxy list given here are the most promising ones. To use these services, first you have to install their software. You can use anyone of them. Here is a simple how-to.

  1. Go to the official website of VPN Software.(If the website is blocked in your network, try initiating this download from the alternative sites).
  2. Run .exe file and install it in your preferred location.
  3. launch the software and start surfing.

High Voted VPN Services

1.Hotspot Shield
2.Private Tunnel
3. Express VPN
4.Surfing Tunnel

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Use Web-Based or Online Youtube Proxy Sites


When you don’t have the sufficient rights to install VPN software, you can go with the web-based proxies.

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Just Working Internet

(Not only for YouTube, but some schools and work places block the access to all informational and gaming websites. So having a basic knowledge on how to unblock the blocked websites will help you unblock Youtube using the other websites like proxies. If you are in home.)

These web based proxies let you surf anonymously but in some proxies, speed will not be much appreciable. So explore these proxies one by one and figure out which one to use to unblock YouTube videos by yourself.

Most of the online web proxies are free, fast and secure.They let you unblock all features without any limitations. They also offer the seamless support for the video websites like Youtube, Redtube, XVideos Dailymotion, xHamster etc.,

How Online Proxy Websites Work” box_color=”#017c4b” title_color=”#f9ffff” class=””]

Online proxy servers work in the same way as VPN. When you access YouTube via the online proxy server, instead of connecting you directly to the blocked website, t cloaks your IP address and use their server to Access the intended site. To make it short, it acts as a middleman.

If you are in school, due to the security reasons, software installations might have been blocked by your administrators.In such cases, you can’t use the method 1 described above. But having an alternate solution readily available on the topic, how to unblock YouTube at school will help you create a geek like an image among your pals and other classmates. Online HTTP proxy servers are fast, reliable and easy to use. Organizations would not be able to detect and block these proxies easily. But still, if someone catches you red handed, consequences may turn severe. Attention Teens! Try it at your own risk and try these experiments with the necessary precautions under the right circumstances.

Given below is a list of free online proxy servers. Check it out.

  • /
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Use Browser Addons To Unblock Youtube Videos


What Will You Need” box_color=”#017c4b” title_color=”#f9ffff” class=””]

  • Just Working Internet
  • Administrator Rights To Add Browser Extension
  • Chrome / Firefox Browser

If you want to get, YouTube unblocked at school, college or workplace via VPN services and it fails for some reasons, your next surefire method to unblock Youtube Would be none other than using the browser add-ons.

1.Ultrasurf – PC software & Chrome Addon

unblock youtube at school

This free YouTube Proxy application can be used as a free VPN by installing a software to your PC. It receives all the HTTP(s) requests on the port 9666 and redirects it to an American server. Since the connection is SSL-encrypted, it hides your identity and bypasses the restrictions on the internet.

This online proxy application runs on Windows operating system hence it provides default support to Internet Explorer. It can be used as a Chrome extension too.

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2.Zen made – Chrome Addon

youtube unblocked at school

If all you need to know is, how to unblock Youtube or any other website with not so much of effort, adding the browser add-ons will be of great use. Regardless of where you reside, may it be school/college/workplace or any other part of the world where YouTube is blocked by the legal authorities, you can still access Youtube via your normal browser. If you are a Chrome user, installing Zen made extension will enable access to YouTube or any blocked content in no time.

It works in the background of your browser. It shields your IP and unlock the restriction that are imposed by the geographical location. Install this extension in your Chrome browser. With your original IP instantly shielded, you will be able to access YouTube from anywhere. As it uses the encryptions to send and receive data, no one can spy on your activities as well

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3.Proxy Tube – Firefox Addon

unblock youtube at school

Another addon to bypass the geographical restrictions. You can add this add-on to your Firefox browser and access Youtube videos with just a single click. You don’t need to sweat so much. Whenever you want to access the blocked websites, click on the proxy tube icon appearing on the toolbar. It will activate this addon and unblock your desired site. Upon leaving the site, the proxy will be removed automatically.

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This trick may sound like a no-brainer. But trust me, this simple method, sometimes can work like a charm. The reason is; most of the schools and colleges block the video, gaming, and social media websites by entering their web address manually. So if they blocked the URLs starting with HTTP://, chances are, you may find luck with HTTP:// secure connection.

Instead of typing the address try it with If it fails, change the adopter settings as shown below and try again.

=>Open network settings –> click on “change adopter settings


=>Right click connection –> properties


=>It will trigger the window named “Network connection properties.

=>Expand the network tab -> choose internet protocol version 4 -> click properties

youtube unblocked at school

=>Change the following “DNS Server” fields with the respective values

youtube unblocked at school

=>Preferred DNS server –

=>Alternate dns server-

=>click ok

Now open Google Chrome and type the URL with HTTPS. It will unblock Youtube videos in most probable cases.

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Use Hola Service ( Windows Application / Plug-in / App)


how to unblock youtube

Using Hola is the best choice for all who want to know how to unblock youtube at school / at work / at the restricted countries. It has been used by more than 47 million people around the world.

What Will You Need” box_color=”#017c4b” title_color=”#f9ffff” class=””]

  • Working Internet
  • Administrator rights to install software / plug-in
  • Firefox / Chrome browser

Hola will let you access any blocked content. All you need to do is, download and install the appropriate copy from the below link

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Android.

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome

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TOR Browser


how to unblock youtube

What Will You Need” box_color=”#017c4b” title_color=”#f9ffff” class=””]

  • TOR browser software
  • Administrator rights To Install the Software

TOR browser is a VPN software program that helps the users to access YouTube or any restricted data by tunneling the requests through its relay network. It works best for all the situations that demand an anonymous surfing. You can configure this software to work along with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Once installed, you can start streaming the video in YouTube just like any other website.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows (32 bit/64 bit)
  • Mac OS X (64 bit)
  • Linux ( 32 bit / 64 bit)

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Browse By Configuring Manual Proxy Settings


Let me tell you how to get on YouTube Videos by configuring the proxy address directly into your web browser. While web-based proxy servers do this same job, why should you try this method? There are a mark difference between these 2 methods.

When you use web based proxies to unblock YouTube at school / any other places, when each time you require to access any other blocked website you will have to refresh the page by resubmitting the URL again and again. It is a bit of irritating. Whereas when configuring the proxy address into your browser, you will be able to browse in all the tabs without needing to submit the URLS again.

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Many internet marketing forums offer free fresh proxy lists from time to time. Bookmark the trust worthy pages and utilize the proxy that is alive and active.

Step 1 :

Get any working proxy. (You can take it from here )

Step 2 :

Configure the proxy in your browser

For Firefox

unblock youtube at school

Open Firefox

=>Go to Options –> Advanced –> Network –> Settings

=>In the connection settings window, choose Manual Proxy configurations and paste the working proxy address in the HTTP Proxy text box, change the port number to 8080.

=>Click ok

Now try to open any blocked website for example from your browser window. It should be working now. If it’s not, try configuring another proxy from the list.

The Bottom Line

The methods we described here are tested and found useful under various lab settings. However, depending on the restriction level and filter settings, few might not work as indented. If that’s the case, let us know the issue you faced. If know some tricks that work just fine and you think that is worth recommended for the query “how to unblock YouTube at school”. The post you comment in the comment section, it will help us improve this post even better.


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