A bathroom is an essential part of any home and plays a vital role in our wellness. The evolution of bathrooms over time is fascinating; it has become an investment for our future and assures our well-being in the present. The change in bathrooms spaces in Australia has been from a modest four-walled room to a more personalised area for our convenience. 

There have been various innovations in bathroom fittings and accessories over time, one being the TOTO Neorest toilet series. They focus on integrating excellence with comfort to give users a pleasant and convenient option for their daily bathroom needs. 

There are a variety of other products in many shapes and sizes for bathrooms that ease the body and appease the eye. The present aim of toilets is not just to satisfy the functional purpose, but also focus on elegance and style. 

In this article, let us look at the innovations in the present that can contribute to the efficiency in bathroom products and services.


  1. Products and Facilities: The multiple choices available in bathroom fittings according to the needs of the customer is an added advantage. For instance, the TOTO Neorest consists of options like wall mounted and floor mounted toilets. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and can even accommodate itself in smaller bathrooms. 


The TOTO Neorest series are known for their powerful flushing system with minimal noise. Even though the initial price is a little more than other brands, there is no maintenance cost to worry about afterwards. There are lavatories and washlets in this series that are much recommended by every plumber in Australia.


The TOTO Neorest varieties include TOTO-02, TOTO-35, TOTO 35a and many more in varying sizes to suit the customer’s needs accordingly. Some of their features include a hybrid ecology system, auto opening and closing function of the lid, dual flush for saving water and soft lights for night usage. They also possess CEFIONTECT glazing, which prevents the flushed debris from coming back to the surface. They are available with toilet seats that eliminate slamming and reduce the possibility of injury—providing a truly versatile solution for all our bathroom necessities.


Another aspect of modernisation in bathroom design is including entertainment to our bathroom routine. Inbuilt speakers and displays in shower cubicles with waterproof technology provide enjoyment for users as they prepare themselves for the day, a popular choice among many people.

Bathroom mirrors now come in a variety of different styles as well, to provide the right accent to every bathroom interior.


  1. Environmental Considerations: When it comes to water conservation, bathrooms play an enormous responsibility in its sustainability. There should be an addition to the products which can reuse and conserve water efficiently. There are quite a few innovations at present, which includes the shower heads with timers or the dual flush system of the TOTO Neorest. They help to reduce water consumption and minimise the wastage if any.


  1. Affordability: Although there are a lot of brands which offer a variety of bathroom products, most of them are very expensive. Customer service and price play a role in the demand and production of bathroom products. The innovations must include more products which should be cost-effective but of quality and consumer-friendly. 



A person’s bathroom is one of their intimate spaces at home. They shape it to suit their comforts and desires. And with today’s technology, bathroom routines are being made more convenient for the users and efficient for the planet.



Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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