Nature lovers get fascinated by the beauty that lies in natural things like mountains, seas, waterfalls, plants, etc. Pine trees, for example, make a pretty sight while traveling and one wonders how many uses these tall green beautiful plants have besides their soothing effect to the eyes and mind. Let’s go over some of the benefits these trees have to offer.

Shade: Let’s agree that no air conditioning can match the freshness of shade from a tall tree. It also helps you save on your energy bill in summers. Isn’t that amazing?

Packaging and Warehousing: There is a whole industry based on products manufactured from Pinewood. One such product is Pinewood pallets used for packaging and transportation of goods. One can find pallets for sale even online now, making pallet shopping easy. They also offer specific design, shape and size to suit one’s taste.

Grand Teton Mountains from Schwabacher Landing

Prevent Soil Erosion: Because of their long roots, Pine trees help keep the soil in place and prevent the same from erosion. Even the on-ground needles help the topsoil being taken away by water or wind.

Air Freshener: While different types of pine trees might have various fragrances, these natural scents are loved by one and all. One can even take some pine needles, boil them in water and spray this in their room like a room freshener. Adding a little citrus essential oil will also make the effect long-lasting.

Pine Cones for Art and Craft: One can make Pine bouquets, and these will last longer than their flower counterparts. If not, one can paint the pine cones in different colors and keep them in a Basket. This beautiful piece on display will be free and environment friendly.

Pinewood for Furniture: Pinewood is one of the most commonly used softwoods. One can try making their furniture on their own or, can even sell Pinewood as it would be easy to get buyers. Sale of pallets, garden furniture, etc. made from Pinewood is quite common.

Firewood: Burning Pinewood does not produce BTUs like burning hardwood. What more? One can pick and use dried Pine needles for the bonfire, and it will help them keep warm for a long time.

Medicinal Properties: Pine Sap has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that chemists use in medicines to heal wounds. Pine sap is thick and hence also helps seal the wounds.

Edible: While there are several types of Pine trees, there are a few types which are almost entirely edible. Pine needles can be boiled and consumed. This drink is high in Vitamin C and can even help cure Scurvy, a disease caused due to the lack of Vitamin C in the body. Apart from Pine needles, Pine bark and Pine nuts are also edible and are delicious when cooked.

Pine resin Glue: Besides the medicinal uses of Pine resin, one can also use it as glue to stick arrows, fish hooks, etc. Just collect the hardened wax from the wounds of the Pine tree, heat these lumps in a double boiler(as the sap is flammable) until they melt, and mix the charcoal powder in this liquid while it’s hot. Three parts Resin and 1 part charcoal works fine. Ensure this compound is thoroughly mixed before it solidifies. One can keep it and reuse it after heating, whenever required.

One tree, so many applications! Indeed, Pine trees are a boon to humanity when used wisely.  



Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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