Top 7 Most Comfortable Shoes For Women

Fashion is a comfort, there’s no argument in that. You cannot wear something uncomfortable and expect that it will look good on you. Obviously, people are going to notice your uncomfortably, which will then become the only talking point about you. When we talk about shoes, they have to be really comfortable. You cannot afford to trip, slip and of course bear with the terrible foot pain and blisters while walking. Imagine a girl is wearing a cute black free flowing dress with beautiful golden sequins on the neckline, but then she walks like a camel, a total fashion disaster.

In this article, we explore the most comfortable walking shoes for women, not drab but fashionable options, options that you can put on while going on a trek or even at a party. Yes it may be hard to believe that such options exist or not, but they do and here they are,

7 Most Comfortable Shoes For Women

1. Sneakers

Most comfortable shoes

Also known as athletic shoes or trainers. Sneakers are primarily designed for sporting activities or physical exercise like jogging and are like shoes with laces but more feminine than the actual shoes.

They come in various colors and designs. The thing that makes sneakers comfortable is the flexible sole that bend and twist as per your needs. You can use it for a casual outing or even for your everyday office.

The actual sporting sneakers are used for playing basketball, tennis or other such sporting events, but now sneakers are available in designs and under various brands. During the rainy season, sneakers are the best option as they are comfortable, go great with denim and do not splash muddy water on your clothes while you walk.

2. Floaters

Most comfortable shoes

They are sandals with straps that look casual and relaxed. It does look a bit masculine; that I have to tell you, but if you are the kind of girl who is not always worried about her looks, then you can give this a try.It is held firmly due to the straps and has a flat sole.

Now a days, many girls try on floaters and rightly so because many options have come up in floaters too with various colors. Although I will say that these floaters are extremely comfortable, only if you are ready to compromise a bit on the style quotient.

3. Shoes with Velcro Strap

Most comfortable shoes Sick of tying laces when you are in a hurry to catch the bus? Try the shoes that come with a Velcro strap, press it and stick it. These shoes may seem drab to many but believe me, if you are successful in finding just the right kind of shoes with Velcro straps they look amazing.

They come in all types of colors and shades with one or two Velcro straps. It is a unisexual footwear, which means that both men and women can wear them. For those always in a rush, this seems to be an excellent wear.

4. Aerosoles

Most comfortable shoes

These are very much similar to the school shoes that we had, the black ones. To add style to it, now aerosols come with a slight heel to add height and various curves at the front. They are usually made of leather and last longer.They are even called boots in the common language.

5. Ballet flatsMost comfortable shoes

Even called as Dolly shoes are cute little-covered The name is derived from the fact that these shoes are mostly worn by ballet dancers. It offers them the comfort and the right pointed toe posture which is the uniqueness of ballet dancing.

With new trendy looks available in ballet flats, some brands have come up with a new look wherein the usually closed ballet flats now have a slight opening at the front, providing you with some breathing air.

The cutest form of ballet shoes now available in the market are the ones that come with a small bow on the front. They are incredibly stylish and healthy too as you know that high heels can cause severe damage and pain to your waistline and backbone, in this situation ballet flats come to your rescue.

6. Flip flops or slippers

Most comfortable shoes

Although many may think of this to be the last option in the fashionable footwear department, flip flops or also called as slippers are now available in various colors and designs. Footwear brands have experimented a lot with flip flops and why not they are the most comfortable form of footwear.

A summer dress with flip flops gives you a naughty and girl next door look. I have one with pink flowers on them on a black background, just awesome. The one other thing I like about flip flops is that they last till eternity. So whenever I do not wish to spend a lot of time thinking about my footwear, I simply wear my flip flops.

7. Wedges

Most comfortable shoes

These are my personal most favorite comfortable shoes. Wedges have one long base which acts like the sole and the heel. It is like one thick sole, acting like a heel so that you do not trip while walking, even on a slippery road. The base is thicker at the back compared to the front portion, providing you with some height.

The design dates back to ancient Greece and was later brought to Italy in 1930’s. With fashion being the prime condition for most girls, wedges have the most elegant designs in various colors. Men’s wedge boots are also available and are called as ‘wedgies’.

The difference between men’s wedgies and women’s wedges are that men’s boots have a flat heel as compared to women’s wedges. They were initially popular in 1970’s and made a massive comeback in 2010. Platform boots are another form of wedges which have a thick sole throughout, they provide you with height, but unlike heels, there is no unevenness at the front and back.

Finally, you are now sure that there do exist footwear that is not just comfortable walking shoes but also stylish. After all, we cannot compromise style for comfort or comfort for style, we are greedy and need both, right ladies?


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