Motorcycling is an affordable and smart way of travelling, and it’s ideally suited to the Australian lifestyle. Motorcycling sport and recreation is quite popular with over 4500 events each year conducted by Motorcycling Australia (MA). If one does not know how to ride a bike yet, now might be a good time to learn. What more? There are bikes that riders on a learning license can ride too, that promise both safety and exhilaration.


The Yamaha MT 07 is a newly-launched motorcycle that one can ride while only having a learner’s license. Also, it is compact and light for easy handling no matter what size or stature the rider is, making it the perfect option for beginners. So, if you are new to riding, MT 07 is sure to suit you!

A few of the reasons for the popularity of riding are:


The Thrill

The thrill of being on a two-wheeled machine that only weighs a few hundred pounds is one of the purest ways to go from one point to another. The risks involved heighten that enjoyment.


Easy parking

For obvious reasons, it’s easier to find an open parking spot for a bike than for an SUV. Be it the office parking or the shopping mall parking; one does not have to spend time looking for a parking spot.



Motorcyclists feel like they belong to a community that gives them a sense of having something in common. They share a bond that sets them apart from the rest of the motoring world.


Lower Environmental Impact

Motorcycles have less impact on the environment as compared to cars. First, they require less fuel that puts less pressure on non-renewable resources and second, their carbon emissions are far lesser than cars.


Essential Motorcycle Gears

All vehicles on the road require safety gear, especially motorcycles. No matter how many months or years of bike-riding experience one has, one must not overlook the importance of safety gear meant for riders. Even though they may seem expensive, one’s life is worth far more. Below is a guide to motorcycle riding safety gear.


Helmet: Helmets are an essential safety gear for a bike. There are four types of helmets – Full face, Flip-up helmets, ¾ face helmets and ½ face helmets. It is always better to wear a full-face helmet.


Jackets: The riding jacket is responsible for the protection of the body, especially the shoulders, elbows and the chest area. These jackets are either made of leather or synthetic materials. They have removable layers so one can use them as per the weather, and come with silicon protectors for essential body parts.


Body Armour: Unlike jackets, body armour is not for protection from the weather. The body armour, crafted from a mesh-like material, can be worn over clothes. This layer of protection guards the rider against injuries in case of accidents.


Riding pants: Like jackets, riding pants protect the rider from varying temperatures and have padding on the knee and shin area.


Racing suits: These are the most advanced protective gear for bike riding. Racing suits crafted from leather ensures maximum comfort for the rider. These suits facilitate both speed and safety. These are jumpsuits that protect the upper body as well as lower body.


Riding Boots: Riding boots have metal tips to protect rider’s toes and have dedicated protection on the left foot for changing gears. These are usually made with leather and have high protection for rider’s heels in case of accidents.


Motorcycle riding is fun. It brings out one’s individuality and sense of freedom. However, one must not forget about the safety gear, whether one is a beginner or an experienced rider. Motorcycles make commutation easy and add adventure and thrill to life.


Being new to motorcycle riding, it’s always better not to choose a very powerful motorbike to ride. In that case, as mentioned above, the new entry Yamaha MT 07 will never fail you to deliver the comfort, power and style for you. So, make sure you get all your gears and your motorbike and start your ride. If one hasn’t tried motorcycling yet, it’s never too late to start.



Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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